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Very good for what it is which isn't very much

Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA
5 February 2004

In "Todo el Poder", a Mexico City man who's fed up with street crime goes to the police to find they are part of the problem, not part of the solution. An unemployed film-maker with a pubescent daughter, an exwife, and girlfriend to juggle, our hero takes matters into his own hands leading to a lighthearted comedy romp which takes a poke at Mexican police corruption. What you won't see in "Todo el Poder" are the Hollywoodistics you would expect from a tinselized studio flick....shootouts, stunts, chases, sex/nudity, effects/CGI, star power or just about anything else which costs the big bucks. What you will get is good camera work, good music, and a solid cast of Mexican actors in a mildly entertaining watch which runs a tad slow and a tad long. Recommended for Spanish-speakers as the payoff may not warrant all the subtitle reading. (B-)

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Power and corruption

Author: jotix100 from New York
5 January 2006

Mexico City is a violent city. Kidnappings, muggings and other criminal activity keeps its citizens terrorized and powerless to do anything. This seems to be the message from "Todo el poder", an interesting film by Fernando Sarinana, based on the screen play by Enrique Renteria and Carolina Rivera.

"Todo el poder" is a worthy effort from the team that created it, as they explore how the corruption goes all the way to the top. In fact, this corruption is a tool for the power some of the higher ups exert on the general population. There's a lot to be said when a common citizen can't trust the police that is supposed to protect him.

This film shows a side of the corruption in the city in vivid detail. "Todo el poder" is a good example of some of the latest crop of Mexican cinema which transcends the popular fare and tackles a serious aspect of their society. The acting Mr. Sarinana got from his players makes this fast paced film a winner. Daniel Bichir, Cecilia Suarez, Luis Felipe Tovar, as the hysterically funny Elvis Quijano, Juan Carlos Colomba, do excellent work under the director's guidance.

"Todo el poder" has a documentary look, but plays like a thriller and it will not disappoint.

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Semi-pleased after watching it.

Author: suppafly from Merida, Mexico
8 December 2002

This movie is almost like a documentary of the psychologycal reactions of the inhabitants of mexico city towards violence. Most people from other countries that watch this movie might think that the violence is exagerated, but thats how real life is in mexico city. Thats the strongest point of the movie, the ability to render a crude and real image of the life in mexico´s capital city. The movie starts strong but starts getting a little irreal towards the end. The ending is a little fantasious, and i really doubt we would get happy endings like that in real life. All in all, its a decent B+ movie, and its worth the time to watch it.

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It's like Mexican corrupted reality...but only funnier.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
23 December 2006

"Todo El Poder" is an intelligent critic towards corruption, politics, and the high wave of crimes happening in Mèxico City.

At first it was conceived as a social critic against the system and the fore-mentioned situations that every day keep damaging our country; but the truth is that this movie isn't a straight accusation against someone or something in specific. Let me explain myself. If you want to criticize politicians, governors, narcos, you need to give specific names and situations. But that would mean danger in Mexican society.

Still, "Todo El Poder" tries to cover many situations from modern Mexican society and it does it in a great manner filled with black comedy, drama, and bits of realism.

The acting is great but some characters are very clichèd. Good performances by Colombo, Suàrez, and Tovar. The rest of the cast is also good.

If you want to have an idea of how Mexican's Judicial System works, watch "Todo El Poder" to know more about it but only funnier.

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A true portrait of life in the city

Author: Javier Hernando ( from Cuernavaca, Morelos
25 January 2000

What "Todo el Poder" has going for it is that it accurately depicts what living in Mexico City is like. Constant threats of being mugged, kidnapped and worse. This is in no way helped by a corrupt police force which is accurately depicted in the film. If I had to have one complaint, it would probably be that at times the movie is tedious and slow. Besides the fact that we see Demian Bichir yet again in a starring role. Come on, there are other actors out there.

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i laughed a lot

Author: erandimm from Mexico City
22 January 2000

I liked this movie a lot because it's about corruption in my country, and it has a lot of humor, but the truth is that it's not very realistic. There is a lot of corruption here, right, but it would be impossible to solve anything as they do in this movie. It's one of the new mexican films that you shouldn't miss.

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what can you do in a corrupted system?

Author: ledifk ( from mexico
20 January 2000

The mirror of the actual mexican society full of corruption in the system is the principal plot of this film that we can see with the eyes of a citizen that lives in the city between the disgusting system that governs with corrupted policemen corrupted politics even corrupted priests that the only thing that they wants it's the taste of the power and the money. A sad, but truth story of a country that is crying for justice, but the only thing it have are lies.

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another great movie out of Mexico

Author: Sandra Velazquez (sandra.vel) from Austin, Texas
18 March 2000

I saw this movie in Mexico City while visiting during Spring Break. I think it voices the issues of the inhabitants of Mexico City. The acting was's great to see tevenovelas' actors doing something else. The use of comedy to deal with such a scary situation was wonderful to watch. I highly recommend this MEXICAN movie.

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Typical Police Corruption Film

Author: quinn padgett from United States
2 January 2005

How many movies are made that involve police corruption, where the corruption always runs higher than expected? How many crime rings run by corrupt police officers have been thwarted by civilians (in the movies of course)? Todo el Poder has your typical corrupt cop scenario, and plays out as expected. I have seen this movie around a dozen times, all under different titles, and wasn't very impressed by this one.

The plot is the problem: there are no unexpected turns or developments. Even though the film looks decent enough, and the acting is fair, the plot isn't intriguing enough to make you want to continue watching it.

I'm not sure if it was funny, either. I realized there were humorous parts, but I didn't laugh. This, most likely, can be blamed on the fact that I had to read subtitles.

Overall, if you are not tired of the old scenario, and don't mind reading subtitles, you may find this one enjoyable.

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