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Off The Shelf – Episode 69 – New DVD & Blu-ray Releases For Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

This week on Off The Shelf, Ryan is joined by Brian Saur to take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for the week of October 27th, 2015, and chat about some follow-up and home video news.

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Episode Links & Notes Follow-up Sony Supreme Cinema Blu-rays Wireless Headphones News Arrow Video: American Horror Film Box Set Scream Factory: Manhunter… Warner Archive November Titles BFI 2016 Titles Kino Lorber Studio Classics New Releases The 10th Kingdom – 15th Anniversary Special Edition The Beatles 1 Bloodsucking Bastards Doctor Who: Series 9 Part 1 Eclipse Series 44: Julien Duvivier in the Thirties The End of the Tour Flight of the Conchords Hardware Wars Inside Out The Love Butcher Mannequin Worricker: The Complete Series Mobile Suit Gundam (First Gundam) Part 1 Roar Secret Squirrel Show Complete Collection The Spikes Gang Tenderness Of The Wolves Toy Story that Time Forgot Episode Credits Ryan Gallagher
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New DVD Releases: November 2015 In Home Entertainment

Thanks to Black Friday and savvy marketing, November is the true start of the holiday season, which means plenty of big releases along with specialty box sets are coming out in the next couple of months. Be sure to keep an eye out for our list of best Blu-ray and DVD releases this year, but for now, you can check out all the big releases coming out in November of 2015. Unless otherwise noted, sets come in both Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. November 3 November 3 Blu-ray And DVD Releases Inside Out Toy Story That Time Forgot Vacation Black Sails: The Complete Second Season Kirk Cameron.s Saving Christmas DVD Getting On: The Complete Second Season The 10th Kingdom 15th Anniversary Special Edition Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season Steelbook Blu-ray Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season Steelbook Blu-ray A Lego Brickumentary The End of the Tour Before We Go
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Cinedigm, Great Point Media Pact On 8-Film Genre Distro Deal

Independent distributor Cinedigm has agreed to distribute an octet of new cast-driven sci-fi and thriller features from Robert Halmi Jr.’s Great Point Media in a new multi-picture partnership between the companies. Cinedigm will take all U.S. rights to the films including theatrical, digital, VOD, home entertainment, and TV in addition to having first look rights to Great Point Media’s development line-up. First pair of features are slated for late 2014. Emmy and Golden Globe-winning producer Halmi has over three decades of film and TV under his belt, including genre titles Dinotopia, Arabian Nights, The 10th Kingdom, Cleopatra, Alice in Wonderland, […]
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Father of the Bride stars then & now: From Steve Martin to Kieran Culkin

Father of the Bride stars then & now: From Steve Martin to Kieran Culkin
It's currently being reported that Steve Martin will be reprising his role as cynical businessman George Banks in Father of the Bride 3.

Martin is tipped to return alongside Diane Keaton as wife Nina Banks in the comedy, which will see the couple's son Matty revealing his plans to marry the son of a Us Navy Seal.

1991's Father of the Bride was based on the 1950 movie of the same, while 1995's sequel was loosely based on 1951's Father's Little Dividend.

As we anticipate a potential Part III, catch up on the major stars' exploits since - and compare how they looked then and now:

Steve Martin

Steve Martin - already an established Hollywood name before Father of the Bride - plays hapless patriarch George Banks, who suffers a series of ridiculous misfortunes (and a mild breakdown - the too-plentiful pack of hotdogs springs to mind) after his daughter announces that she's getting married.
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Dianne Wiest Books The Blacklist—Will She Be Friend or Foe?

Dianne Wiest Books The Blacklist—Will She Be Friend or Foe?
Dianne Wiest is heading to The Blacklist, but will she be friend or foe? Series star Megan Boone tweeted the casting news by simply sharing, "Dianne Wiest is going to be on our show!" E! News has confirmed Wiest's casting. Wiest, who is a two-time Oscar and two-time Emmy winner, was last seen on TV in HBO's In Treatment. She won one of her Emmys for playing Dr. Gina Toll on the critically acclaimed series. On The Blacklist, Wiest will play the head of Amnesty United. Look for her to appear in episode 15, TVLine reports. Wiest's other TV credits include The Return of Jezebel James, Law and Order: Svu, Law and Order and The 10th Kingdom. On the Law and Order shows Wiest played D.A. Nora...
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Jack The Giant Slayer Review

Director: Bryan Singer.

Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy.

Certificate: 12A.

Running Time: 114 minutes.

Synopsis: After daydreamer Jack (Nicholas Hoult) pawns his horse for a few magic beans, said beans sprout skyward to a mythical land where he must venture to save Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) from the clutches of a race of giants hell-bent on returning to earth from whence they were banished long ago.

It seems like only yesterday that baby-faced wunderkind Bryan Singer could do no wrong. But twenty years on, we all know Hollywood is a fickle town and toasts turned to toasting with 2006’s fumbled Superman Returns. Whilst the film has its advocates, Snyder’s impending Man Of Steel proves that it wasn’t everything it could or should have been. When Bry-Bry’s next directorial outing Valkyrie bombed in 2008, it looked as though the fat lady had
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The top 25 cult film actors

They may not be household names like their A-list colleagues, but the actors on this list have appeared in some of our all-time favourite geek movies...

Some actors dabble in sci-fi; others dip their toe into fantasy; some may even make an appearance in the odd horror film - all before returning to the safety of the genres in which they feel more comfortable - perhaps a nice, award-chasing period drama, or a well-paid romantic comedy.

A-listers may see the geeky films that we on this site enjoy and celebrate as fun little side-projects, but there are actors out there who commit full-time to these types of movies. It is high time, therefore, that we credited these individuals with the recognition they deserve.

Besides the stipulation that, in order to be included, an actor had to still be alive and working today, there were no strict criteria that had to
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Grimm, Ep. 1.01: ‘Pilot’ – has the potential to build a following for its fresh and twisted version of the bedtime story


Episode 1 – “Pilot”

Directed by Marc Buckland

Written by David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf

Are you sitting comfortably?

The makers of Grimm sure hope you aren’t. Fairytales might be the staple of bedtime stories, but the new series from NBC has none of the kitsch whimsy of The Tenth Kingdom or ABC’s current competitor in the big bad wolf stakes, Once Upon A Time. Nope, this is the kind of story which would have small children begging to have the light left on. Two minutes into the first episode and a student jogger enters the dark, dark woods. She spots a small china figurine balanced on a treestump and stops to investigate. Before you can say Abracadabra she’s discovering what a bad idea it is to talk to strangers. Especially ones with big, sharp teeth.

Enter Detective Nick Burkhardt, who investigates the disappearance with his partner Hank.
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TV Review: ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ Gets ‘Lost’ in Faerie Tale Land

Chicago – With two “Snow White” films currently in production, it’s tempting to believe that Hollywood’s well of originality has run dry. Sure, faerie tales have always been reinterpreted for new generations, but how many re-imaginings does one generation need? It’s only a matter of time until every storybook legend is given a cinematic vehicle before teaming up in the inevitable blockbuster directed by Joss Whedon.

Now American television has followed suit, debuting two new dramas this season that incorporate fantastical characters into a modern setting: NBC’s cop show “Grimm” and ABC’s greatly publicized “Once Upon a Time.” The hype surrounding ABC’s audacious offering is largely due to the involvement of “Lost” writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who began developing the show long before joining J.J. Abrams’ team. On the basis of their diverting pilot, it’s clear that the program aims to do
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[DVD Review] The Color of Magic

It would be really easy to bash The Color of Magic (or The Colour of Magic, in its original spelling) for trying to be a cheaper version of Stardust or even Lord of the Rings – but that would be unfair. Those films (books, etc.) may form the foundation of the genre and the standard against which others are measured, but they’re really only relevant when a film is actually trying to mimic them. The Color of Magic isn’t in their tradition. Instead, The Color of Magic is best compared to the made-for-television mini-series The 10th Kingdom, a fairytale romp as humorous as it was flawed. Celebrated fantasy author Terry Pratchett’s novels received a decent made-for-television film adaptation in The Color of Magic, but even when measured against a lower standard like The 10th Kingdom, it falters and eventually fails.

Brian Cox’s less than iconic voice narrates
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