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18 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

An important movie

Author: Bill from New Jersey, USA
6 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** It has been said the good movies are merely entertaining, whereas great ones alter the way we think and feel about things. Leprechaun 'N the Hood is a great movie. Writer Doug Hall had a message he wanted to convey, and thankfully he came into contact with a director the caliber of Rob Spera to help him bring it to the masses. Spera was able to relay Hall's vision in a manner that was both entertaining and touching. The reason this film resonates with the audience is due to the characters and how they develop throughout the story. The plot revolves three aspiring rappers and their dreams of fame and fortune as their ambition leads them down a road of pain and despair. As part of their Machiavellian plot for stardom, they are reduced to robbing a famous rap producer and end up stealing a magic flute that guarantees their success in the rap world. At the same time, they also inadvertently awaken the vile leprechaun. Our first impression is that the leprechaun is an abject and detestable creature, and perhaps he is. By the end of the movie however, the viewer can't help being moved to anything but compassion for him. It isn't so much that the leprechaun evolves during the movie, it is more that the viewer evolves as the story progresses. As Leprechaun 'N the Hood unfolds, we come to accept that the deplorable leprechaun resides within all of us. We realize that everyone has a leprechaun within, it is only a matter of how well we contain it and what events could lead it to manifest itself. It the case of Postmaster P., It is his greed and ambition that unleash the Leprechaun, and we all see the horrific results. Unlike trash such as "It's a Wonderful Life" this movie will have a profound effect on viewers because the characters are realistic. They have real faults and weaknesses, and we can truly learn about others and ourselves by understanding them. This is a movie ideal for parents should watch with their children and then discuss afterwards. From the opening scene to the heart wrenching conclusion in which the leprechaun explains his plight in a poignant rap of his own, this movie will change the way you look at yourself and those around you. As the leprechaun explains in his song "I hate to resort so soon to magic, I haven't been la!d in so long it's tragic." Tragic indeed.

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12 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

10 reasons this is the best budget buy ever......

Author: mightypekingman from United Kingdom
16 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

10 reasons you must see this film.

1. You get to see a leprechaun rap. 2. this film contains zombie ho's 3. the actors take themselves seriously 4. Every now and then every one decides to start rapping. 5. every other word is mother f*ck 6. It works on the level of a 'gansta' drama....then you realise there 'homie' was killed by a leprechaun rather than in a drive by. 7. that leprechaun got some major gold. 8. the leprechaun has sex.....with a transvestite. 9. they defeat him by having him smoke a four leaf clover. 10. I like waffles.

If you don't want to see it now then you must be crazy. Its the best movie i ever brought from behind the shelve at a garage.

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10 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

I Wants Me Money Back!

Author: Rusty-61 from United States
7 July 2000

OK, it wasn't that bad, I just really wanted to get to use that line for once (my friend who went to see Lep 1 in the theater yelled it out during the movie and got a standing ovation).

My same friend also made a good point about watching the Lep series in general: you know exactly what you're getting up front. It's not like after the movie you're going to say to yourself, surprised, "well, THAT was a total piece of sh--". You can't really be mad at yourself. It's not like going to see, say, Play It To the Bone or 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag where you think you might actually laugh once or twice at something or enjoy the movie at some points, but end up wanting to punch everyone involved in the face (even Joe Pesci). no-one tricked you into it.

Anyway, this one was better than part 4 (In Space), but of course that's not saying much. The best one of the series (I can't believe I'm saying that-I should say "the least painful to sit through" instead) was the one set in Vegas. This one I rented mainly because I heard it was mildly amusing, better than part 4, but mainly I wanted to see Ice-T in a 70's pimp outfit with a big 'fro. I think the whole budget went towards paying his salary and they didn't have much left over for costumes, special effects, sets, etc. Oh well, still beats The Haunting.

This one had at least some entertainment value because it didn't take itself too seriously. A couple of things happened I didn't expect. Of course, couple things also happened that I didn't WANT to happen but had a horrible premonition that they were going to, such as the Leprechaun smoking a blunt and rapping (though not at the same time, Thank God). They were a few times I was surprised to burst out laughing at stuff that I think was supposed to intentionally be funny. There was one particularly funny moment when the heroes are hiding from the Leprechaun that was worth the money I paid to rent it, because it was exactly like a scene from Scooby-Doo (in fact, I think it WAS a scene they stole from Scooby-Doo, but at least they stole from something amusing). I thought at first it was just because I had the flu at the time I watched it and had lots of Nyquil, but then my husband laughed at it too. There's another scene where two characters are having a very serious discussion about how to go after the Lep -- this is after a tragic event occurs, so I figured the movie was going to stop trying to be funny-- and you see that one of them is holding "Leprechauns For Dummies". For some reason (maybe this time it was the Nyquil) that also struck me as pretty amusing.

I bet Spike Lee would be really offended by this movie. For instance, you could easily have a Leprechaun 5: In the Hood Drinking Game with your friends (hey, you could use Nyquil! It's even green) during the movie just by drinking every time a character says, "a'ight", "yo", "homie", or "that sh*t is WACKED, man!". So, while on the negative side, we have the fact that the movie is completely stupid and mindless, with little gore, and really cheap production values, we do have the positives of a few good laughs and the fact that it would pi$$ off Spike Lee. I've seen a lot of horror movies WAY worse and more insulting to viewer's intelligence, so I didn't really want my money back after I rented it.

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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

What you'd expect from Green Lep #5.

Author: jaywolfenstien from USA
16 October 2003

Not the greatest in the series, not the worst either. Not the greatest series in the world, but not the worst either. The Leprechaun films have always been silly horror movies that never try to take themselves too seriously (In Las Vegas? In Space? In the Hood?); unfortunately, none of them have ever excelled at that . . . but they've always been watchable.

Leprechaun in the Hood falls somewhere in the middle in terms of quality. Like the latest trends of just about any franchise, the film takes its audience for a bunch of a morons and feels the need to shove overused and no-longer-funny jokes down their throats. Some of these gags, granted, still manage to have a chuckle-value; most, like the fruit, could if it was handled better. Unfortunately, finesse is not part of Lep 5's vocabulary. No, instead let's throw the crap on the screen and wrap on the shoot ASAP. So, typically, the humor spills more out of sheer chance than talent. After all, if you throw 100 gags into a film one of them has to be funny . . . sooner or later.

It's not as bad as say Leprechaun 4 in terms of going overboard with the humor in a dramatic over-the-top fashion. We're still stuck with archtypes and a group of aspiring morons we'd rather see get killed than survive. Kill them, Warwick! Kill them all!

After the 'safe' scene, things got too wacky for my taste in dark comedy. The plan to catch up with the Leprechaun was plain retarded even by modern sitcom standards. `Leprechauns for Dummies?' Old joke that's painfully not funny anymore.

So that leaves Warwick Davis, himself, who once again steals the show as the title character. He still remains charming in the role of the Leprechaun in his own sick and demented way. Something about the irony of dangerous demonic nature in a creature so small makes the Leprechaun films a guilty pleasure in a way that most Child's Play films are lacking. Not since the Gremlins has any Hollywood Creature had so much fun causing death and destruction. Most of the humor in this film that does work does so directly because of Davis' involvement.

So, at sequel number five, I think it's safe to say fans know what they're getting into with a rental and whether or not they'll find it enjoyable. Leprechaun still has enough moments to get my rental at least for one more film. Have a ball, my little green friend.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

so bad it's... still really bad.

Author: nikole (
18 June 2000

a leprechaun in the hood. a rapper named postmaster p. a baseball bat to the afro. is it destined to become a cult classic? will there be midnight showings? one can only hope. i never thought i'd see a black drag queen have sex with a leprechaun. for that reason alone you should have that movie on your vcr or dvd player RIGHT NOW.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Celtic Poo

Author: tedg ( from Virginia Beach
12 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers herein.

This is pure trash. Completely goofy but uncampy production values. Vile racial stereotypes. But you knew that.

But the notion of the devil here is interesting. The Devil is a late invention in Christianity, inherited from east European paganism. But the Irish completely reshaped the catholic church and folded in their own notions. These include guilt, which is another story.

but along the way, their celtic brand of paganism was adopted to fit the new church notions of evil. So nature spirits and imps -- some of them -- became associated with evil. And a very particular type of imp, what we now call the leprechaun, was associated with hoarding greed and selfishness. Mindless action motivated by greed. All this is pretty well understood.

So okay. Along comes a group of filmmakers motivated entirely by mindless greed, in fact motivated by leprechauns. So they trod on our imagination and our sense of stereotypes for a few coins. And guess what the story is about? You got it.

Ted's evaluation: 1 of 4 -- You can find something better to do with this part of your life.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

"Lep' in the Hood Come to Do No Good"

Author: dirkvega from Canton, Ohio
2 April 2000

I rented the original "Leprechaun" when it first came to video, and got lots of laughs- some of them intentional, many of them not. Who could forget the image of the evil Lep tearing ass in the go-cart, or what must be the only death scene in the history of cinema to involve a pogo-stick? The first sequel was god awful in just about every respect, but was made bearable by the Lep's rhyming one-liners. The third made decent use of its Vegas location and had some ok death scenes. I have never had the (dis)pleasure of seeing the fourth installment, which took place in space. That brings us to "Leprechaun in the Hood", which jumped off the shelf at me with its sharp cover art, hilarious title, and marquee value of Ice-T (ha). The flick unfolds just like the other sequels, with no explanation of how the Leprechaun got to his location, or even a reference to the other movies. The three lead characters are a trio of Compton rappers- Postmaster P, Stray Bullet, and Dutch, who are trying to avoid the gansta scene of hip-hop by preaching a positive message. Greed gives in when they loot the house of Mack Daddy Onassis (Ice T), the local crime lord/record mogul. They happen to swipe the lep's stolen magical flute, and before they know it are being stalked separately by Mack Daddy and the now awakened Lep. Along the way we see the Lep smoke weed ("What a curious aroma"), go to bed with a drag queen, and make a few pop culture references ("Come hand me gold you thieving hoods, You've got more loot than Tiger Woods!!"). Sadly the death scenes are lame, with a few victims just being strangled, some even killed off screen. Effects wise, glowing green eyes and dry ice seems to be the extent of what the low budget would allow, but the movie is always entertaining with its campiness. For every bad effect we get a good line like "From the depths of the neverworld, I summon my zombie fly girls") A worthy rental, especially on DVD- it has the trailers for Lep 1 and 2.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Fair little green man movie...

Author: dwpollar from Evansville, Indiana USA
18 March 2007

1st watched 3/17/2007 - 3 out of 10(Dir-Rob Spera): Fair little green man movie with him getting involved with rappers this time. Ice-T's character encounters the green guy in the 70's, steals his magic flute, keeps him entombed in stone by keeping an emblem around his neck and then goes on to fame and fortune. The movie then comes to the current day where a group of wanna-be rappers try to get on the good side of Ice-T's character but it doesn't happen. So instead, they try to steal his loot and unlock the evil Leprechaun by removing the emblem and they also steal the flute. The rest of the movie the rappers are on the run from both Ice-T and the Leprechaun and doing different things to try and elude them until they can make it to Las Vegas, where they hope to compete in a rap contest. The Leprechaun has a little more personality in this one and he's back to his rhyming one-liners but the movie doesn't deliver much in the fright area and there's no real lesson learned here either for the young rappers. So what we end up having is the green guy doing some killing, the rappers doing some killing, Ice-T doing some killing, and bits and pieces of rap music throughout as well. The final scene has Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun doing his own rap tune which is kind of a hoot and probably the best part of the movie, but we have to wait 90 minutes for this, though. The wait wasn't worth it.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Ties with 3 as the best in the series.

Author: master_d ( from Meadowview, Virginia
4 April 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Leprechaun has built up a healthy reputation. First comes the stupid, but ground-breaking first one. Then comes the way-better Leprechaun 2. After the box-office failure of the second, Leprechaun 3 went straight to video, and was the first one I had the pleasure of seeing. I can't really recommend Leprechaun 4, (how the hell did he end up in space?) so I was wary after hearing that the 5th would be on its way in early 2000. But it turns out that this Leprechaun is the funniest, best-written one yet. Leprechaun in the Hood starts out with a showdown between Mack Daddy and the Leprechaun over a magic flute. After pulling several weapons out of his afro, Mack knocks out the Leprechaun with a burst-open gas pipe, and renders him "statue-esque" with a magic medallion. Several years later, Mack is relishing in his success as a rap-producer thanks to the magical flute, although he also decided to keep the immobile Leprechaun in his living room for safety reasons. Meanwhile, three budding rappers and best buddies Postmaster P, Stray Bullet, and Butch are struggling to get to Vegas for a rap contest. Unlike other rappers, all three prefer to stick to rapping with positive vibes. After getting humilated by Mack Daddy after he destroys their demo tape, the three to rob Mack Daddy of his possessions so they can pawn them off to afford decent audition equipment. They rob the place, and end up shooting Mack Daddy in the melee. Butch spots the Leprechaun statue in the center of the room and removes the medallion, freeing it. Post makes out with Mack Daddy's flute just before the Leprechaun confronts the three. They shoot him down and dart off. Mack rises from the floor, surprisingly unharmed. He meets the Leprechaun, recovering from his wounds, and runs off to a club, where the Leprechaun catches up and meets him in the bathroom. Mack and the Leprechaun share a blunt and decide to team up to retrieve the flute after the Leprechaun rips off Mack's trigger finger. The three discover that the flute Post made out with has magical powers, and use it to get them fame and fortune. (SPOILERS) This film is best described as a mix between Leprechaun and Friday, to tell you the truth, the Lep doesn't even show up as much as the previous sequels. This film also has a quality that the other films lack... emotion for the main characters. When Stray and Butch die, you actually feel something for them. Believe it or not. Diehard Lep fans will enjoy this film, the kills are gory, the acting is actually good for a change, and Warwick Davis continues to dominate. Don't miss the church scene!!!!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, TN
19 August 2002

First off I'm suprised the Leprechaun series has even made it to a 5th film but I guess they're making money off them somehow. This probably deserves a little higher rating than a 2.7 I mean after all you should rate B movies on what you really expect not how good they are cause you know most of them are gonna suck but might just be entertaining and I guess this somewhat is, it's not good but it's entertaining at times. 4/10, oh and rap sucks

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