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Yet Another Show Falls Prey to MTV Idiocy

Author: Raven_Z from Canada
26 July 2004

Downtown is the story of nerdy, toy-boy Alex, and his adventures while living in his first apartment in downtown New York. While having a rather unexciting job in a copy store, his life is frequently made more exciting by his wild partying sister Chaka, who often takes advantage of Alex's apartment to crash after clubbing. Also wandering in and out of his life is his despondent best friend Jen, his dream goth-girl Serena, disgusting ladies-man Goat, and Chaka's squad of high school friends - dreamy Mecca, tagger Matt, and wannabe Casanova Fruity.

A truly one-of-a-kind show, Downtown has been overlooked and under-appreciated since it's creation. As usual, MTV cancelled one of it's best shows after only one season, so it has sadly faded into obscurity. I'd advise you to grab any opportunities to see this show that come up.

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I love this show

Author: justin Channell from Fairmont, WV
7 October 1999

This show is so addicting.... the main characters seem real and the animation is good. Sadly MTV isn't giving it too much vibe.... there are no sites out there for it.... go watch it and have a good ass time!

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One of MTV's Better, Less Repulsive TV Shows

Author: White Dolphin
14 December 2000

Well, I occasionally watched this at nights, where I live- when there was nothing better on. It's a very enjoyable television show... which- I know this might come to some as a shock- doesn't need the F word or disgusting humor to get laughs. Hear that Beavis & Butthead and all you South Park kids?! Shame it didn't win as much popularity as the other two mentioned. Likable-humorous characters, strange but unique animating style, plus good humorous look at The Big Apple. One of the better adult-intended animated TV shows out there.

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Why post now on a show that was cancelled near enough five years ago? Because its that good!

Author: King-El from United Kingdom
9 March 2005

I'm not going to accuse of MTV of being stupid, whats the point? Its like saying the sun is hot, we all know it.

I love Downtown, there's nowhere near enough info and praise for the show on the web, yes there were only 13 episodes and OK you have a point that its a pretty old show but it deserves it all the same.

Someone said that there is not a single bad episode, I agree, and to add to this there is not a single episode which is not great.

The most realistic characters in a TV show in a very long time and their animated, go figure.

Dang, ten lines of text?

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Extremely atmospheric

Author: dlxphantom
31 March 2016

I have to say that for American show 13 episodes is not enough to give it an objective score (thanks, MTV), but you may find the direction which the show was going to take - and it was going to be pretty nice.

The show concentrates on the idea of being young in the late 90s - early 2000s, when beepers were still around, the internet was slow and the term 'nerdy' was offensive. So, Alex, the protagonist, is a typical nerd in his 20s, got stuck on a dead-end job in a small typography, in the middle of New York. Alex hangs around with his friends, moves out in his own apartment, tries to impress a girl he likes - long story short, lives a life of a youngster in one of the biggest megalopolises in the world.

What makes the show so attractive is the fact that it is based on true stories from real people - and it really seems that way. All the troubles and weird stuff you face in your 20s, when you are taken as an adult, but haven't become one yet, is generally presented there, with great, realistic humour in addition. Remember the not-so best choice of apartment for the first time? Having a crush on a person from a different world? Doing weird bets with your friends? This is what mostly happens in the series, and it's one of the reasons you'll like it. At least for the nostalgia the show recalls.

But why the show is particularly good is the atmosphere. That dark, gray and a bit existential feeling of a huge, American megalopolis, had been little presented in shows whatsoever. The city itself is a huge dump full of weirdos, bizarre places and graffiti. And this is why you love being in here. And you'll never change it to anything else - it's in your blood now. You are going to grow up with it and it will spread in your body and your mind even deeper. I can't say I'm much of a cinemaholic and know lots of stuff, so I can remember only one video-game that represented an atmosphere like that - GTA III. But in the game it was even darker, but in the show you have a young look on the world, and thanks to that, you like the city even more. So, in one moment the city itself becomes a protagonist.

And the soul of the city was going to be shown even closer, but for some reasons, fellas from MTV decided to shut the show down, and now we have only 13 episodes to feel the atmosphere you aren't going to catch anywhere else, while still trying to grow up and become more mature.

If are you in love with everything urbanistic, or stuff from the beginning of the XXI century, and if you ever catch it on TV - take a look on the show, you won't regret it.

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Author: passion_sparke
4 October 2004

i watched it a couple of days ago on mtv2.i can't believe such a creative,intriguing and addictive piece of work got's a rarity to come across a show that has not had at least ONE bad episode.well here it's any wonder how shows like daria and beavis and butthead managed to out live this.

downtown uses the abstract imagery to emphasis the stories and thoughts being had.this unique style just added more to it's's a shame that mtv did not put as much advertising into this as they do other shows.given half the chance i'm sure it would of secured a strong and devoted following.

"downtown definitely a 10/10!"

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One of the best shows mtv has done in sometime

Author: icis (
13 January 2000

Like previous comments said, it doesn't look like it will be around anymore. This particularly sucks because the last episode looked really good. If anyone has a site or has these on tape, I would definitely cut off my arms just for the chance to hear the amusing conversations again.

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Pretty cool.............BUT,

Author: Dave ( from Puerto Rico
5 October 1999

This show is very cool the animation is cool, the written is pretty good, and the jokes are funny BUT not all the characters are that interesting about half of the cast is interesting the nerd, the freak, the overweight best friend, and the goth girl. and not all of them are spotlighted on enough. The rest of the cast is either boring or not likeble. hopefully MTV will give this show some time to grow.

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