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Excellent Movie, good for a laugh and prescription eyecandy!
screaminfairy25 March 2002
Eric 'Ty' Hodges II did a wonderful job portraying the part of an imaginary friend. His character Larry Houdini is a bundle of creativity that has you wanting to believe, once again, in childhood dreams. The eyecandy is worth it too. Eric Hodges is an extremely attractive young man whose career is going places. The movie in itself is fantastic. Its a little bit of Little Monsters tied with Halloween Town. It is a good movie to watch whenever you're down.
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How a quite silly plot can be enjoyable.
Christopher Hewitt28 December 2002
This movie is not especially and intelligent movie with complex situations and in-depth background of the characters. It is more of a movie that deals with family situations and the doings of a teen-age girl. The plot of the story is actually quite silly, being about a boogie man, but there is a few parts in this movie that are all of funny and interesting. The only thing I find very awkward is how Erin Chambers looks to be the high schooler that she is supposed to play, but is really over 6 years older. She was twenty years old when she played the part of "Frances". So that just goes to show how weird Hollywood does things.

I think my favorite character in this would have to be Larry. The "Imaginary friend". He acts so unhuman like sometimes which is perfect for this type of kids show. This can be happily viewed by adults, but it would be much more enjoyed by even a child as young as four. The sets that they used in the movie must have taken them a long time to build at how elaborate they were. So since it was a sort of childish movie with not a lot of in depth proportion to it, I give it an 8.5 out of 10. But it was a pretty good film.
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Childhood Memories
bkoganbing21 September 2015
Erin Chambers and Ty Hodges star in this Disney feature film where young teen Chambers is haunted from her past by a childhood memory. Hodges is the boogeyman come to life.

According to Boogey legend an imaginary childhood friend should not be discarded so easily lest they become the feared boogeyman. So it was with Chambers's brother who lost his faith in the existence of imaginary friends during a serious illness. Now the friend has come to life and trying to reverse the curse.

Watching the film put me in mind of my niece when she was small. The elder of two sisters she had imaginary playmates, but she grew out of them after a fashion. Her younger sister never took up that particular fantasy though.

Chambers is way too old for the part she sure didn't look a convincing 14. That's the way it is, always casting people too old for teens in Hollywood. Still in her case she couldn't convince me she was a juvenile try as she may.

Don't Look Under The Bed is a charming fantasy which would have worked better with a real teen lead.
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rubyNrain170018 October 2007
This is the BEST Disney channel movie you will ever see. In fact, this is the only Disney channel movie you should watch. Screw High School Musical. This movie has fantastic graphics, acting, it is just wonderful. Seriously, Disney channel should air this every Friday or Saturday night, because it is just an amazing movie. If you are ever lucky enough to catch this movie on t.v. don NOT just flip past it and go to something you think is better because there is a 94 percent chance it isn't. This movie is the PERFECT Halloween film. It has ever vital ingredient to entertain you for more than the hour and a half it is. Anyway, watch Don't Look Under the Bed, C'est super!
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Not bad...
Blaze-1724 October 2000
This is actually a pretty good TV movie. It's both serious and comic. I saw this one night when I was bored and had nothing to do. At first, I thought it was just going to be stupid, immature movie, but I watched it all the way through, and I was pretty impressed. It's a good movie for the entire family.
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I really miss this.
julcltr20 March 2009
I remember watching this on TV when my family and I were on vacation on thanksgiving weekend 2 years ago. There wasn't anything else on (since it was about nine o'clock in the evening from where I was), so we flipped to this. I seriously thought that it would be something like that stupid rip-off "Minutemen", but I was completely wrong. It was actually good for a change. Erin Chambers did an amazing job as Frances, and so did Ty Hodges as Larry. Whenever he did something really outrageous I couldn't stop laughing (well, the puns got a little old throughout the movie). But the thing that really caught my eye was how well the Boogeyman's part was written. But I'm not going to spoil everything. Just go see it. You'll love it.
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Cute movie liked it a lot
vickytammy1 November 2001
A very cute little movie I really liked it, It had comedy and it not one of those stupid little movies that was boring. I highly recommend it for children between the ages of 8-14. And I know this has nothing to do with it, But I love Billy Gilman!
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not bad actually
stanclimbfll21 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Eric Ty Hodges is pretty cool so I thought I'd watch it to see how he was. And it wasn't half bad. The jokes are funny and it's kind of spooky at times. Not like "having-nightmares-for-a-month" scary, but fun-scary. The whole boogey-man thing was a stretch, but the "boogey-goo" thing was hilarious. In the end, (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when they find out that the boogey-man was really a fairy that the girl didn't believe in anymore, the fairy/boogeyman was pretty dang hot. Too bad we didn't get to see more of her. That was probably the best part of the movie. But if you ever see this showing on Disney Channel, it's actually worth watching. So watch it. You'll have fun.
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