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1 very random act of violence against the movie making art
joshuamarshall21 October 2003
This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time (and I watch a lot of B-grade movies). About the only real violence and action is packed into the last 5 minutes. The rest of the movie is very slow with a rather boring and unbelievable story line that just wanders along without much direction or purpose.

The basic story line - Guy meets bad crew, they do some stupid stuff, everyone gets killed, end of movie.

However there are some rather amusing points that gave me a few laughs when the movie gets so bad it's funny (watch out for the scene when you can see a boom mic 3 times in one shot)
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A fresh movie in the genre of Pulp Fiction
hm-44 September 1999
I enjoyed the movie for its strong acting, its spontaneity, some fresh and clever dialogue, and especially for its editing. This film is reminiscent of the genre of Pulp Fiction. It has excellent casting of young talent that is certainly on the rise. Given its graphic violence, this movie for the serious, adult movie goer.
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