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The A.V. Club
Posed somewhere between a fairy tale and harsh reality, the film pulls off a daring feat by turning Blancan into an almost abstract monster as a way of getting into the deeply unhealthy situation that created him.
New York Daily News
A crushingly dark vision of male rage and female vulnerability, Hélène Angel's accomplished first feature hits you like an anvil -- after it's all over.
Tough, cogent and resonantly chilling, this slow-burning drama continues the vein of harsh realism seen in recent Gallic cinema including "La Vie de Jesus" and "More Than Yesterday."
French director Helene Angel's dark but deftly handled fable about familial violence has a terrifying, fairy-tale atmosphere that's in perfect keeping with its unique point of view.
Village Voice
The storyline sometimes veers into melodrama; a subplot concerning Alex's involvement in the white-slave trade is particularly lurid. But the director retains a light touch in the character of Aurelie, whose combination of innocence and knowing is magical.
Although it leaves you with a knot in your stomach, its power is undercut by its own head-banging obviousness.
In the end there's more nasty behavior than constructive insight.

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