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Rolling Stone
Ritchie's got something all his own: a go-for-broke energy that cuts through the cliches of the crime genre.
USA Today
All about macho my-weapon-is-bigger-than-your-weapon posturing and far-fetched coincidences that slam together in an entertaining rush.
Chicago Tribune
The abundance of visual and verbal wit here ensures that the pleasure of watching Snatch need not be guilty.
Snatch is admittedly superficial, if not downright disposable. More importantly, though, the movie is also fantastic, cheeky fun.
New York Post
Although the jokes aren't as consistently funny as those in "Lock, Stock," once again writer-director Ritchie demonstrates a deeply pleasurable combination of verbal flair and visual wit while conveying the genuine, intimidating hardness of the English working class and its love of language.
Even if it's not quite as lighter than air as its predecessor, Snatch remains a lethal diversion.
Mr. Showbiz
Though far from a sophomore slump, Snatch, like "Smoking Barrels," is such a grab bag of other influences that it's tough to figure out what, if anything, about Ritchie's style is uniquely his own.
Since the main reason I go to movies is to engage with characters, I prefer "The Pledge," the film opening today by Madonna's first husband, Sean Penn, rather than this stylish fluff by her second spouse.
New York Daily News
The movie was snatched, all right, and Ritchie is the culprit.
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Ritchie is back with more of the same in his second feature, a comedy called "Snatch" that's a sort of lethal pinball machine in which even more picturesque characters bounce from pillage to post.
Entertainment Weekly
Guy Ritchie's second feature, is a faux tough caper modeled lock, stock, kit, and caboodle on his earlier film ''Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.''
San Francisco Chronicle
There's talent here, but for directing, not writing. If Ritchie wants to last, he's going to have to allow somebody else to write his screenplays.

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