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  • This art experiment by Andy Warhol captures the simple act of a man eating mushrooms. This one-man show starring Robert Indiana presents the actor slowly eating some mushrooms, having an enjoyable time not only with the food but also with a friendly cat that from time to time comes to see what the man is doing.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • A man eats a single mushroom very, very slowly for the duration of the film. He is filmed (mostly in focus) with a stationary camera. A cat enters the screen at one point. The cat leaves for a while but returns. The man pets and strokes the cat all the while continuing to eat the mushroom. After the cat leaves the second time, the man continues to eat the mushroom until the film (and the mushroom) are finished.

    Although IMDb warns that short descriptions of less than ten lines may not be adequately detailed, I believe that a longer description is probably not reasonably possible. I think I have included everything that bears mentioning.

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