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Season 9

21 Jul. 2012
Extreme Spots/Squirrel Record
Sandy is determined to break a record number of world records, in record time, so SpongeBob joins her for an action-packed weekend of dangerous record setting.
14 Oct. 2012
Patrick-Man!/Gary's New Toy
Patrick becomes the superhero Patrick-Man, who intends to clean up Bikini Bottom--whether it wants it or not! Gary becomes obsessed with his new red ball, forcing SpongeBob to take drastic measures to intervene.
7 Sep. 2012
License to Milkshake/Squid Baby
SpongeBob must return to the Milkshake Academy after he realizes his Milkshake License has expired. / Squidward suffers a head injury and gets the mind of an infant.
2 Mar. 2013
Little Yellow Book/Bumper to Bumper
Squidward finds SpongeBob's diary, and starts reading it out loud in the Krusty Krab.SpongeBob once again fails his driving test, forcing Mrs. Puff to think outside the box--and off the road.
1 Jan. 2013
Eek, an Urchin!/Squid Defense
SpongeBob finds a nasty sea urchin living in the Krusty Krab, and tries everything to force it out. After getting his groceries stolen, Squidward convinces SpongeBob and Sandy to teach him karate.
16 Mar. 2013
Jailbreak!/Evil Spatula
An imprisoned Plankton teams up with his fellow inmates to break out of jail and steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. / SpongeBob replaces his broken spatula with one from Plankton, which may or may not have magical powers.
17 Feb. 2014
It Came from Goo Lagoon
What do microwave ovens, dry cleaning, corn dogs and purple floaty things have in common? They can all destroy Bikini Bottom, that's what! But will they? Find out in this spine-tingling SpongeBob SquarePants adventure, It Came From Goo Lagoon! Horrors. A giant purple ball of goo has risen from the deep and it's threatening to release its toxic, gooey wrath all over the city. And according to Sandy, Bikini Bottom's resident know-it-all, this is not good. What's worse, Plankton has big, evil plans for this bubble. Will harnessing the bubble's power finally get Plankton ...
19 Jan. 2013
Safe Deposit Krabs/Plankton's Pet
Mr. Krabs gets trapped in Bikini Bottom's brand-new bank, and it's up to SpongeBob & Patrick to save him.After failing again to steal the Krabby Patty formula, Plankton gets a pet to cheer himself up.
14 Oct. 2013
Don't Look Now/Séance Shméance
SpongeBob and Patrick go to see the latest horror film, only to be seemingly stalked by the villain.SpongeBob holds a séance at the Krusty Krab to learn the recipe for a long-lost sandwich.
29 Mar. 2014
Kenny the Cat/Yeti Krabs
Spongebob is desperate to meet his newest hero, Kenny the Cat. Mr. Krabs tries to scare Squidward into working harder.
11 Nov. 2013
SpongeBob, You're Fired!
In order to save money, Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob; however, unable to just "do nothing", SpongeBob decides to go back to work, no matter what - or where.
16 Jul. 2015
Lost in Bikini Bottom/Tutor Sauce
Lost in Bikini Bottom: On his way to work, SpongeBob attempts to take a shortcut to get there quicker, only to find himself in an abandoned area of Bikini Bottom, and unable to find his way out. Tutor Sauce: After failing his drivers test, SpongeBob consults Mr. Krabs for driving lessons. Even with the experience Mr. Krabs gained from teaching his daughter, SpongeBob would prove it to be a difficult task for Mr. Krabs to teach him.
7 Sep. 2015
Squid Plus One/The Executive Treatment
Squid Plus One: Squidward gets invited to a gallery opening and wants to take someone, but can't decide who. The Executive Treatment: Patrick takes on a career of business when he tries to order a special sandwich.
18 Sep. 2015
Company Picnic/Pull Up a Barrel
Company Picnic: In order to boost morale, Mr. Krabs throws a company picnic - On the same day Plankton is hosting his own. Pull Up a Barrel: It's a stormy day in Bikini Bottom while SpongeBob and Squidward are at work, so Mr. Krabs tells them stories of his days in the Navy.
2 Oct. 2015
Sanctuary!/What's Eating Patrick?
Patrick enters a krabby patty eating competition in order to defend Bikini Bottom's honor.
11 Nov. 2015
Patrick! The Game/The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
Patrick invents a new board game, and invites SpongeBob, Sandy and Squidward to play it with him. After accidentally flushing Mr. Krabs' safe, SpongeBob and Squidward must go into the sewers to find it.
15 Feb. 2016
SpongeBob LongPants/Larry's Gym
SpongeBob gets a pair of long pants, but they change his life in unexpected ways. When Larry the Lobster opens a new gym in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob becomes his best customer.
2 May 2016
The Fish Bowl/Married to Money
Sandy tries to study SpongeBob and Patrick's behavior, but her science experiment goes horribly awry. Mr. Krabs takes Plankton's advice, and finally marries the only thing he ever loved...money!
12 Mar. 2016
Mall Girl Pearl/Two Thumbs Down
In "Mall Girl Pearl," Pearl must find a job to be cool like her friends, but, the only place hiring is the mall's lamest store. In "Two Thumbs Down," SpongeBob loses the use of his thumbs, making his life difficult.
4 May 2016
Sharks vs. Pods/CopyBob DittoPants
Plankton clones SpongeBob to steal the secret formula, but his plans may be ruined by the original SpongeBob.
6 May 2016
Sold!/Lame and Fortune
SpongeBob and Patrick see a commercial and believe their houses are sold.
20 Feb. 2017
Goodbye, Krabby Patty?
In order to save money, Mr. Krabs talks to the Ad Executive, Don Grouper, and launches a line of Frozen Krabby Patties.
12 Jul. 2016
Sandy's Nutmare/Bulletin Board
Sandy creates the latest acorn-based food sensation, but her tree pays the price for her greed. SpongeBob erects a community bulletin board in the Krusty Krab, but anonymous reviews posted on it lead to trouble.
13 Jul. 2016
Snail Mail/Food Con Castaways
The gang heads to a food convention, but things go awry when they become stranded in the woods. SpongeBob accidentally fibs to his pen pal, but when his friend comes to visit, he must keep the ruse going!
14 Jun. 2016
Pineapple Invasion/Salsa Imbecilicus
When SpongeBob hides the secret formula in his home, it's up to Gary to protect it from Plankton. When a freak accident causes everyone in town to become as stupid as Patrick, Sandy must save the day.
8 Oct. 2016
Mutiny on the Krusty/The Whole Tooth
When the Krusty Krab is blown away by a storm, an insane Mr. Krabs has to guide his employees and customers back to their homes. Patrick is forced to lose his last baby tooth, but he is frightened.

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