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Season 3

17 Sep. 2001
Wages of Sydney
Quan Shu, Manchuria 1359 BC: The Chinese invent an explosive gift egg. New York, 2001: A rival beats Sydney and Nigel to a map leading to the Dragon's Egg. Claudia has moved onto a new job, so Sydney hires a new, busty assistant, Karen.
24 Sep. 2001
Mr. Right
Bali, 1459: A princess gets to look into Parvati's Bowl. Singapore, 2001: Sydeney runs into her ex, (just) Gray, and goes on a holiday with him to Bali, but when Derek Lloyd shows up to enlist her to find Parvati's Bowl, she can't resist.
1 Oct. 2001
Sydney at Ten
St. Beatrice's School for Girls, 1981: Sydney sees his teacher shot by a scar-faced man over an Egyptian pendant. 2001: Sydney's roommate from school is on track of the pendant and enlists Sydney to help find it and catch the killer.
8 Oct. 2001
The Light of Truth
Arabia 843 AD: A sheik uses the Light of Truth to reveal his general as a traitor. 2001: Prince Shareem drops out from Sydney's class to go search for the Light of Truth. Sydney refuses to help, but then has to rescue Shareem from trouble.
15 Oct. 2001
Treasure Island
Sydney's on the hunt for a Pirate's booty, ...but will a traitor force her to walk the plank?
22 Oct. 2001
The Star of Nadir
2001: An anonymous Sultan's wife Danielle dies in mysterious circumstances in the desert. However, she had called for Sydney to help. Sydney believes Danielle was searching for the Star of Nadir, that would prevent a civil war.
29 Oct. 2001
Vampire's Kiss
Czechoslovakia, 1720: A Satan-worshiper escapes from his hunters. Trinity College, 2001: Lucas Blackmer, a babe-magnet, professor and a novelist asks Sydney to help find Vlad Tepes' lost relic. And he isn't the only one after it.
5 Nov. 2001
Devil Doll
(Generally) Central America, 1488 AD: the Aztecs hide a mysterious box. (Specifically) Central America 2001: A guide leads Sydney and Nigel to an unusual, underground Aztec burial chamber. Instead of a body, they find a relic.
12 Nov. 2001
New Guinea, 1522: A lancet bestows strength with its cut. 2001: Retrieving the lancet, Sydney and Nigel run into Nigel's look-alike just before his death. Nigel gets a cut from the lancet. Later, Cate persuades Nigel to impersonate the man.
19 Nov. 2001
All Choked Up
Greece, 800 BC: King Minalysius gives a necklace to Princess Nabina, enslaving her to his will. 2001: Carson Inez, a collector, uses the necklace to get Sydney to help her in raising Athena who will then help her conquer the world.
14 Jan. 2002
Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
New England Colonies, 1692: Witches consecrate an amulet before they are burned. 2002: Sydney's student Meg's roommate finds the amulet. It hospitalizes Meg. Meg's boyfriend's fraternity brother races to get the amulet. What is he up to?
21 Jan. 2002
Women Want to Know
Southeast Asia 1075: An idol of Ganesha is prayed to. 2002: Sydney has found the temple with the idol and it is being filmed for TV, but they get trapped inside when the local rebels stumble onto them. Can Nigel and Karen help from USA?
28 Jan. 2002
Fire in the Sky
Pacific Northwest, 1398: A native American sees lights descending from the sky. 2002: Sydney is lecturing about said natives who faced a mysterious cataclysm 600 years earlier. A native brings her a relic from that era. What is its secret?
4 Feb. 2002
Hunting with the Enemy
An urn commissioned in a Cambodian monastery by the Chinese emperor for the remains of Confucius is about to be destroyed by systematic bombing of a whole province - so DeViega, Sidney's mentor's Gural Nataz murderer, tricks and kidnaps her and Nigel (and their secretary on the home front, as additional blackmail leverage) to get to it through a heavy mined area and decipher the I-ching on the way in before bombs hit it.
11 Feb. 2002
Sydney and Nigel travel to Istanbul to investigate the death of one Sydney's friends, a professor who was trying to prove Hercules did exist by finding the Belt of Hippolyte. They soon realize they're facing the Antianeirai - women who fight as men, a group of modern days "Amazons".
18 Feb. 2002
Under the Ice
Despite terrible weather, Sidney drags Nigel along to an Arctic base where an ancient Indian mummy has been found. It turns out to be an Anasazi, from warmer hunting ground, but also connected with the numerous deaths on the small base - will they ever get back alive?
15 Apr. 2002
Arthur's Cross
Scotland Yard calls Sidney and Nigel to identify a 5th century murder weapon. It turns out to be the burial cross of King Arthur, but besides the victim several others are looking for it, and more killing follows while they search for it in its historical hiding place and unravel the murderous plot.
22 Apr. 2002
Faux Fox
When Nigel is charmed by brilliant student Lorraine to show her their offices (and kiss), a burglar knocks out Sidney, but what was robbed? They find out in Madrid, where Professor Lamenza invited them to follow the trail of the Spanish crown hidden from Napoleons army by Carlos IV, the necessary filters to read lemon ink have been switched, and Lorraine is actually Reena, who has teamed up with her lover Raoul to get the crown which everyone goes in search of in Andalusia, while trying to get rid of the others.
29 Apr. 2002
Pandora's Box
Sidney inherits from the best relic hunter of the previous generation a key, and rushes with Nigel on the hunt for the one treasure he never found: Pandora's box, which was guarded by the clan of the Persian sultanate of An-Najaf. The (equally fictitious) successor state is however in revolution, and though a resourceful local father proves a welcome guide in the capital, the military dictator has taken residence in the ancient palace, plundering all archaeological remains...
6 May 2002
The Warlord
Bekkastan, 1401 AD: warrior princess Kahina proves her right to rule. 2002: Sydney and Nigel unearth a cave painting that might lead them to Kahina's Saddle. But her descendants cause complications.
13 May 2002
Fountain of Youth
While Nigel rehearses his keynote speech in a Seville hotel room, a girl nearly breaks his nose demanding something - it turns out she was after the water from the Fountain of Youth which the dying explorer Ponce de Leon send the Spanish king who send one bottle via the English ambassador to Elisabeth I, which Nigel's brother Preston is desperate to find in order to save his British Museam job. As duke Andrew, the ambassador's heir, only agreed to see him within 48h, he and Sidney are off to England together while Nigel stays for his speech and equally disastrous ...
20 May 2002
So Shall It Be
When Sidney and Nigel are about to enter the site of a Bristol lecture, a surprisingly young author on the Celts approaches them to follow up immediately on a tip about a map to the "astronomicons", the lost keys to the druid cult in Stonehenge, hidden since the Romans conquered Britain. The soon learn it is an occasion to steal the map from the Gurul Nataz, it comes with an armed bomb and the youngster is no author but Andreas, the honest son of Sid's arch-enemy Fabrice De Viega -who survived, as they suspected. Junior assures them he hates his dad even more, being ...

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