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Sex & Nudity

Despite a game rated K-A (Kids to Adults), the old equivalent of "E for Everyone", there is more suggestive innuendo throughout the game than one would think.

It was originally implied that a character in the game was gay. This was later admitted to being true by Shigesato Itoi, the director/writer/producer of the game.

One woman asks Ness (the main character) if he has any grandkids. If the player answers "Yes", she will believe him and lament the state of "kids these days!"

The mother of famous Fourside singer "Venus" talks to Ness about her daughter doing a photo shoot and states "I sure hope she kept her clothes on this time."

In the Japanese port of the game, Ness is shown completely naked in the Magicant level. Nothing graphic is seen save for a pair of pixelated buttocks. This was done due to the belief in Japan of nudity symbolizing innocence and purity. However, this was not going to fly with Nintendo of America, so Ness' sprite in the domestic release shows him in his pajamas.


Violence & Gore

The entire game is based around fighting enemies, but no violence is ever really shown.

A cult kidnaps a girl, saying they're going to make her a human sacrifice.

It is implied that a character in the game gets shot and dies.

In one scene, a character is going through training where their arms and legs must be torn off. Nothing is seen. It turns out to be an illusion.

A character tells another character that she'll "smash his guts out."

There is some blood on a few of the characters.

It is implied that a father beats his children.

The kids crash the Sky Runner twice. They are never hurt by this though.

There is a theory that the final boss of the game represents a rape and an abortion. The dialogue is based off of a rape, as the boss says things like "It hurts..." and the outline of a fetus is seen in it's final form. This theory has not been proven.

There are several enemies that are living piles of vomit.

Two kids are attacked by a horde of zombies. They are knocked out, but are alright.

Two kids kill an alien in a department store. You see the alien die, but it is not graphic.


Two uses of "crap".

Various insulting/abusive/antagonizing language all throughout.

Ambivalent usage of mild toilet humor ranging from tasteful to overdone, in particular references to someone "wetting their pants".


Some characters seem drunk, but they say they are drinking cappuccinos.

A man asks another man if he'd like to go get a drink. It could be implied that they are getting an alcoholic drink.

There is a scene where a woman gives the kids something called "magic cake." When they eat it, the world turns purple and starts to melt. It's not implied that the cake is drugged.

There are many trippy scenes in the game, specifically Magicant and Moonside, but they always turn out to be dreams/illusions.

Some of the enemies may be scary or frightening to young children, especially the final boss of the game, Giygas, who is VERY disturbing looking, along with the music accompanying him. This battle has been disputed as one of the scariest moments in video-game history.

There is a cult in the game consisting of strange blue people, which may disturb some players.

Recommended for older kids.

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