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Incredible adventure, a must play for RPG fans

Author: Andrew from Connecticut
5 June 2002

EarthBound is one of those games you finish playing and feel good about. The game takes place in an everyday town. A young boy named Ness (in the original Mother game, also called EarthBound Zero, the boy's name was Ninten). Ness meets a girl, a nerd, and a ninja. The take an amazing adventure across the world collecting pieces of songs to be able to stop an alien invasion from Giygas. Instead of swords and shields, you get frying pans, yo-yos, bats, and bottle rockets. Instead of earning gold, your dad puts money on your ATM card. Instead of monsters, you fight dogs, hippies, crazy shopping ladies, barf, and cavemen.

The music is memorable. I found myself leaving the game on just to listen to the music in Ness's house. The backgrounds during fights are trippy and amazing to watch, especially toward the end of the game. The fighting system is not too easy and not too hard. It's perfect for an RPG. SNES RPGs were known for excellent battle systems.

The main highlight of the game is the humor. The game gets ridiculous at times, with people telling you they farted, crazy enemies. It's fun to call your mom on the phone and listen to her talk about giving the dog a flea bath. You never see your dad in the game. You just talk to him on the phone. My favorite part of the game is when the owl takes your picture and says "say 'fuzzy pickles.'"

Simply put, this game is fun for all ages, especially adults. I'm about 20 years old and I found this game to be extremely enjoyable. This game has great moments that you don't soon forget. So go to the Onett library, pick up a map, and ZOOM great distances in the world of EarthBound. Very few RPGs out today are as enjoyable as this game. Even if you're not into role-playing games, you might just find yourself talking to a Mr. Saturn after popping this into the SNES.

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Author: Squirelly Joe from Somewhere in another Dimension
18 March 2002

Awsome Awsome GREAT Game. Too great for words. The best part is the story line and the way it moves along smoothly, giving suspense, mystery, comedy, and action all at once. All those so-called gamers that HAVEN'T played it and say it's stupid have no right to call themselves game players. Not violent and graphic, yet not supporting child like graphics, it keeps the flow. I don't know why this didn't become so popular. It was a major hit in Japan. Probably because they are more open minded and don't judge things before they see or get to know them like we have a tendancy to do. (No offense to all who are reading)

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Mostly good.

Author: Zalis
3 December 2001

All in all, Earthbound is a high-quality game. Okay, so the graphics weren't mindblowing. I didn't find a problem with them in the numerous times I played it. Some of the enemies are done pretty well. The game storyline is also quite extensive, traveling all over the "world" to 8 important sites. Good characters and some interesting tangents (Moonside, Ness's Mind. . .) make the game even more interesting. My main two gripes: The item storage is extremely limiting, compared to other RPG's, and going through the pyramind/the desert/dungeon man is tiresome. But that doesn't make it uplayable, so I'm going to get up, erase some erasers, and kick some alien butt.

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Too awesome for words

Author: pennylane114 from Hrm.
20 August 2001

This is the best video game ever. It's so unique and isn't like any other RPG. It's inventive in every way imaginable. Sure, bore yourself to tears with the contrived RPGs with sorcery and dragons and such, but you don't know what you're missing here...

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Cannot believe I missed this one during my younger days

Author: Aaron1375 from Alabama
7 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the 90's I began to become an RPG junkie. I loved role playing games of all types. It was Final Fantasy II (IV) that got me hooked. I had so many RPG games for the SNES, that now I am baffled as to why I never played this game during that time. Even more baffling is the fact I had never even heard of it until two or three years ago. I desperately wanted to play it, but to find a cart of it, meant having to pony up 150 dollars plus, which was a bit too steep. However, I have finally gotten to play this game thanks to an emulator and it was a really fun game. Not quite as good as I was expecting, but overall a good experience. The game is typical of many role playing games in that it starts out great, but kind of finishes a bit weaker than the blazing start. So, for all its quirks, it sadly retained that trait. Still, it was a nice diversion.

The story has you as a little boy named Ness, or whatever you want to name him finding a meteorite up on a hill. A strange fly, named Buzz Buzz joins you and explains that a terrible future awaits the world as Giygas terrorizes the world in the future. Ness must join forces with three other kids and go out into the world to claim a power that can defeat this awesome foe, and try to correct the evils that are being released due to Giygas. Pokey, a next door neighbor, has plans of his own as your group must overcome many obstacles on the way to your clash with Giygas.

The battle system is turned base; however, there are no random encounters as you see the villains on the map. If you are way more powerful than the foe you run into, you do not even have to combat them as you will simply get the win and the experience that goes along with it. The game is lighthearted and funny for the most part and they really did a nice job creating the world. The big cities all named after numbers look great and have a lot going on in them. After you traverse Fourside city though, the cities become vastly less impressive as the places you run into after it get smaller with less things going on in them. Kind of a disappointment as Summers is like the last really nice city you visit. The world, up to that point is just more fun to explore in that it interconnects so well and it is fun traveling by car to the next place, but then the place seems more like you are going somewhere not connected.

As fun as the game is, the other problem I had with this one is Giygas. It most certainly looks disturbing when the final showdown arrives, but it seems like it does not fit the story. I was under the impression that Giygas was an alien invader and he controls various other aliens in an attempt to rule the world. One town is overrun by zombies and ghosts that Giygas has brought forth. The last battle, though, kind of indicates he was kind of a mindless entity that is simply evil. Pokey, too, is also kind of a mystery. Just a couple of plot holes in the story.

Overall, this game is a very good one. I would rank both Final Fantasy II (IV) and III (VI) higher than it, but compared to a lot of RPGs released these days it is great! I wish they would go back to this style more when creating an RPG and be less concerned with super realistic character designs and cinematic scenes and worry more about creating a fun world to traverse and explore. While this one, was not quite the game I thought it was going to be, it was still very entertaining and I am glad that I finally got to play it.

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Awesome game!

Author: axemblue
8 July 2001

Earthbound, AKA Mother 2, proves that you don't need great graphics to have a great game. (Although the backgrounds in the fight scenes look pretty cool...) The game is very fun, and has a lot of ORIGINAL humor, which is definitely a plus in my book. And in the English version, they even kept the characters' original names. Well, King the dog was originally "Chibi," but oh well. In Earthbound, you'll face off against lots of goofy bosses, like a pile of barf named Master Belch, and a giant mushroom called... well, "Shrooom!" There are also characters like the chubby inventor, Apple Kid, or the blues band called the Runaway Five. Or how about enemies like evil hippies or demonic petunias?

This game didn't sell well when it first came out, because people cared more about graphics, and avoided the game because of how it LOOKED. If you can find this game on EBay or your local pawn shop, get it. You'll be glad you did. Oh, and be sure to get the Player's Guide, which was packaged with Earthbound, because it's very helpful, and has a lot of funny reading material in it, plus Earthbound scratch-n-sniff cards!

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Earthbound is a great game!!!

Author: mariohead64
14 October 2013

Released in 1995 in just Japan and America, Earthbound is a classic and it even stands up to today's games. It is pretty much the great RPG that everyone must have. It is a very smart game and has great humour. Unlike most RPGs, it is set in modern times (1990's) and instead of earning gold, you get money deposited into your bank account by your dad. Instead of swords and armour, you have baseball bats and bracelets and all the like. It has a lot of charm and any RPG will get a kick out of it. In fact, ANYONE will enjoy it. I'm glad I got introduced to Ness and the Earthbound franchise by Smash Bros. At first, I thought it would be a bad game, but I played it and it was awesome. It shows that even Nintendo's obscure side is awesome. Even better, it's now in Europe via the Wii U virtual console! This RPG is essential!

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Is there a better game?

Author: notalentjew from United States
8 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

once upon a time, in 1998, i bought this game, not knowing what was inside. from the beginning to the end of this great Nintendo classic, this everlasting battle between the good, (ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo) verses the evil (starmen, belch, the guardians of the sanctuary locations, the evil Mani Mani Statue, Gyigas, and more!!!!)the graphics may be sub-playstation, but this game came out in 1994!

This game was like Chrono Trigger, but with a cooler story and longer, with more items and enemies! overall I would say that this is the best game ever. soon,earthbound two or mother 3 in japan will be coming out. i suggest to everybody who reads this to buy it!

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My all-time favorite video game

Author: Ivan Ravenous from California
14 October 2000

Man, there's so much to love about this game that I can't even remember it all! One night I was on my friend's computer as he was playing this, and I just happened to glance over as he was getting to Threed, and I noticed that the game had kooky music and was kinda odd.

Later I actually borrowed it and man, I've never been sucked into a game like that before! The story was complex and intriguing and chock full of humor, the music is awesome and nutty, the characters are interesting, and the game as a whole is a joy to play.

It really broke my heart to read that Earthbound 64 has been cancelled. Someday I hope to play Mother as well.

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Author: der41 from Canada
25 June 2014

Out of ALL the video games that came out in the 1990's, EarthBoud (Mother 2 in Japan) shines through for me! Its originality, humor,characters, music, it's just so awesome! All the different places to explore, and all the creativity, It's a perfect example of quality we never see today! I have no idea why this game never sold well in North America. If you're tired of all the same genre of games, try EarthBound! You're in for a real adventure, and have you playing for hours on end! Even if your not a fan of RPG's, this is a must play for anyone! If you haven't already, EarthBound is currently available on the Wii U shop for around $10. Happy Playing!

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