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Full of surprises !
JBall754879 December 2001
Browsing idly among the movie list on satellite TV I happened on this gem, of which I had no previous knowledge. I watched it through to the bitter end, wondering all the time whether it would lapse into reality, or continue to provide yet another surprise. Suffice it to say that, with the labyrinthine windings of the plot, the intercutting of scenes, the wonderful stereotypes effortlessly portrayed together with the sheer improbability of the story, placed this film in a class of its own for entertainment value (in the fullest sense of the word) and I would recommend it as a good way to pass an hour or two. One mystery, however, remains unsolved - why are all these highly trained people such bad shots and why do they have weapons which rarely, if ever, require reloading ? I was, incidentally,much taken with Iris, the Chinese undercover agent (Korean actress, actually)- she deserves better parts in better films !
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chain the scriptwriter
roehlbriones6 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The best way to have fun in this movie is to count how many clichés it is rehashing. Snarling Chinese gangsters. A female vice-president. A ventilator duct that happens to be big enough to fit a big Caucasian male. Shooting through the wall to kill the bad guy. A Situation where you need to snuff out some innocent people to prevent Armageddon. Independence Day scenes where you snuff out some memorable landmarks in a fireball. The vice president in a nice well lighted room surrounded by subordinates, while the Chinese premier virtually alone in a dark room with just bit of dim light shining, snarling as viciously as the slimy gangsters. A lone hero left alone in a ship (building, airplane, whatever) wreaking havoc on clueless bad guys with big automatic weapons. Etc., etc., etc.

The second best way is to count how many zeroes you need to put after the decimal to accurately gauge the probability of the film scenario. I counted up to 45. A president agreeing to a meeting on board a private vessel. The impossibly non-overridable command from the nuke box. The part where the Chinese decided to play shoot 'em up. Etc., etc. Man the earth is more likely fall into the sun than for this film to happen.

I admit the film was interesting until the point the evil Taiwanese gangsters kidnapped the President. Then the boredom kicked in. Suspension of disbelief ceased, and I started thinking the fun I'd have torturing this film...
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great stuff
m_viknaraja27 September 2002
this is a nice film, pleasently suprised. far better than rating suggests.

although the basic idea of good vs evil, one counrty vs another has been demonstrated time and tuime again (e.g. bond films) the twists in this film certainly set it apart. its wonderful entertainment -probably great chick flick to. nice acting - especially vice president, gerneal and president himself.

the film starts out rather strange, lots of things going on - not clear how the film will go. however, everything unfolds very well, very clearly and at the right time. the presidential discussions are very lifelike and beliveable.

the concept of this film (won't be revealed here) is very good, haven't seen anything quite like it. the twists are excellent, u think u know whats going on and ofocurse it turns your wrong or something unaccepted happens. the film is gripping, u want to know whats around the corner. time really flies.

the action scenes are rather good too, sure not up there with james bond, but decent nevetherless. the sound is good too, perfect foir the type of film. the stunts are excellent - gerat martial arts action as well and guns and missiles.

the best thing though, is how the good guys dont get what they want. quite simply all hell breaks loose. finally, a film where the bad guys cause serious permanent havoc.

this film has everything. its an all in one for sure. this is every bit a blockbuster as a james bond or idependece day. great entertainment on a saturday with mates, and can be watched over and over agin
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A pleasant surprise
blessed_damosel6 July 2000
A by-the-numbers action thriller elevated by some intriguing situations and nice surprises. There are some unlikely plot contrivances, but these are balanced by (to me) convincing portrayals of the tense scenes that would arise from the 'football' falling into the wrong hands. I also liked the way that the standard shoot-em-up action is balanced with the negotiation scenes. And casting a Hispanic woman as the Vice President - hats off!
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Roy Scheider and Susan Blakely -- Great Match!
Sjaff24 June 2001
We have seen a lot of films on cable that attempt to repeat the high action films in the theatres but few do as well as this one particularly because it's so well cast. Roy Scheider as President of the United States with a bit of a roving eye and Susan Blakely as his no "b.s." Chief of Staff lock horns in a particularly realistic scene at the top of the film. Wish we could see more of them together. They are powerful opposite each other and Blakely shows her power as an artist. Is there a possibility of another film with these two?
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Worth seeing (I don't believe I just said that)
CherryBlossomBoy12 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I probably shouldn't label this even as a B movie. It looks like it's shot straight to video. Anyway it's the type of action movies I avoid because there are at least 20-30 things (premise, goofs, plot-holes, bad acting, clichés... you name it) I can't stand about them. However, this one had a couple of pleasant surprises and I can actually recommend it, but in order to assure anyone I'll have to give away at least one spoiler to illustrate just why.

If you watched "24" Season 4 you'll be familiar with this type of plot. A ship with US President and his bodyguards on board has been hijacked by Chinese dissidents. Along with the president the "football" (a briefcase with nuclear codes) is also being captured. The only guy to stand up against the gang is our stock hero who accidentally won the upper hand on them. The dissidents however plan not to obtain some kind of ransom but to actually launch US rockets on China (reasoning behind this must be one of the silliest). Will the hero manage to save all in the last minute or whatever is expected in movies of the same vein?

WARNING: SPOILERS... Surprisingly he won't... Not completely anyway. In one of the truly amusing moments of this movie (and the C genre at that) both Beijing and Washington are being destroyed by a nuclear strike. This is not the only cliché being broken, but I'll stop here anyhow. The hero does save the day and not even that is done in the usual manner, but I'm not gonna give it away. The point is: with all the usual nonsense thrown in this movie, the decision to remove a couple of predictable clichés that would help faking the suspense is commendable by all standards.
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The cast is good, in any event.
Scott LeBrun10 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Chain of Command" isn't the most convincing or credible routine B movie out there, but it offers up a passable number of thrills, and it does manage to avoid some of the clichés of its genre. It's a political thriller starring Patrick Muldoon ("Starship Troopers") as a young secret service agent who doesn't think much of his president (a slumming but very welcome Roy Scheider), a real Bill Clinton type. So he requests a change of position: protect the "football" (a briefcase with nuclear launch capabilities) instead. He also turns out to be the only hope that America has when a Taiwanese fanatic and his team of goons eliminate his fellow agents and take the president hostage.'s "Die Hard" on an ocean liner. In addition to this watchable and forgettable movie throwing some surprises into its mix, it's going to come off as pretty amusing to any fan of the monster movie "Deep Rising" who will recognize stock footage from that film being re-used here. The story is reasonably absorbing, and the movie capably directed by John Terlesky, a man who got his start acting in B movies such as "The Naked Cage", "Chopping Mall", and "Deathstalker II". The main reason to watch it is to check out a sterling group of actors. Muldoon is no Bruce Willis, but we could all guess that and he is likable, to be sure. Michael Biehn is solid as always as a traitorous agent, Ric Young is a flamboyant hoot as the conniving bad guy, and Maria Conchita Alonso gives a creditable performance as the vice president trying her best to deal with an untenable situation. Also among the actors are familiar faces such as William R. Moses, Tom Wright, John Putch, Pat Skipper, the lovely Susan Blakely (who's regrettably written out of the story early), John Capodice, and an uncredited John Beck and Jayne Brook. One performer people are likely to remember is the super sexy Sung Hi Lee as a Chinese operative. All of them make this tolerable enough to watch, if never terribly exciting. Overall one could do worse than this. At the very least it doesn't end quite the way one would expect it to. Six out of 10.
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Made with rush.
Jarkko Anttila5 December 2003
Chain of command was not a bad movie to buy, because it was cheap, only 3 euros. I bought it only for my Michael Biehn collection, but I was still hoping it to be good. Well, it was average. It had the top actors(though I haven't ever heard of Patrick Muldoon), and ok story.But where was the concentration when making this movie. it was made only with 100% concentration when it should have been made with 110%.It is made with big rush just like the time would end or something. I'm not disappointed because I know it had the change to become a good movie.The idea was good, making it true was not.
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Exciting and engaging drama/thriller/actioner-***No Spoilers***
strosstrup3 August 2003
"Chain of Command," hereby referred to as COC, is one of those sleepers that packs a serious punch. Graced by cinematic stars such as Roy Scheider, Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Biehn, and Patrick Muldoon, COC is full of action, suspense, and excellent acting. Ric Young, who plays the despotic and sinister character "Fung," gives a stellar and credible performance. Michael Biehn makes a major departure from his stereotypical good guy roles, and serves as a mean-spirited, incorrigible traitor.

If you liked films such as "Escape From New York" and "Executive Decision," I believe you will really enjoy COC. Although it is not a big-budget blockbuster with perks such as gratuitous sex and violence, it must be appreciated for its action and suspense.
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An implausible story
robeykr31 August 2001
I at first thought this little fantasy excursion would be a little entertaining. I was wrong.

A good cast (Roy Scheider as the president) didn't help it any. The story had every conceivable possible worst-case scenario that could take place in a terrorist nuclear disaster. And none of it could PLAUSIBLY happen!

True -- the kidnapping of the President could only be accomplished with the inside help of a traitor in the Secret Service (ala Air Force One), but everything they depicted regarding the FOOTBALL and the helplessness of our country if were to fall into enemy hands is ludicrous to the Nth degree. Seriously, not even the President can fully over-ride our missile control. The case is only used to relay orders. In this situation, our system would have completely deleted the codes and the whole thing would go nowhere. The destruction of Beijing couldn't happen -- there would not have been a missile launch because the silo-crews would have been instructed not to (communications include a hardwired system). There are just too many safe-guards to prevent such a thing from happening.

True, film's like FAIL-SAFE and STRANGELOVE gave some credibility to the concept of us losing control of THE SYSTEM. But this film goes too far and fails to suspend my concept of the unbelievable. And that makes the experience a waste of the viewer's time. This film is a failure.
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