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There's much mumbo-jumbo about past lives and symbolic tattoos, but who cares when you can gaze at a sight as lovely as a dirigible floating in the night sky?
Los Angeles Times
Both pleasantly old-fashioned and packed with up-to-date computer-generated special effects, the film's constant plot turns, cheeky sensibility and omnipresent action sequences have no trouble attracting our attention and holding on.
Chicago Tribune
Action junkies may enjoy this non-stop barrage, which barely pauses for anything but the most rudimentary (albeit complicated) plot exposition.
Mostly he's (Fraser) trapped in a sequel that's too wrapped up in a desire to top itself.
A few billion 1s and 0s in search of a movie.
Boston Globe
If you liked the earlier ''Mummy,'' you'll probably like this one. In fact, at many points you'll probably think you are watching the earlier one.
The noisome action sequences of The Mummy Returns are preferable to the quiet times, when the cast is limited to spouting dialogue that is a banal combination of exposition and homily.
L.A. Weekly
You can't see the movie for the footage, so thick is it with digital tricks and furious action.
Wall Street Journal
This frenzied sequel has all of the clank but none of the swank of the previous version.
Charlotte Observer
This might all have been silly fun -- as it was in the 1999 version -- except for the carelessness of the whole picture.

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