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Timely tale of terror and betrayal

Author: ColemanDerrick from Decatur, Georgia
28 December 2001

Don't sleep on this one. This is one of those thrillers that might not be a blip on the radar screen, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a watch. A solid production, the story involves a journalist who has a shady past, and his encounter with a woman on the run, who is not who she claims to be. A key plot piece is that Ms. Ticotin's character, who appears to be Latin American, is actually Palestinian, and on the run from assassins. Fred Ward, Ms. Ticotin, and Penelope Ann Miller give great performances in their respective roles. I never thought Ms. Miller could play such an evil woman. Catch this film when you can on cable, it is worth the watch.

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Good movie!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
20 August 2004

This is a good film. It has an incredible casting including Fred Ward, Rachel Ticotin, Virginia Madsen, Penelope Ann Miller, Christopher Plummer, and Kim Coates! The film has very good acting by all of these actors and that also goes for the rest of the cast! The film has a big surprise to Me and that was seeing Penelope Ann Miller as an assassin! She looked really good for the role and she was really a tremendous villain! She is neat in this film! Kim Coates and Christopher Plummer also has solid performances. The relationship between Ward and Ticotin was good and they acted good together. The musical score is unique. I strongly recommend this film to anyone who likes the good actors and actresses mentioned above and who loves thrilling films!

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Decent enough thriller but the ending blows!

Author: rivansan from Mexico
13 September 2006

Started watching this on cable, not sure exactly how much I missed of the start, but it couldn't have been to significant since I didn't miss anything important. Wasn't planning on watching it but I just got sucked into it and wanted to see how it would all end. The plot, like most of these DTV efforts, had major holes and logic fallacies but if you got a decent 'suspension of disbelief' you can gloss over them. Kinda liked how the lead male and female looked more akin to real people, compared to the 'Hollywood Ideals' you get in a big budget film. The production values where decent enough for a DTV movie and didn't really detract and make you think 'TV Show' most of the time.

The main problem I had with the film is it tried to get a bit to clever at the damn end with its lame ending. I don't believe in spoilers but lets just say the payoff for watching the whole movie isn't exactly up to par with what you would expect it to be. Pretty weak. In conclusion, If I had known what I was getting I wouldn't have taken the time to watch it all.

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Drags Like an Alligator's Tail

Author: jpd-5 from Phoenix
1 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**Spoilers Ahead**

Something just doesn't work in this movie. It has a good story line and some strong characters, but something keeps it from rising out of the "poor" to the "good" category. I suspect the missing element is a good director. Maybe a writer could have helped, too.

There are some good moments in the film. Penelope Ann Miller plays a great villain. She interrogates her victims with some real dark humor. I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. My dreams of her showing up at my door, would now be nightmares.

The ending was enough to cause stomach distress. Ah, yes, Love Conquers All. Grow Up! The escape in the light jet is also far fetched. It's been a few years since I flew jets, but the preflight check and spooling up the engines takes a few minutes. Besides, I think the FBI could find one F-18 to persuade them to turn around, or the CIA could have used a Sidewinder as the solution to their problem.

Almost anything could have improved the ending.

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Poorly penned

Author: Hendray from United States
4 April 2009

Many many flaws, but bad writing is the main culprit here. A decent cast, some fine acting here and there, but no one could be expected to overcome the lame script. You will cringe at the hack dialogue time and time again (the actors seem to), then after awhile, you just have to laugh weakly. And I was not charmed by Penelope Ann Miller's contract killer - an incredible character delivering some of the worst lines in the movie.

I hung in there and watched it only because I thought a terrorism film made just before 9/11 could be interesting - but there's no real payoff in this regard either. This movie has its moments, but there's no mystery as to why it went straight to video. Don't waste your time on this one.

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a reason this was straight to video

Author: jeff-90 from stamford, ct
6 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Slow, confusing, ridiculous, boring. An utter waste of time. The 5 people who gave this a 10 must have a financial interest in the film. No plot to speak of, no action and you have to buy Penelope Ann Miller, the sweetest actress in the world, as a ruthless killer. I'm sure people will see recognizable names like her, Fred Ward, Christopher Plummer, Virginia Madsen (tiny waste of a role) and think how bad can it be. Trust me, it's bad.

If you wonder where you've seen the female lead, she was in Total Recall and was a guard in Con Air.

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The most depressing thing about all of this is that it can probably get worse

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
3 June 2010

I swear to you, that is an actual line in this. When will film-makers learn not to give audiences stuff that is so easily converted to insults about their work? I haven't watched, or even heard of, anything else by the director or writer, and suspect that their involvement in putting this thing together is the main reason it comes up short. The script could use help(the cliché-count is dangerously high, many of them appearing in the otherwise at times great dialog), especially the cheesy ending. It is an interesting and important subject that continues to be relevant today; the Israeli/Pakistani conflict. I liked the very noir-like music that was used, as well. The plot has plenty of developments, some of them surprises. Pacing isn't too bad. There is tension in this. The cast has proved talents(Madsen is underused). I like Ward; he's yet to disappoint me, and he's proved that he can be serious and funny without trying too hard. He's a tad similar to Clint Eastwood with the look and the voice(yes, that is about how far you can go in comparing them). The acting varies, but the leads are pretty good. It's unfortunate that this doesn't go above the level of being decent. I was entertained, for what it's worth. There is a bit of strong language and a little brutal violence and disturbing content in this. I recommend this to big fans of the concept or those who made it. 5/10

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Cool thriller

Author: RNMorton from West Chester, Pa
28 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I usually don't like these sort of movies, but I really do like Rachel Ticotin in just about any role and the casting of Fred Ward (not your typical leading man) in the lead role certainly caught my attention. Ward is former ace reporter who now spends too much time with his bottle, Ticotin is a possible terrorist suspect on the run who gets delivered to Ward's door. There's at least two major twists in this - the folks who deliver Ticotin to Ward were (unknown to them) dimed out to the police by him 30 years ago; and Ward just regained national prominence by breaking the story on the assassination where Ticotin is a suspect, so he's actually hiding the subject of his investigation. Penelope Ann Miller is also very effective as a coldly efficient hit (wo)man. I really liked the feel of this movie throughout. I appreciate the concept of the wrap, but it just doesn't play very well, for which this gets docked a point.

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No Action Makes John A Dull Boy

Author: sandcrab from not London, England
13 August 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler Alert When I see Fred Ward, I expect to also see an action type character. Much to my chagrin, that doesn't happen in this film. The closest he gets to any action is lying on the floor shooting the real action character played by Penelope Ann Miller. The reason the movie drags along is that Fred Ward plays an award winning reporter for a New York newspaper but he never really does any leg work to promote his stories. All his material is handed to him by a CIA agent that merely wants to make the FBI look as bad as the CIA. The unique twist is the CIA has a hired gun played by Penelope Ann Miller who's been contracted to kill the terrorist subjects of the film. The unbelievable part of this film is that the NYPD is less visible than the character played by Virginia Madsen as the bodies begin dropping. Watching Ward make love to one of the terrorist characters and riding off into the sunset with her at the culmination of the film was more than I could stomach. Hollywood writers need a reality check before films like this are of entertainment value.

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A slow moving thriller worth watching if there is nothing on the tube.

Author: ( from boston
31 March 2001

The reason I watched this movie was because Fred Ward was in it.He seems to always portray an interesting character,and is the type of actor who doesn't seem to be acting.Additionally the supporting cast of Christopher Plummer, and Virginia Madsen both favorites of mine offered promise.Unfortunately the story line unfolded lugubriously. The college radicals who did bad things in the sixties has been overdone. The flashback technique to that era was uninspiring.For me the highlight of the movie turned out to be the song that was sung when the ending credits appeared. Too bad that neither the name of the song nor the singer was identified because the song lyrics were more memorable than any of the movie lines.

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