Looking Back At The Rumors That Surrounded Star Wars: Episode I --The Phantom Menace

When "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" first premiered on May 19, 1999, fan anticipation was feverish following 16 years without a new "Star Wars" feature film. Buoyed by a then-very-young Internet, "Star Wars" fans spent the lead-up to "The Phantom Menace" attempting to figure out just what secrets George Lucas had in store for the first prequel. That's a stark contrast to this week, which finds "The Phantom Menace" being re-released in 3D to a collective shrug amongst even the most die hard "Star Wars" faithful. In an effort to at least try to illustrate the frenzy that was the original "The Phantom Menace" release, Moviefone scoured some old posts on -- one of the few Star Wars fan sites still in existence that was also around in 1999 -- and, what turned out to be a great source for unsubstantiated rumors: Entertainment Weekly's 1997 set visit. So, with that,
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