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A must-see for all 30yr-olders
jalq25 May 2006
Being a follower to the internet dawn i couldn't be more excited about this documentary. Rob Cring take us to the history of the internet and visits all places and folks that did make it happens. The most amazing thing is to discover that all people involved (ok, except for some freaks) were really like you and me... real people. It's a truly human look over the bits and bytes that gave us the greatest invention to man kind since the television.

Followers and Connections to that movie-show includes: - The Triumph of The Nerds (by Bob Cringley) - Pirates of the Sillycon Valley - NERD TV (on PBS)
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Early Days Of The Web
Desertman8430 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet is a 1998 three hour documentary film that explores the development the internet.It was written and hosted by Robert X. Cringely.It is broken into three parts: Networking The Nerds;Serving The Suits; and Wiring The World.It serves as a sequel to Triumph of the Nerds,a documentary about personal computers.

The documentary explores the development of the Arpanet and email from the Department of Defense in the Military, the Internet, and the World Wide Web in the United States from 1969 to the time the documentary was featured.Also,it discussed the invention of the ethernet at the XEROX PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) during the 1970's.In addition to that,it discussed what created dot-com boom of the late 90's.

I would say that this was a great documentary about the early days of the internet.Many of the dominant companies of the internet that were features when the documentary was done are no longer relevant at present like Excite and 3Com.In fact,it rarely discussed Google,who at that time still has yet to be incorporated. Cringley stated in 2012 during the commentary of the Steve Jobs:The Lost Interview that Google has yet to incorporate itself and the check was still in the hands of its venture capitalists.Aside from that,it also features some of the rising titans of the early dot-com bubble wherein Netscape and AOL were still dominated the web at that time and the early days of networking companies like Novell Systems and SUN Microsystems as well as software companies like McAffee and online shopping company called Amazon.Finally,I felt sorry after the founders of Cisco Systems - Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack - were politically outmanuevered by the venture capitalists by kicking them out of the company.And last but not the least,it also features the early days of the browser wars especially between Netscape and Microsoft.

Too bad that it was made just two years before the dot-com bubble was about to explode that would cause millions of loses for many businessmen.It could have become more interesting.But overall,one would surely enjoy this if for techies who want to learn about the early days of the internet revolution.It maybe needs a lot of updating considering it is now 201 but one would surely enjoy this.No question about it.
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