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comedy tit flick
John12 June 2009
This is a strange movie. It appears someone took an old 70s porno, cut it into a tit flick, and added hilarious voice overs every now and then.

If you want an action movie avoid this. If you want to see a tit flick with dialog so ridiculous it's funny then watch this.

The "plot" revolves around an over wardrobed private eye who has a promiscuous damsel in distress come to him to for help. He vows to stand up for her and yada, yada, yada. You aren't watching this movie for the plot. You are watching this movie because you are bored and want a good chortle.
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Not a horror and not very good. But it does have Uschi Digard, but that does not warrant the price of admission.
CorblimeyGuvnors21 March 2015
I watched this as one of the catacomb of creepshows.

Famous for being the 1st American movie for Swedish Sexbomb Uschi Digard and directed by the ultra prolific Gary Graver.

Supposedly a comedy sexploitation film. Also known as the kill and blood hunger.

Antoinette is a young girl searching for her brother. She is abducted and raped by the gang responsible. So what does a woman do. Dust yourself off, go and hire a private eye and pay him by doffing your clothes and give him a right seeing to, that's what !!!! Oh and don't forget to take him to the warehouse where you were violated, get on the same bed and get sexy again !!! I don't think so, how times have changed.

No one really talks in the film. They are basically overdubbed by a voice over artist that explains the action on screen. The women in the film are only there to get naked as much as possible and look pretty in their 70's pants. And that sums the film up nicely PANTS.

I thought that this was an edited version of a longer film as the running time is 45 mins. But there does not appear to be any other version. So bit of a blessing really.
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