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Fascinating but repetitious, Better Living Through Circuitry nevertheless does a good job describing the scene.
In this floor-level view of the rave scene, director Jon Reiss keeps it pumping, humming, buzzing and spinning.
Intelligent and engaging, this documentary about rave culture overcomes the challenge inherent in its subject; rave's appeal is by nature nonanalytical and experiential, while documentary films play to the intellectual observer.
The movie is essentially pro-Ecstasy. No matter how much the D.J.'s may claim that their electronic sounds produce the euphoria of a good rave, the movie clearly implies that Ecstasy is the key that unlocks it all.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
While there is a faithful following of kids, it just never seems as exciting or sad or emotional -- or as ablaze with personalities -- as what has gone before.
Mr. Showbiz
Jon Reiss' compelling documentary on the people, music, and social constructs of dance culture, may perhaps provide some needed balance to the mass media attention.
Suffers from a surplus of interviews and information that imbue it with a vague sense of overkill.
San Francisco Examiner
Fans likely to rave about Living.
Miami Herald
While Circuitry has its pleasures, it's not as intelligent as "Modulations," a previous documentary on the subject, and its focus is a bit skewed.
New York Post
It's not much fun to watch people go to raves. And it's even less fun to listen to people talk about how much fun it is to go to raves.

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