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Fainaru fantajî VII
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Reviews & Ratings for
Final Fantasy VII (VG) More at IMDbPro »Fainaru fantajî VII (original title)

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Arguably One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made

Author: angelus-1 from Northern California
4 August 2001

Final Fantasy VII, otherwise known as FF7, is one of the major titles ever released for any video game console, and one of the most influencial titles in Role Playing Game history. Final Fantasy VII was created by Squaresoft, a Japan-based video game company, for the SONY PlayStation game console. The Final Fantasy series originally began in 1987, when Squaresoft was a struggling video game company. Hironobu Sakaguchi suggested the first Final Fantasy, called so because the project would be the final Squaresoft product if it failed, and Fantasy because it was a magical adventure game. The game was obviously a hit in Japan on the Nintendo, and came to U.S. shores in 1990. More games came for Super NES, and also for GameBoy. Squaresoft took it's enterprise to the PlayStation in 1997, after wanting to use different technology than the Nintendo 64 would allow. What became of this project as is follows.

This game is hailed as one of the greatest games ever created, and the fans agree. The fans are of a diverse crowd. Male and female, young and old, and those of different ethnic background. What brings this many people to one game? Excellence. The whole game is played out in a masterful way. The excellent storyline, the deep characters, the emotion played out in the dialogue (in text, unfortunately), and the graphics (the cutscenes are breathtakingly amazing), plus the compelling musical score make this game a classic title that was held as the standard for all following RPGs.

The story follows Cloud Stife, a 21 year old mercenary who used to work for the military group SOLDIER. Cloud starts his adventure in Midgar, where the underground freedom fighters AVALANCHE payed him to help destroy the evil Shin-ra Corporation's Mako Reactor. Mako Reactors draw Mako energy from the planet, and are using it for their own evil purposes. The Mako energy can be turned into Materia, magic orbs that allow the user to cast spells. The reason AVALANCHE, led by the Mr. T'esque Barret Wallace, wants to destroy the Reactors is because the Mako Energy drawn from it is killing the planet's life-force. After Cloud joins AVALANCHE, after being confronted by his old childhood friend Tifa Lockheart, they set off on an epic adventure, gaining new allies along the way.

There is Aeris Gainsborough, a mysterious flower girl who has immense magic power. Red XIII, a lion-like creature that speaks English and is wise as he is fierce. Yuffie Kisaragi, a strange young Ninja/Materia Hunter. There is Cid Highwind, a cocky almost-astronaut, who just wants to fly, and Cait Sith, a silly fortune telling cat with an enchanted giant Mog to ride on. And Vincent Valentine, a mysterious gun-slinger with a gruesome power hidden inside. This diverse band of heroes makes you remember the Mystery Men and the X-Men. A group of different people who each have an amazing power in their own way. The great thing is you can play all of them!

The team gets deeper into a conspiracy of Shin-ra, the evil/crazy/demented Sephiroth, and the power of the Ancients, the people who lived on the planet before all this take place and saved the earth from an immense evil. The group of rag-tag heroes travel across the world and gather materia, weapons, and more reasons to stop Shin-ra and Sephiroth from destroying the planet.

This game takes place across three discs, and is now available for about $20 as a PlayStation GREATEST HITS title. If you do not have this game, you are missing out on a great journey. You will feel emotional anger, sadness, and joy when you play this game. You literally get sucked in. So buy this game now!

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A classical game followed by two other memorable sequels.

Author: Go_rated_R from Huntsville, Ontario
24 July 2001

This game was THE GAME that made EVERYTHING possible. This game was THE GAME that made me a fanatic of every Final Fantasies. With controversial characters, Final Fantasy hits big time.

Sephiroth goes mad because he finds out that he was created by Shinra, so it's up to Sephiroth's old SOLDIER buddy Cloud and his friends to stop him from taking over the world. The plot contains enough twists to make taffy.

The controversial characters are: Cloud, a strong brave that is involved in a love triangle with Tifa and Aeris. Tifa, a powerful, cheerful woman who grew up with Cloud. Aeris, a funny and go-getting mysterious girl. Barret, a tough-talking man who has to protect his only daughter. Cid, a warm-hearted pilot with a dirty mouth. Yuffie, a greedy little girl (who is the #1 person you need in battle). Red 13, a tiger/wolf/warrior with a brave history. Vicent, a mysterious and powerful man who used to work for Shinra. Cait Sith, a loud-talking little cheaty gat riding on a mog. And Sephiroth.......the bad guy. Each and every character has a unforgettable story to tell.

Final Fantasy 7 was not only the game that spawked two more masterpeice sequels, but it was also the game that introduced us to FMV sequences......or movie scenes.

With great battles, graphics, sound, twisting plot, and controversial characters, Final Fantasy 7 was an unforgettable masterpeice. Thanks to Final Fantasy 7, I will ALWAYS be a fan.

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Cool, but not the best

Author: Orion 13 ( from Puebla, México
27 May 2001

This game continues the excellent Final Fantasy saga. As the previous ones, this one is a really cool game. Excellent graphics, great music, cool weapons and even cooler magic spells make this game a really fun experience. However, Final Fantasy VII's story, something crucial for involving the player in a role playing game, is not the best. I would rather recommend games like Final Fantasy III and VIII.

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A Rare "Timeless Classic"

Author: Fox-18 from Maryland
18 November 1999

I've played both FF7 and 8, and while FF8 has truly innovative qualities (the magic system, beautiful graphics, better management of Gil), FF7 definitely provides a more riveting experience. The materia system is very effective, and is fun to experiment with. The graphics, while suffering from marshmallow-like character models, are consistently impressive, whether it's the full 3-D battle scenes or the FMV shots. The music, while synthesized, is memorable and fits in perfectly with every scene.

The strongest point of all in FF7 is undoubtedly the story and character development. You WILL care about each and every one of these characters (with Yuffie being a minor exception), and you'll find yourself sweating with suspense several times. Cloud's struggle with his identity and memories will obviously confuse people with short attention spans, but those who are willing to puzzle out the answers right alongside Tifa during a memorable scene will surely feel rewarded. Also, this is one of the few games where the central villain is well-developed along with anyone else. I'm talking about Sephiroth, possibly THE greatest video game villain of all time (followed closely by Liquid Snake from MGS). Without spoiling anything, I can say that he has a compelling backstory, and takes command of the game's most chilling moment when he slowly reads about The Jenova Project in a basement, and thereafter goes insane, burning down a small town. While not everyone will see this, there's a great deal of complexity in the conflict between Sephiroth and Cloud. As for the "minor bad guys," the Shinra people are suitably slimy and diabolical, and "The Turks" present some offbeat comic relief in some scenes. Did I mention that there's one scene right before the end of the first disk that almost brought tears to my eyes? Well, I'll say no more, no matter how many superlatives I throw out, nothing can do FF7's story justice. EXCELLENT job Square. In the end, FF7 is one of those rare, timeless classics; a riveting gaming experience that has as much depth as it does action and energy.

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A True Classic

Author: DarkMage-2 from Allentown, PA
2 September 1999

The only RPG game that can rival with this is the ultimate Final Fantasy VIII and the rest of the upcoming Ff's. I would give this game 5 stars cuz it has drama, action, adventure, and mind bending puzzles! I, unlike Jenovah, think both Aeris and Tifa are hot.

If you want a game that will last you a while, this is it. But if you are an impatient little gamer, be forewarned... this game at least takes days even if you know exactly what to do. But if you love RPG's be sure to see this classic treasure of all time.

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(Almost) Timeless Classic

Author: HedonisticActor from Finland
13 March 2010

Final Fantasy VII is the installment of the series that majority of the people are the most familiar with. It was very ground-breaking at the time, introduced many new ways to tell a story and broke sale records. And being often hailed as one of the best - if not THE best - games of all time you just have try it just out of curiosity at least in some point of your life. The review is based on the PC version of the game.

The story about a mercenary named Cloud and his search for his own identity while he and his group of friends are looking for the murderous psychopath elite soldier named Sephiroth and trying to stop his mad schemes while the evil Shinra company is chasing them both is still touching, suspenseful, and entertaining even today. Although at first it's quite hard to follow which even the game acknowledges by occasionally letting Cloud summarize the plot to the new members of the team. Also at couple of times the translation has made the dialog quite clumsy and it doesn't always feel natural (and sometimes leaves important plot points too ambiguous).

The good characters are part of the reason why the story is engaging. Escpecially the main hero and villain are interesting and quite well built complex characters. The rest of the characters are likable personalities as well (exept the ninja-wannabe Yuffie who is just annoying and the cat-like being Cait Sith who is just too odd to describe) but problem is they just have some nice personality traits but the story is too busy on focusing in Cloud and Sephiroth (and occasionally Cloud's childhood friend Tifa) so the rest of the cast gets very little development. This is especially notable with the Shinra resistant leader Barret and the cougar/wolf warrior animal Red XIII. At one point of the game the tragic event of their past is introduced and almost immediately resolved in which after the contribute nothing more to the story.

The graphics have been bitten heavily by time. On the plus side the surroundings look nice, cinematic videos are stunning and the effects and character models in battle look personal, colorful and authentic. But when the characters are not in battle they look hideous in today's standards. Seriously, they look like deformed playmobil figures. Music once again great like in so many Final Fantasies, the touching world map theme and simple yet utterly terrifying Those Chosen by the Planet. The music's full power somewhat suffers from midi-sound but at least its quality is better than in the Playstation version. The character building and battle systems aren't anything too complicated are is fun to master.

Even though Final Fantasy VII isn't the greatest video game ever created by the humankind it is still touching, engaging, entertaining and many other adjectives I've used so far. Time hasn't been friendly to it in some things but the Final Fantasy charm can still be felt.

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Possibly Perfect

Author: Steve Lyon from Canberra, Australia
21 March 2007

I remember my brother wanted Final Fantasy VII for Christmas. I was eleven at the time. I was annoyed because that was going to be our main present. When it came and he started playing, I was hooked. I sat and watched my brother play day after day, night after night and fell in love with it.

It's so brilliant on so many levels. I think, to me, the immersion you get with it is its most brilliant point. It is its own world. The characters do exist. I felt as though I knew each character like I'd known them all my life. The cities and towns have their own feel to them, their own cultures and reasons to live there. I don't think any game after Final Fantasy VII has captured immersion the way it did.

Final Fantasy VII is to video games what Lord of the Rings is to literature. Final Fantasy VII is what Star Wars is to film. It IS the most groundbreaking game of all time, and those of you who disagree with me, think of it this way: Chuck Berry may have been the true pioneer of Rock n Roll, but Elvis Presley came along and gave it to the masses. Sure, there were bloody good RPGs before Final Fantasy VII came along, but none had the impact it has had.

My one problem with the game is that it was the first RPG I played and now everything else has to live up to the benchmark it created. Of course, nothing has lived up to it. It is and will always be the best game I have played. It is possibly perfect.

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The Greatest Game Ever Made, but...

Author: ellen_ripley_alien_slayer from Philippines
4 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is, undoubtedly, the greatest game ever made. I mean, look at the characters, Cloud Strife's bad-ass sword, SEPHIROTH (the ultimate villain for me), Aeris' tragic death, Tifa's for Cloud, Barret's bad mouth, Cid's worse mouth, Red XIII' shocking age, Yuffie's "cruel" intentions, Vincent's secret past, Cait Sith's true self.

The gameplay is still the same like the other FF series. You attack, the monster will also attack you, which is very simple for beginners.

The story is more than I had expected. I mean, you will start off as an ex-soldier then you'll be the savior of the world!!! And the side-quests are numerous especially at the Golden Sauces if you are tired of hacking, slashing and solving puzzles.

The graphics is the reason why I voted it only 9. The characters look like the PowerPuff Girls, they have no fingers!!! And no mouth!!! How can they eat, drink and puke!!! Oh well, THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE!!! IT HAS EVERYTHING, THE DRAMA, MYSTERY, HORROR, ADVENTURE, CRIME, SEXUALITY (???) Toodles.

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YAY!It's Jenova (and Sephiroth)!

Author: Chibi Riza from Kahn
15 March 2000

Ahhhhhhh,I just am starting to take a loving to those villains!I agree J.S.,Jenova rules!!!She is problably the most interesting character in any FF game (even though I thought Square would have worked on her some more,but then where is that enigmatic persona?).I thought her and Sephiroth should have won at the end instead of those so-called "heroic" Avalanche team.That would have been sooooo cool if they did!

Try beating J.S. without "Knights of the Round"! C'mon,I dare ya ^-^!

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Enjoyable, but very overrated

Author: teresaclohessy-41477 from Ireland
14 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved Final Fantasy VI and when got a chance to play Final Fantasy VII, I really enjoyed it at first. The start got me really interested. The game play is okay, I like the protagonist and the storyline is okay. The music is fantastic.

But when I got more into the game, it started to get really boring. A couple of years ago, I quickly saw that how much the game has become popular. But I didn't get to play the game for another two years.

I don't hate the game, but the only reason it was so popular and critically acclaimed because it was the first 3D Final Fantasy game. Not the best Final Fantasy game but still a good one. It is probably the last good Final Fantasy game. But Final Fantasy VI still remains my favourite in the series. 7/10

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