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9 Jan. 2000
To Be Perfectly Honest
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16 Jan. 2000
Bad Timing and Dirty Laundry
In bed with Matt, Jack dreams of Jill kissing her by surprise. A loose door knob gets Jack and Jill locked up in the laundry room on Saturday evening; she panics and over-organizes, he proves practical and optimistic enough to get her laughing and even a bit spontaneous, which she tries with Matt too once they are found: cab driver Yuri may choose their destination. Elisa decides to look for her mystery man by personal ad, then reads out to Jack one which fits them, for a meeting at 9; at the last minute she hails a cab to shy away, but the driver is him: Jonathon (...
23 Jan. 2000
When You Wish Upon a Car
When Jill helps an ice vendor with his car alarm, he's promised his greatest wish will come true; the next day his favorite toy design Zantopia is unconditionally selected for production and marketing, soon followed by a VP-promotion; when the brass decides to adapt it violently, he quits Major Toys altogether, and Allison Hanau's inability to understand this causes a break-up. Jack's accounts were already shabby, when she drops a $1,500 baccarat piece at a sale, but won't take a loan, even from Matt, rather asks Mikey for waitress shifts, yet bugs male clients and ...
6 Feb. 2000
Animal Planet: Part 1
Challenged by Barto to try a steady relationship, Mikey dates clumsy ex-bar colleague Belinda to that goal, gets in her bed easily but really falls at first sight for her roommate, Lucy. Elisa and Jonathon double-date with his friends. After Jill tells Matt how Jack belongs with him, she's furious to hear about his claim on her, yet she kisses him and Jill pulls back; both boys leave her the choice. Then Matt turns down a dream-job in Washington for her; her asking Matt to move in blows Jill away, but when she tells Matt about the kiss he walks straight way; Elisa ...
13 Feb. 2000
Animal Planet: Part 2
Matt doesn't even wait for Jack's answer and takes the Washington job offer, so Jill's horse-carriage carries her away for hot kisses in the cold winter night, to a roof greenhouse where they make love, and hours of kissing in his place, till Mikey walks in on them doing it on the kitchen floor, shortly followed by Barto; neither minds, nor Elisa who covered for Jack arriving four hours late, but she dares not take a second to take Jill's calls, which seems to confirm love Dr. Mikey's warning that will scare her off, so he cancels that night out. Belinda commends ...
20 Feb. 2000
The #@$%!*& Future
Jack drives a hard bargain on the living together-arrangements with Jill and reproaches him to have told Barto about the greenhouse, as she did to Audrey, then blurts out she knows about Barto's phobias for rubbery food and elevators, puts on PJs after naked sex and implicitly bugs unemployed Jill about useful time-use, which slowly gets to him. Shirtless boys get frisky in the morning all around. Elisa has rats fumigated, so she's invited to stay a week with Jack, without asking Jill; they find Audrey's pregnancy test kit, Barto later too and he's really upset not to...
27 Feb. 2000
Under Pressure
The girls make drama productions out of phrases containing the L-word, when and where, the boys just worry what the girls will read into any. Audrey worries Barto didn't have sex with her all night, a first, which really worries both of them and the boys, countless catalysts are suggested, alas only their bed catches fire. Now the two share an apartment, Mikey invents the roommate 'forum!' to tell Elisa he didn't want her to break into his date and keeps hopping from one conquest to the next; she even meddles by telling Gaby he never goes steady, which in his explicit...
5 Mar. 2000
Lovers and Other Strangers
[without the beginning] Barto was grumbling in line for a chick-movie Audrey made him go see, when Samuel collapses; it's already too late for his heart-massage to save the kid's life. Mikey is a bit offended when Jonathon asks if he never 'did something' with Elisa, even recently, Elisa when he says to trust her but not womanizer Mikey with her in bathrobe. Jack is encouraged by the girls to pose nude for Penthouse in order to help launch Jill's new career as photographer. Barto gets delusions practice corps Bernie talks to him, everywhere, about becoming and being a...
12 Mar. 2000
A Key Exchange
Jack and Jill exchange spare keys 'but not as boy-girl', Mikey warns Jill that's unequal symbolically, she will take control of his whole life. Audrey gets an audition for a Spike Jones movie. Barto has more pressing study occupations for about eight years. Elisa proves less tidy then unamused bachelor boy Mikey; Jack suggests a chores list; Elisa complains to Jill that Mikey eats much of her food and is a culinary ignoramus. Jack reads in Jill's diary; Barto isn't prepared to break the boys' code by keeping quiet about it. Dan promises Audrey a great career, but in ...
19 Mar. 2000
Barto has aced his scholarship, so he will soon be separated three months from Hollywood-débutante Audrey, who enjoys her agent Dan rolling out the red carpet for her. As he starts by introducing B-star client Paris Everett at the At-bar, her lifelong fan Mikey grabs his chance to meet and charm her into a date, but startles the boys by announcing a novel technique for the quick womanizer: he won't make a second move till she's dying for him. Dragged along to L.A. during their last days, Barto gets annoyed till he tells Audrey how self-absorbed she behaves, and ends ...

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