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Season 2

10 Jan. 2001
What Weddings Do to People
The friends are invited to the wedding of Jill's ex Becky Hart; Mikey looks forward to lots of dating opportunities; asking Jack as his date perhaps wasn't Jill's best move, as she considers it their first meeting anniversary, which he discards because she ran out on him. The youths look great in party frock. Audrey didn't even want Barto to pick her up at the airport, nor picks up when he's on the phone, yet ends up showing up and dancing with him in tender embrace, the he kisses hotly but she hasn't decided yet what she now wants. Mikey doesn't score because of ...
17 Jan. 2001
Seriously, All Coma Proposals Aside...
Jack tells the girls Jill announced he will propose to her and already asks Audrey as maid of honor and Elisa as bridesmaid. Jill confesses to the boys he hasn't got a clue how to make his proposal romantic enough after building up her expectations for too long, and he promised the best man's job to a high school ball team friend, Duncan Crookston. Looking for his passport in the safe, Barto drops a ring he presumes Jill's for Jack, but Jack makes him show it 'to prepare a happy reaction'; when Jill makes his speech, more romantic then any stunt, and proposes with ...
24 Jan. 2001
Caution: Parents Crossing
A phone call for 'Jaqueline' informs Jill Jack never told her parents about him, but expects them and his widowed ma for the weekend. Barto desperately tries to avoid Audrey, but can't escape the publicity for her movie Svengali, yet she still has the gall to blame him for not being more understanding; still he ends up offering to be friends again. Having heard hunk Marco thank Mickey for matching him with Gigi, Elisa insists he finds her a gay, but TV-geek Ken is hardly what she hoped for. Jack's pa Paul, a publisher, proves an insufferable ass, who even suggests ...
31 Jan. 2001
California Dreamin'
While Jill watches amazed and amused how obsessively she packs, Jack tells him she has a near-ex Sean, who works in an L.A. studio; Mikey calls Sean her would have-could have-should have, Elisa her almost-guy. Jill has a pre-wedding-attack of feeling surrounded by attractive women other then his fiancée, such as stewardesses. In an interview, Audrey and her co-star Kyle Statton paint each-other as arrogant, yet they land in bed for real. When Barto's parents drop by to summon him for a family function, Mikey immediately tests Dr. Jonas Zane's willingness to become his...
7 Feb. 2001
Chivas & Lies
Jill decides Jack should decide alone on their new place to live together, but getting it proves even harder then choosing. Mikey, who still wants to buy the At-bar, is interested to learn Jill's photography-client Dante is a self-made major investor in all kinds of enterprises. Audrey's agent Dan warns her she must make contacts before her movie is old news, which proves to be very soon. Med student Barto is on a mission, playing a gastric patient with a bowl obstruction, but since that's too easy to experience the patient's perception, Madison changes his 'disease' ...
14 Feb. 2001
Pressure Points
With great effort from the boys and pointless pooha from the girls, Barto moves out of Jill's apartment and Jack in. Barto hoped to avoid needless hassle by not telling his parents he's having sex with Sarah Weyman, whom he once met trough their match-making attempts, but when both sets of parents await them in the restaurant, her ma's nagging about a hickey makes her blurt out it's from Barto, and boy does he get pressured as he feared, as if they expect a wedding date, precisely what puts him off after his Audrey-trauma; he finds she also dates studly architect ...
28 Feb. 2001
Crazy Like a Fox, Hungry Like the Wolf
A karaoke salesman uses a sob-story to get one installed in the @-bar one week on free trial; Jill gets hooked and takes it home, to make up for his broken high school days band-dream. The new network official Kristen Moss announces big changes as they get bad ratings; Jack tries out as newsreader, and is angry to hear Elise does too on Peter's advice. Audrey auditions prospective roommates, wanting a girl or a gay, but goes for stand up-comedian Russell James when she hears he has a girl-friend, but only after he moves in learns the pair already was broken up, so ...
7 Mar. 2001
The Big Bounce
Two customers at the @-bar who rather fancy Emily refuse to be cut off drinks, and throw a stool trough the window when Mikey and Jill show them the door. Dante is not amused and hires a grim bouncer, Heffer, without even telling the two managers; when the bouncer out-steps all bounds, bouncing him proves painful even two to one. Audrey finds out abruptly her roommate's idea of casual morning dress and sleepwear is just his own skin. Jack is determined to make up with Elisa by becoming friends with Peter, while his superior knowledge and experience on everything drive...
14 Mar. 2001
The Time/Sex Continuum
Roommates Russell and Audrey are equally surprised to wake up together after a memorably hot night, but next morning she says that's not to be repeated often, then insists on a domestic chores schedule. Elisa can't justify why she broke up with Peter, Jack advices against calling to make up; when she does anyway, the sex is great, yet for her that's no basis to stay more then friends. When Mikey serves as his diagnosis test patient, Barto is delighted to find his friend is a medical rarity because of 'situs inversus', i.e. right-side internal organs at the left and ...
21 Mar. 2001
Battle of the Bahamas
Father Conlin cancels their church reservation because the happy couple missed most of his marriage counseling sessions. Jack panics, Jill calls it an opportunity to look for a creative alternative; they make lists and have a common winner: sailing on the Bahamas; then Jack remembers her ma will have a fit if it's not a Catholic church, but ma's episcopal contact already overruled the parish priest... Audrey is nearly out of her Svengali savings, so she tries Barto's suggestion to give private dance lessons to rich Jewish families' boys preparing for a bar mitzvah; ...
28 Mar. 2001
Bag Full of Love
Although their wedding will be on a moored sail yacht, Jack stresses about all possible seasickness etc. precautions. First the couple prepares her first birthday together. To her surprise the cool St. Regis hotel suite reservation is not made by Jill but her ex Matt, whom she quickly tells off; meanwhile David waited in vain for her at home, the mood is ruined, so he catches up the next day at the TV studio, but is jealous when he reads Matt's poetically perfect invitation; Jill's non-refundable surprise weekend proves incompatible with her job, but in the end ...
4 Apr. 2001
...And Nothing But the Truth
Jill is delighted when Dante considers franchising, so he and Mikey might move to the first new bar in Boston; Jack however freaks out, as by every insignificant detail not exactly according to plan, and forces upon her groom a long, absurd list of compatibility questions, and allows only three passes, which as he realizes only adds problem which probably would not arise for years if ever, she 'needs a break', so she will scouts the wedding scene alone and Jill can join Mikey checking out Boston. Audrey has moved back now Russel has moved out; her agent Dan makes her ...
11 Apr. 2001
And Jack and Jill Came Down the Hill
Jack has a cold on top of the hurricane-disaster and blames Jill for suggesting the Bahamas, a lie he objects to. Barto is not invited at Elisa's bachelors only- party, in his own apartment, and consoles Jill. After a visit from his mother, Jack decides he's worth planning a third time for, and even accepts his proposal to get married the very next day, without the frills, but in city hall he realizes that doesn't work: they end up calling off the ceremony indefinitely to save the steady relationship from serious shaking. Seeing how her stalker shook Audrey's ...

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