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AMC's FearFest Schedule Is Basically Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween For Adults

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We're already in the thick of October, which means your scary movie binges should be well underway. While we have all of our horror movie DVDs lined up and ready to go, we also love hunkering down for those spooky TV marathons, too. Everyone loves Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween, but where do you go when you really want to get your heartbeat racing? The answer is AMC. The channel has its FearFest movie marathon every season, and this year, you can enjoy gory, haunting, and stomach-churning films from Oct. 23 until Halloween. Stock up on peanuts and candy corn (eat them together, it will change your life) and prepare to scream bloody murder at the full schedule below. Related17 Movies Set in the Fall to Watch With a Warm and Spicy Latte Monday, Oct. 23 9 a.m. - Halloween 11 a.m. - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers 1 p.m. -
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10 Future A-List Actors Who Made Horror Movies

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10 Future A-List Actors Who Made Horror Movies
We all have to start somewhere, right? Despite its history of cinema classics and major box office success, the horror genre is often maligned as somehow less worthy of respect than other types of films. For whatever reason, it's not as easy to get an A-list actor to headline a horror movie as it should be. But beggars can't be choosers. Plenty of Oscar-nomintaed thespians had no problem making horror flicks on the way up. Today, we're looking at 10 future A-List actors who made horror movies before they became big time celebrities.

Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger

There may be no greater example of the phenomenon we're talking about here than the fourth film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, which starred two future A-list actors and is demonstrative of the shrewd and cynical strategies of Hollywood. In 1994, relative unknowns Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger had already been in Dazed and Confused
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NYC Weekend Watch: ‘Taipei Story,’ the Singularity, ‘The Last Movie’ & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.


Edward Yang’s Taipei Story has been restored and begins playing this week.


A great sci-fi series kicks off with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A print of Dennis Hopper‘s The Last Movie plays on Friday and Sunday.

Film Forum

A rare 35mm print of Ozu’s Passing Fancy screens with musical accompaniment this Sunday,
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Top horror films with a gambling angle

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By Julie Clark

The horror film genre is one that many people sidestep when picking out an option for film night, not simply out of fear; but often because of uninspired, predictable story-lines and limp performances. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t still some great horror films out there. This piece, in particular, focuses on horror films which feature scenes of gambling: you may not love all of them, but they are the best on offer.


‘Arbat’ is local Thai for ‘violation’ or ‘offense’. The movie is the story of a young man forced into becoming a monk by his father. The novice monk goes on to develop a romantic relationship with a local village girl, leading to ghostly occurrences and strange happenings. The film features several scenes of gambling, drinking, violence – all the bells and whistles. However, its reference to Buddhism was deemed insulting
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Break Launches ‘Movies On Break’, A Free Streaming Service Of Lionsgate’s Feature Films

The upcoming Smosh movie isn’t the only project on which Defy Media and Lionsgate are collaborating. In addition to the film starring the duo behind one of YouTube’s most successful channels (and one of the internet’s most successful young adult brands), the companies just announced the launch of Movies on Break. It's "a curated selection of 200 films from the Lionsgate library” that are ad-supported with pre-roll and mid-roll commercial spots, but otherwise free-to-view onto a section of the Defy Media owned-and-operated Break.com website that draws over 18 million unique monthly viewers.

Movies on Break launches with 80 films categorized into a handful of separate verticals with enticing names, such as They Were In That?, Never Ending Sequels (which currently features Leprechaun 2, 3, 4, Leprechaun In The Hood, and Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood), 420 Flicks (which currently features The Stonged Age and Cheerleader Ninjas), Before They Were Famous (which currently features
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Shlocky charms: The crazy rise and 'terrifying' return of 'Leprechaun'

Shlocky charms: The crazy rise and 'terrifying' return of 'Leprechaun'
How did a low budget horror movie about a diminutive Irish monster spawn five sequels, a new reboot, and the career of Jennifer Aniston? EW tracks the deranged history of the Leprechaun franchise.

British actor Warwick Davis says he has “specific” fans—well-wishers who want to discuss just one of the several fantasy franchises in which he has appeared. “People talk about Star Wars, people talk about Harry Potter,” he explains, “and people talk about Leprechaun.”

Alert readers will have noticed that one of these franchises is not like the others. While Star Wars and Harry Potter have raked in billions of dollars,
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Sdcc Interview: Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, star of Leprechaun: Origins

david j. moore chats with Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, star of Leprechaun: Origins, at the San Diego Comic-Con…

At four feet, four inches, Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl might not seem like a likely candidate for professional wrestling, but he’s made his mark in WWE wrestling with a Cruiserweight Champion title on Smackdown! (2007) and other physical feats on WWE Raw. This year he’s made his crossover into films with an appearance in Muppets Most Wanted, and now with the WWE / Lionsgate joint venture of the horror film Leprechaun: Origins, which hopes to reignite interest in the horror franchise, which starred Warwick Davis. A separate, unrelated entity that stands on its own, Origins purports to be a straight-up horror film, with full-tilt gore, violence, and action, courtesy of the evil Leprechaun, played by the one and only Hornswoggle.

david j. moore: You’re coming from a long line of guys who’ve
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Comic-Con: First Poster For Leprechaun Prequel

Comic-Con: First Poster For Leprechaun Prequel
Back in 2012, Lionsgate made the surprise announcement that, as part of its beautiful new friendship with WWE Studios, it was developing a reboot of the mind-boggling Leprechaun franchise. VFX veteran Zach Lipovsky was placed in the director's chair a year later, and this being a WWE project it transpired that it was all being set up as a vehicle for diminutive wrestler Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl. And now, from the halls of Comic-Con, comes the first promo image for Leprechaun: Origins, showcasing a shadowed Lep in profile in a leafy graveyard. He doesn't look very much like Warwick Davis anymore...If you're new here, the original Leprechaun came out in 1993, starring Davis as the titular murderous imp (mad as hell about being swizzed out of his Lucky Charms gold), and providing a pre-Friends starring role for Jennifer Aniston. It was released by Trimark, which Lionsgate swallowed in 2000.It spawned an amazing
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Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel Makes its Online Debut!

It's been an unusually festive St. Patrick's Day for horror fans between the first footage of Leprechaun: Origins and Vamprechaun's IndieGoGo campaign. But this free online novel may be the strangest and most compelling of them all.

That's right, kids! Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel is serialized horror delivered by some of the best names in genre literature. Join Cameron Pierce, Adam Cesare, and Shane McKenzie as they bring you an all-new novel built around a musical adaptation of Leprechaun in the Hood.

I know what you're thinking: "dafuq" or something along those lines, right? Read on for a little bit more clarification, or head on over to Reddit and start reading!

What the hell is this?

Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel is a serial novel that will be released in weekly installments, for free, on Dreadit, the /r/horror Reddit.

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Zach Lipovsky to Direct Leprechaun Reboot

I’ve never actually seen any of the “Leprechaun” movies. No, that’s not true. I’ve never actually seen any of the “Leprechaun” movies all the way through. I think I saw one where he went into the ‘hood, which was called, appropriately enough, “Leprechaun in The Hood”. I don’t really recall what I saw, though I do remember that Ice-t was in it, and apparently the installment did enough business that the producers did a sequel to the sequel called “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood”. I’m not sure why they decided to “slang out” the title, though, when they didn’t do it with the first “Hood” sequel. Creative decisions, I suppose. Check out the box art to your left if you think I’m making this up. I can assure you, I am not. See? Anyways, according to trade reports, the WWE and their partners
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Leprechaun Reboot Finds A Pot Of Gold With A Director

The question you might be asking yourself right now is ‘Leprechaun reboot? That’s a thing?’ Yes, gentle reader, that is indeed a thing and it now has a director in Spielberg discovery Zach Lipovsky.

You’ve probably not heard of Lipovsky either, but he appeared on the reality series On The Lot, in which aspiring filmmakers competed for a deal with DreamWorks. Does this mean that Spielberg has anything to do with the reboot? Nope. But it gives the guy a little bit of credibility.

Right. Lipovsky will direct the reboot of the 1993 classic (?) Leprechaun. The original starred Warwick Davis (who else?) as an evil little Irish caricature searching for his pot o’gold and … well, pretty much killing everyone in the process. The reboot will star WWE star Hornswoggle as the title character. It’s being produced, unsurprisingly, by WWE Studios and Lionsgate, so … yeah.

Lipovsky has been
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Director Rubs Lucky Charms; Hired for Leprechaun Reboot

Here's the news that you have been waiting patiently for! That's right, kids! Hide your pots of gold (and - in reference to Leprechaun in the Hood - hide your pot too); a director has been found for WWE Films' Leprechaun reboot!

According to The Wrap, Lionsgate and WWE Studios have set visual-effects veteran Zach Lipovsky to direct Leprechaun, the long-awaited reboot of the successful horror franchise that launched the career of Jennifer Aniston.

Lipovsky was discovered as a contestant on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's short-lived reality series "On the Lot," which saw 16 aspiring filmmakers compete for a development deal with DreamWorks.

The original Leprechaun, which featured comedic elements, followed an evil leprechaun searching for his pot of gold while avoiding four-leaf clovers. “The tone is going to be a little darker, a little more traditional horror than the Warwick Davis ones that people remember, trying to find
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Reboot Time: Leprechaun gets another chance with helmer Zach Lipovsky

  • JoBlo
With the reboot of Evil Dead being so successful, maybe other franchises in horror have a chance, right? Allow me to present exhibit A: Leprechaun. Is there any possible way that you could reboot this franchise which launched the career of Jennifer Aniston (no, that was Friends) and had "Leprechaun In The Hood" as part of the series of films? It was a horror comedy that wasn't meant to be serious in any sort of way. How could you be with a tag line like "Your luck just...
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The 'Leprechaun' Drinking Game

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St. Patrick's Day fast approaches, and how are you going to celebrate? That's right -- you're going to stay at home at watch all six movies in the "Leprechaun" series, the greatest horror franchise in the history of forever.

Look, don't go to a bar (or five). There you'll only find the heartbreak that comes with being surrounded by rowdy crazies. Curl up on the couch instead with plenty o' liquor and watch "Leprechaun" (1993), "Leprechaun 2" (1994), "Leprechaun 3" (1995), "Leprechaun 4: In Space" (1997), "Leprechaun in the Hood" (2000) and "Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood" (2003). We'd tell you to be sure to watch them in that order if it really mattered, but it really doesn't.

All that matters is you celebrate the most wonderful day of the year with the "Leprechaun" Drinking Game we've created below — click on it for a printable Pdf version in case the Internet goes out amidst all the Irish debauchery.
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'Leprechaun' Star Warwick Davis: An Unofficial Biography

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Warwick Davis has been a part of our lives as movie fans for three decades, starring as Wicket the Ewok in "Return of the Jedi" and later as the title character in "Willow" before starring in the "Leprechaun" movies and in every "Harry Potter" film in the franchise. Quite the career!

The following mini-biography marks a few significant dates in Davis' life, complete with fun facts that you may not have known about the esteemed English thespian.

February 3, 1970: Born to narcissist parents Warren and Harwick Davis in Epsom, Surrey, UK.

April 25, 1977: Sees "Star Wars" for the first time with his older brother, Meriweather. During the show, he allegedly points to the screen and whispers something to Meriweather that would seem to have amazingly prophesied his future: "One day, Meriweather, I'm going to play a murderous leprechaun in a film franchise that will launch the career of a promising young actress named Jennifer Aniston.
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Opinion: 'Leprechaun' Is the Best Horror Series Ever Made

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NextMovie kicks off Leprechaun Week today! Look for new "Leprechaun"-related content every day this week in the lead-up to St. Paddy's Day. Because it's what Leprechaun would have wanted ...

"I have not come to play with fruit. I just want me magic flute!"

So sayeth the ever-rhyming Irish demon played by Warwick Davis in "Leprechaun in the Hood" (2000) to the lusty cross-dressing Miss Fontaine (Lobo Sebastian). A little later, these two engage in a passionate romp under the sheets during which Miss Fontaine's cries of pain will be mistaken for gasps of orgasmic delight by at least one bewildered passer-by as the Leprechaun claims another victim.

It's astonishingly tasteless, crass and almost (almost) admirably brazen ... which kind of sums up the "Leprechaun" series in its entirety. And that's a pretty impressive entirety — there are six of the damn things in that pot of cinematic gold, after all.

The Leprechaun
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Tip of the Scalpel to The Howling - A Movie to Bark at the Moon For!

Man at bar: Hey, Ernie? Put that pepper steak on for me, would ya? And a hamburger for the lady.

Ernie: How do ya want that?

Man at bar: How do you want it, honey?

Marsha Quist: Rare.

Are you kidding me? It's been over 30 years since Joe Dante gave us The Howling? It's really been more than three decades since the release of this perfectly epic werewolf tale. In the years that have passed since the release of this film, Presidents have come and gone, wars have been fought, and the Red Sox even won the World Series… twice. But no one has made a better werewolf film than The Howling.

Others may have their favorites, but for my money the greatest werewolf film ever created is The Howling. And for that reason this Tip of the Scalpel goes to the best of the best of the films featuring the hairy lycanthropic beasties…
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Win! Payback Season On DVD!

To celebrate the release of Payback Season, The Hollywood News is giving away three copies of movie on DVD.

Adam Deacon stars as Jerome, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who has made a success of himself as a professional football player. But when his younger brother becomes involves with gangs from Jerome’s home turf, the star is dragged back into the life he had worked so hard to escape…

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the movie, just answer the following simple question:

Adam Deacon also starred in which British hit?

A. Anuvahood

B. Boys in the Hood

C. Leprechaun in the Hood

Simply fill in the below form and enter ‘Payback Season’ in the subject box.

Name: * E-Mail Address: * Subject: * Message: *

Competition closes midnight 4th June.

Payback Season is available to buy on DVD 4th June.

Terms and conditions
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Leprechaun Reboot Officially Announced with First Casting News

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Earlier this month, it was revealed that Lionsgate and WWE Studios were teaming up for a reboot of Leprechaun. We now know who will be playing the title character. Replacing Warwick Davis is WWE star Dylan Postl, who is better known as Hornswoggle.

He recently took to his Twitter page to announce the casting, title, and release month: “The #swogglesecret that I’ve been hinting at all week is that in March 2013 I will be starring in Leprechaun:Origins by WWE Studios!!!”

The target release month is still quite a bit away, but we’ll keep an eye out for additional casting announcements over the coming months. At this time, a director and additional actors have not been announced. While this was referred to as Leprechaun: Origins in the Tweet, we wouldn’t be surprised to see “origins” dropped from the title if they are planning this film as
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