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Entertainment Weekly
Memento, which may be the ultimate existential thriller, has a spooky repetitive urgency that takes on the clarity of a dream.
New York Daily News
One of the most original and ultimately confounding mind games to reach the screen since "The Usual Suspects."
Pearce, who's in every scene except the Sammy flashbacks, dominates the picture through his feral performance.
A provocatively structured and thrillingly executed film noir, an intricate, inventive use of cinema's possibilities that pushes what can be done on screen in an unusual direction.
Rolling Stone
Like the best filmmakers at Sundance 2001, Nolan leaps into the wild blue and dares us to leap with him. Go for it.
Wall Street Journal
Operates in an orbit somewhere between Oliver Sacks and Lewis Carroll. I can't remember when a movie has seemed so clever, strangely affecting and slyly funny at the very same time.
Has the unanticipated craft and artfully ambiguous appeal of last year's "Croupier," a movie whose art-house word-of-mouth success could be duplicated here.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Terrifically satisfying film.
Chicago Tribune
A puzzle movie in which the puzzle is actually worth the time and effort to solve.
New York Post
This demanding puzzle is not for the "Chocolat" crowd, but those who stay with it will experience perhaps the most dazzling film released so far this year - even though a second viewing is virtually mandatory.
Boston Globe
The most disorienting and trippiest data-retrieval caper in years.
San Francisco Chronicle
Bound to be talked about, debated and eviscerated far more than it's understood.

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