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Season 6

28 Sep. 2004
With all three of her children living once again under the same roof with her, Maxine finally decides to let them be the grownups that they are (horseplay notwithstanding) and fix their own breakfasts; the ceiling in Amy's courtroom collapses, and she is sentenced to a stint in Accountability court, which she deems a punishment for her ruling in the Casey Ives matter; shortly after his return from New Mexico.
12 Oct. 2004
Vincent's struggles with his latest novel leads him into blowing off his agent, who responds by dropping Vincent and demanding the return of the advance that Vincent's already spent; Maxine receives another award, and uses her acceptance speech to talk about the young boy lost in the system that she and Sean can't seem to locate; Amy's dealings with two troubled teenage girls and their mothers in Accountability court inspires her to change her focus when she returns to Juvenile Court; Maxine tries to avoid removing the children of a overburdened single mother working ...
19 Oct. 2004
26 Oct. 2004
18 Jan. 2005
The Long Run
In Amy's juvenile court schoolboy Charley Dane is on trial for stabbing his teacher, who was actually his only true friend who got fired for seeing Charlie after school hours, as a well-meaning substitute for his superficial parents who only wanted a perfect kid to show off... Ma Maxine returns to work, and immediately discovers the baby teenager Zachary Pettit cares for so well is not his kid brother but his own son, abandoned at birth by the teenager mother... Vincent gets emotional and physical bruises when he cares personally for a bright colored drug addict on ...
1 Feb. 2005
You Don't Know Me
Amy has a case concerning a girl with epilepsy with the parents disagreeing about treatment. Vincent and Crystal help a Fanny, a street kid. Maxine involves herself in an assault case with families of different social classes.
15 Feb. 2005
Dream a Little Dream
David and Amy search for their dream house while Amy must decide the fate of a child who murdered his grandfather and Maxine uncovers a child smuggling ring. Vincent must deal with the murder of a 13-year-old girl that happened in front of his eyes.
22 Feb. 2005
Happy Borthday
Amy finds it rather difficult to follow her mom's advice and embrace her 40th birthday as a milestone. Meanwhile, Donna is in Amy's court representing a 13-year-old girl (Alexa Nikolas) who accidentally kills her friend named Marsha and another man in a car while they are out on a joyride but shows no remorse for her death; Maxine tries to determine whether two brothers are better off without the presence of their father, an ex-con, in their lives; and Amy receives bad news on her 40th birthday, she has a miscarriage. David Eigenberg guest stars as Jerry Lambert, a ...
15 Mar. 2005
The Paper War
While attending a bench and bar dinner, Amy gets into a heated argument with the State Attorney and accuses his office of being politically motivated in regard to the juvenile justice system. As a result, Amy's inundated with requests to move cases out of her court, which causes a litigation nightmare that puts Donna's 17-year-old client at risk of being considered AWOL from the Coast Guard. Meanwhile, Maxine and Sean come up with a creative solution to the housing problem of a recently sober mother who is seeking to regain custody of her children.
22 Mar. 2005
The New Normal
In Amy's courtroom, she adjudicates a case involving two Arab-American Muslim boys, one of whom embraces his religion and culture and the other who is ashamed of his background, after they get into an altercation at their high school. Meanwhile, Crystal goes behind Vincent's back to have him transferred to a different job, which puts a damper on their relationship. Amy is hurt because Lauren doesn't want her to chaperone a school dance. Elsewhere, Maxine tries to teach a sexually promiscuous teenager the dangers of having unprotected sex and spring is in the air - and...
5 Apr. 2005
Sorry I Missed You
Amy oversees a case involving a 5-year-old girl who is at the center of a custody battle between the girl's 21-year-old half sister and their parents. She is also trying to get a not-guilty verdict in the Graciela Reyes trial and she then has to deal with Lauren's latest act of rebellion - she's dyed her hair pink! Meanwhile, Maxine tries to broker a deal between a foster and a biological mother of a young boy so that both can keep the child in their lives. Elsewhere, Vincent struggles to work up enthusiasm for his prison writing workshops.
12 Apr. 2005
Revolutions Per Minute
Lauren's rebellious attitude continues to test the patience of Amy, who's perturbed when her daughter suddenly becomes a vegetarian. Amy's also annoyed that a certain political strategist won't take no for an answer about her pursuing a senate seat and she tries to find some redeeming qualities in a teenage boy in order to keep him from being tried as an adult after he assaults his mother. Meanwhile, Maxine tries to help a lonely single mom with the difficult responsibility of raising an autistic child and Peter and Gillian work on trust issues in their marriage.
19 Apr. 2005
Too Little, Too Late
Maxine is afraid of becoming more than just friends with Ignacio so she introduces her friend Patricia to Ignacio and encourages her to invite him as her escort to a benefit. At the same time as she sets out to prove an arrogant college professor is guilty of spousal abuse. A 15-year-old boy with a criminal record asks Amy to believe that he has turned his life around and that he's innocent of the serious crime he's charged with - attacking an undercover officer who accused him of dealing drugs. Meanwhile, Lauren's participation in a "Meat is Murder" rally gets her ...
26 Apr. 2005
Getting Out
Bruce calls Amy's objectivity into question while sentencing a 10-year-old repeat offender. Maxine tries to help a family with multiple special needs children fend off a bank bent on foreclosing on their house as Vincent faces a life and death situation. Good news about Graciela Reyes is tempered by an unfortunate event.

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