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12 Jan. 2000
Birds of Paradise
A man is sent back to keep his former girlfriend from overdosing and to keep him writing his music.
2 Feb. 2000
Take Two
An actress is sent back to an early audition that she thinks affected her whole life.
9 Feb. 2000
For Love and Money
Single mother Sophie Price has made a fortune on a cookie recipe and the resulting business. However she was only able to make this fortune because of the fortune she stole. In 1991, her adolescent son, Sean, witnessed a drug take-down and took the briefcase carrying the $200,000 drug money to his mother to turn in. Sophie instead decided to keep the money. Although that decision resulted in her being able to launch her cookie business, she started emotionally neglecting Sean as she was focused on the business and quest for more money. It made Sean depressed and ...
16 Feb. 2000
Old Flames
Married to Barry Lewis, Edwina Lewis was a philanthropist and faithful to her husband. But she always wondered if their friend, Dr. Hugh Janyk - a man she worked with in Doctors Without Borders - was the one she should have been with. Hugh had always felt the same, ever since the opportunity arose twenty years earlier at a dinner party, when Barry was not present, for the two to begin a romantic liaison. Although Mr. Jones cannot believe that Othniel would sanction adultery, Othniel does send Edwina back to that dinner party as the maid working the party to see if ...
1 Mar. 2000
Pride and Prejudice
Straight-laced Ron Taylor is feeling under-appreciated at work, despite his dedication and commitment. He hates his job in part because of the treatment he receives. But his hard work, and that of his wife Tammy, resulted in their daughter, Caitlin, being neglected as she was growing up. Seventeen year old Caitlin, who developed late as a child, is now pregnant, dating a loser named Meat and speaks with a stutter. Ron in part blames Tammy for Caitlin's poor upbringing, as Ron wanted Tammy to be a stay at home mom. But in death, Ron solely wishes that he could have ...
8 Mar. 2000
Party Girls
Blair Wilson is an unwed mother whose daughter Chloe has been taken away from her since she is seen as an unfit mother due to her partying ways and alcohol abuse. Maureen Wilson, Blair's mother, is also an alcoholic. Chloe's biological father, Kevin Pappas, was killed in a car accident ten years earlier, Blair's mother who was driving. Kevin's mother blames Blair for his death. Blair blames her mother as she is certain she was drunk at the time. As Blair decides to fight for her daughter despite not taking any responsibility for the way her life turned out, Othniel ...
10 May 2000
The Trouble with Harry
Moments before he accidentally dies, songwriter Tom Lasky comes home and as usual dismisses his crazy next door neighbor, Harry. Tom's mother Bess wants Tom to look after Harry as a brother outside of the institutional world. Tom instead calls the authorities to have Harry taken away to the psychiatric hospital, a move Harry begs him not to do as he knows he cannot survive in such places. Bess had always been a mother to "lost souls" which Tom resents. Tom also thinks his mother is unappreciated by those she helped. In part because of Bess' prayers for her son and the...
8 Apr. 2000
The Sins of Our Fathers
Seventeen year old Sam Ryder lives with his fourteen year old sister, Angel, and father. Sam's mother died twelve years earlier, or so his father told him. However, Sam sees a missing child photograph of himself and Angel, the names associated with the photographs being Jordan Curtis and Christina Curtis. Sam knows that his real name was Jordan Curtis and wonders if his mother is the one looking for him and his sister. Once he finds out about the missing child photographs, Sam's father wants the family to move again and change their names. This action makes Sam think ...
20 Aug. 2000
Fallen Angel
Paramedic and fireman Ray Patterson pulls a man out of a burning church, the body which was underneath a statue of a guardian angel. The man does not survive. In death, the man cannot remember who he is, and in life the body had no identification. Othniel dubs him "Mr. Smith". The fire chief recovers a lighter from the fire scene, Ray who knows to whom the lighter belongs: his father, taken by his delinquent sixteen year old son, Ritchie. Before Ray can approach Ritchie, Ritchie fires a gunshot through the closed door, on the other side being Ray. Ray dies from his ...
30 Aug. 2000
It's a Hard Knock Life
Nancy Waldron is a stereotypical reclusive, crazy "cat lady". She blames the state of her life on her upbringing at the Pentwater Orphanage under the strict eye of Miss Hannah Steele, the Negro administrator of mostly Caucasian children. Nancy became attached to cats because besides Miss Hannah, there were no other constants in her life at the orphanage. To teach Nancy how to love her fellow man, Othniel sends her back thirty-seven years to the orphanage when she was a child. She is returned as Peggy McIntyre, the new matron of the orphanage under Miss Hannah's ...
6 Sep. 2000
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Rhonda Finkelstein has instilled in her daughter, Molly, a hatred for men because of her own failed marriage; Rhonda's husband, Ira, walked out on her when Molly was a child. Because of this hatred, Molly, now an adult, does not know how to love. Othniel will give Rhonda a second chance only if she can help Molly find a man who will love her and who will love her back. Othniel sends Rhonda back three years earlier as Sadie Arnstein, the manager of a video dating service. In her capacity as Sadie, Rhonda learns that Molly can only find true love if Rhonda herself first...
13 Sep. 2000
With his father Ben and mother Julie watching, Max Bogart is practicing his batting in preparation for the Little League World Series. Max is not having fun because of the pressure Ben is placing on him - Ben's view is to win at all cost - and because of the arguments between Ben and Julie from this pressure. Ben is always telling his son of his winning hit during the big game when he was a child. Both Ben and Max are hit in the head by a baseball, Max the one who doesn't make it. Max proclaims that he wished he'd never been born or that in another life he didn't have...
23 Sep. 2000
My Blue Heaven
Officer Danny Payello is a second generation police officer, his father, Russ, who still is on active duty. Danny is a dirty cop who has been taking kickbacks and falsifying evidence among other bad deeds. Othniel decides that Danny can redeem himself if he goes back to that defining moment in his life and resultantly alter what was his misdirected path toward bad. Othniel sends him back ten years prior when he took his first bribe, but sends him back as Detective Phillip Barbosa with Internal Affairs. Although Barbosa is able to convince Danny not to take that ...
11 Oct. 2000
War of the Poseys
Mark and Mindy Posey are married psychotherapists who own a joint practice, but who could use some marriage counseling of their own. They are on the brink of divorce. Othniel can see that despite their outward problems, they still have true love for each other in their hearts. He sends them back to the start of their troubles - their honeymoon. They are Ralph and Alice Bliss, the managers of Swept Away, the hotel where they had their honeymoon. Although Mark and Mindy knew that each became angry with the other during the honeymoon, it's not until they look on as Ralph...
18 Oct. 2000
The Escape Artist
Tony Tremaine spent sixteen years on death row and was ultimately executed for the murder of his sister, Vicki Tremaine, who was at the time his only living family. Tony, aka the Amazing Tremaine, was a magician who specialized in escape artistry. Tony was destined for professional greatness, despite languishing in his magic act at a local club which featured Vicki as his assistant. Vicki on the other hand, had a possessive attitude toward her brother and wanted to continue only working at the club without moving the act forward. Vicki is found stabbed to death on ...
25 Oct. 2000
A once aspiring serious journalist, Kat Lopez is now a sleazy tabloid journalist, happy with the money she is making. Her reporting has ruined many a career, the first among that list being Dorothy Ireland, once a famous actress who Kat reported of having a lesbian relationship with her personal assistant, Anna. Othniel sends Kat back to the beginning of her tabloid life as Gloria Rodriguez, Dorothy's personal assistant following Anna's tenure. Kat as Gloria needs to protect Dorothy from a younger Kat. In doing so, Gloria learns the truth behind the story she reported...
1 Nov. 2000
Some Like It... Not
Opera loving dentist Dr. Sandy Greiner is a womanizing cad who treats women merely as objects. He amuses himself not only with treating women like sexual toys, but also with the occasional hit of laughing gas. Othniel sends Sandy back to November 1986, the time when he first started using laughing gas, which is part of his sexual gratification process. Sandy is sent back as his receptionist, Mandy - he can only save himself if he understands what life is like from a woman's perspective. Because of male sexual stereotypical comments he makes, Smith is also sent back as...
8 Nov. 2000
Whistle Blower
Dr. David Bryant is a scientist and spokesperson for National Pesticide, a company purportedly dumping carcinogenic chemicals near Leopard Frog Lake, the leaking chemicals which are causing cancers and birth defects in newborns and a spate of dead frogs. He stands up for his company in saying that they are doing nothing wrong. In addition, his work is preventing him from spending any time with his family, including his son Jeremy who has Down Syndrome. In David's death, Othniel learns that David really did believe that National was not illegally dumping. But David ...
15 Nov. 2000
Used Hearts
As with many people in her business, used cars sales-spokesperson Darcy Green was constantly lying about the products she sold. Her defense?: she was selling dreams. Smith and Othniel learn that Darcy naturally came about her lying ways in wanting the approval of her father, a con artist who sold jewelry door to door. Othniel sends her back to the time just prior to a car sale Darcy made to Harry Kincaid for his sixteen year old sister Rebecca, that car which had mechanical problems which resulted in Rebecca's death later that day, her sixteenth birthday. Darcy is ...
22 Nov. 2000
Grandma's Shoes
Writer Ruth Harper grew up in a family with strong Christian ideals, but one where poverty was primary since her father, Luke, was always away helping other families using his construction skills. Ruth ran off as a teenager to escape the poverty, wanting to live a fantasy life in far away lands. She wanted to take her brother Paul with her. Ruth's primary regret in life was advice given to Paul: instead of wearing their grandmother's shoes - the only shoes the family had for Paul - Paul should work out in the family farm's field barefoot, burying his grandmother's ...
9 Dec. 2000
The Frat Pack
Reese and Ethan O'Malley are brothers. Reese, wealthy and the success, whereas younger brother Ethan has decided to run the family business, a bar, which is always in desperate need of money to operate. Reese has always grumbled about the handouts he gives his brother to run the bar. But Othniel sees the brotherly relationship a bit differently: Reese is jealous of Ethan. Othniel highlights one specific incident, where Reese, as fraternity pledge supervisor, causes Ethan, a pledge, to be injured during a fraternity hazing stunt resulting in Ethan losing his football ...
16 Dec. 2000
The Night Before Christmas
Delia Harmony was once one half of a country music singing duo, the Harmony Sisters, the other half being her fraternal twin sister, Amanda. Delia was the showy sister in the act, Amanda its heart and soul standing in the background. Delia lost her zest for life, family, singing and Christmas when at Christmas 1981 Amanda accidentally died. Amanda was in love with the band's drummer, womanizer Jake Connor, who Amanda saw kissing Delia. Amanda ran off, stealing Delia's motorcycle, which Amanda didn't know how to drive. Othniel sends Delia back as Dana Rudolph, a ...
31 Jan. 2000
Even Steven
Therapist Dr. Steven Weaver is an angry man. Othniel sends him back to the day Steven believes is the primary source of his anger: when he was an overweight fourteen year old figure skating student, pushed down on the ice by Buzzy Walsh in front of the girl Steven liked, Misty Reynolds, just as Steven and Misty were about to kiss for the first time. The fall was not the most embarrassing aspect: the resulting fart was. Misty and Buzzy eventually became sweethearts and married as adults. Steven has wanted to get back at Buzzy and marry Misty himself ever since. Steven ...

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