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Season 6

9 Feb. 2007
Tobey Maguire vs. Jake Gyllenhaal
Episode 1 includes Mischa Barton vs. Kristin Cavallari, Tobey Maguire vs. Jake Gyllenhaal, and Wilmer Valderrama vs. Nick Cannon.
Mar. 2007
Vince Vaughn vs. Owen Wilson
Fight 1: Paul Wall vs. Mike Jones. Who will be the king of Houston's rappers? Fight 2: Andy Milonakis vs. Steve-O. The battle for the domination of MTV2. Fight 3: Vince Vaughn vs. Owen Wilson. Will they be able to deliver a good show without a script? Will there be any character development? Nick is a huge fan of Steve-O's show Wildboyz (2003). He has problems finding a URL for his Wildboyz fan page that is still available, and when he has finally found one, his problems get even bigger...
23 Feb. 2007
The Banter Bloodbath
Fight 1: Anna Kournikova vs. Danica Patrick: They have never won an important competition. Now they both have a 50-50 percent chance. Fight 2: Carson Daly vs. Jimmy Kimmel: The hosts of the 'Late, Late, Late, ..., Late Night Shows' battle it out. Fight 3: Jon Stewart vs. Tina Fey. Will Tina survive the loss of her thigh bone? Nick wants to be invited to another show. He says it would only be polite since they also invite people from other shows. Johnny says that that is true - but they kill them. Note: In fight 1, the board above the entrance says 'Anna Kournikova vs....
2 Mar. 2007
King of the Lil' People
Fight 1: Lil' Bow Wow vs. Lil' Romeo. It comes out that they have killed Bow Wow and Romeo in order to be able to bring back their younger, 'little' selves with the time machine. In the fight, Lil' Bow Wow turns into a rabid dog, says he wants to turn Lil' Romeo into Lil' Juliet and starts a vicious attack that is not a pleasure to watch. Guest fighter: Master P, Lil' Romeo's father. Will he be able to help his son? Fight 2: Lil' Flip vs. Lil Wayne. The battle of the lil' rappers from the south. Fight 3: Lil Jon vs. Lil' Kim. The winners of the first two fights want ...
Mar. 2007
Celebrity Death Mash
Fight 1: Carlos Mencia vs. Dave Chappelle. The battle for the Comedy Central throne. Fight 2: Ashlee Simpson vs. Her Old Nose. After Ashlee has had plastic surgery, Her Old Nose is making headlines, but Ashlee wants to make the headlines herself, so she challenges Her Old Nose to a deathmatch. Guest fighter: Shaun White (skateboarder). Fight 3: R. Kelly Clarkson vs. Ludi-Criss Angel. The new Celebrity Death Mash machine is introduced. They use it to blend two fighters into one (two-headed) fighter. Singers R. Kelly and Kelly Clarkson are turned into R. Kelly Clarkson ...
16 Mar. 2007
What Did Nick Do?
Fight 1: Jeremy Piven vs. Adrian Grenier: The battle of the Entourage (2004) -stars. Fight 2: Rev Run (a/k/a Run (of Run DMC) a/k/a Reverend Joseph Simmons) vs. Russell Simmons: Which of the two brothers is the ruler of rap? Fight 3: Johnny Depp vs. Orlando Bloom: The battle of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Whose chest will be the 'Dead Man's Chest'? Apart from the fights: Johnny says that Nick attracts bad luck, so when Nick says he has had a quiet week so far, Johnny is very much afraid that something bad will happen during the show...
23 Mar. 2007
Where's Lohan?
Fight #1: Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff, or the queen of the bad girls vs. the queen of the Disney teen stars. Lohan doesn't show up, so the second fight is advanced. Fight #2: Jessica Simpson vs. Nick Lachey. Although they are divorced already, their battle rages on... till death do them part. (Simpson's father wants her to win... because he would get 20 per cent of the purse.) After this fight, Lohan again fails to show up, so the third fight is advanced, too. Fight #3: 50 Cent vs. The Game. Will it be 'game over' for The Game or for his rival (and former mentor) 50...
30 Mar. 2007
Barry Bonds vs Bud Selig
Episode 8 includes Mark Zupan vs. Chris Pontius, Anna Kournikova vs. Danica Patrick, and Barry Bonds vs. Bud Selig.

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