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When a freak accident causes the population to become dumb, Sandy and Karen must team up to educate the city.

Season 6

3 Mar. 2008
House Fancy/Krabby Road
House Fancy: Squidward is enraged when he sees the home of his rival, Squilliam featured on a TV show about fancy houses. Determined not to be outdone, Squidward arranges to have his own house on the program. But he quickly realizes that his house isn't exactly camera-ready and he's going to need a lot of help, even if it means letting SpongeBob redecorate. Krabby Road: When SpongeBob mistakenly thinks that Plankton is starting a band, Plankton decides to use this to advantage. He soon forms a rock band with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. Plankton's plan: get ...
7 Mar. 2008
Penny Foolish/Nautical Novice
Penny Foolish: When Mr. Krabs sees SpongeBob pick a penny up off the street, he becomes obsessed with the coin and vows to have it in his possession no matter what it takes. Nautical Novice: SpongeBob's boating school class is going on a field trip to the Nautical Museum-a perfect opportunity for SpongeBob to show off his boating know-how to Mrs. Puff! SpongeBob is convinced that once she sees just how knowledgeable he is about boating history, Mrs. Puff is sure to give him his license! Now all he needs to do is memorize the entire history of boating in one night.
6 Mar. 2008
Spongicus/Suction Cup Symphony
Spongicus: Plankton has demolished the Chum Bucket! In its place, he has built a Roman coliseum and announces there will be a gladiator show, which means togas, chariots, and ferocious lionfish. And on top of all that, it's free! No one in Bikini Bottom can resist, not even Mr. Krabs! Suction Cup Symphony: The Bikini Bottom Symphony is accepting submissions for their composition contest, and Squidward is determined to win. He immediately gets to work on his masterpiece, but when SpongeBob and Patrick keep disrupting Squidward's concentration, it looks like they might ...
4 Mar. 2008
Not Normal/Gone
Not Normal: When Squidward points out to SpongeBob that he's not normal, SpongeBob makes it his mission to become normal. SpongeBob begins to lose all his spongey-ness, and it's not long before he's completely unrecognizable, even to his best friends. Could this be the end of SpongeBob SquarePants as we know him? Gone: SpongeBob wakes up one morning to find that everyone in Bikini Bottom is gone - even Gary!
2 Jun. 2008
The Splinter/Slide Whistle Stooges
SpongeBob tries to remove a splinter before Mr. Krabs learns about it and sends him home early; SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and keep playing them, much to the annoyance of Squidward.
4 Jun. 2008
A Life in a Day/Sun Bleached
A Life in a Day: Everyone is in awe of Larry the Lobster's daredevil ways, especially SpongeBob and Patrick. Patrick decides that it's time for them to start living like Larry, but SpongeBob isn't so sure. Sun Bleached: Everybody who's anybody is going to a big party in Bikini Bottom, but you have to be a certain shade of tan to get in. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to get tan so they can go to the party, but SpongeBob accidentally goes too far and turns sun-bleached white! Now, not only is he the wrong shade, but he can barely move without cracking and turning to dust.
3 Jun. 2008
Giant Squidward/No Nose Knows
Giant Squidward: When Squidward gets spritzed with plant growth spray, he becomes monstrously huge. SpongeBob and Patrick are thrilled because they now have a giant buddy to play games with. But the citizens of Bikini Bottom are terrified of the monster, and they want him out! No Nose Knows: When Patrick realizes that he is the only one out of all his friends without a nose, he decides he needs to get a nose, too. Patrick is soon introduced to a whole new world full of aromas-including the stinky ones.
5 Aug. 2008
The Patty Caper/Plankton's Regular
The Patty Caper: The Krabby Patty formula has been placed in a vault far away for safe keeping. When Mr. Krabs forgets the recipe, he gives SpongeBob the key to the vault and sends him on a train ride to retrieve the formula. But someone steals the key! It's a mystery-aboard-a-train story as SpongeBob tries to locate the culprit, and he does it with the unlikeliest of allies ... Plankton! Plankton's Regular: Plankton has a customer who loves his chum and eats at the Chum Bucket every day-and no one is more surprised than Plankton. Could this mean competition for the ...
7 Aug. 2008
Boating Buddies/The Krabby Kronicle
Boating Buddies: In an attempt to get away from SpongeBob, Squidward drives off in his boat as fast as he can. But he's stopped in his tracks when he's pulled over by a cop and is ordered to go to boating school. Now Squidward has to sit next to SpongeBob in class all day long and SpongeBob couldn't be happier! The Krabby Kronicle: When Mr. Krabs notices that the citizens of Bikini Bottom love buying tabloid newspapers, he decides to begin another business venture-his own tabloid! He recruits SpongeBob as his writer, but SpongeBob doesn't feel comfortable making up ...
28 Nov. 2008
The Slumber Party/Grooming Gary
The Slumber Party: Pearl's getting ready for her slumber party, but Mr. Krabs' meddling in the party preparations is getting out of control. Pearl forces him out of the house and orders him to stay at SpongeBob's house until the party's over. But that doesn't stop Mr. Krabs from finding out what's going on at the party-he sends his #1 employee SpongeBob to be his undercover spy! Grooming Gary: SpongeBob decides to enter Gary in a pet show, but when he sees how well-groomed and well-dressed the other pets are, he realizes that he needs to give Gary a makeover. But Gary...
17 Apr. 2009
SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One
Spongebob and his friends are swept away by a giant wave and find themselves stranded on a remote tropical island. In order to get home, they must learn how to surf from enigmatic surf guru: Jack Kahuna Laguna.
28 Nov. 2008
Porous Pockets/Choir Boys
Porous Pockets: When SpongeBob suddenly becomes the richest citizen of Bikini Bottom, he finds himself surrounded by lots of new "friends" who are more than happy to help him spend his money. And as SpongeBob spends more time with his new friends, he's spending less time with his best buddy Patrick. Is this the end of their friendship? Choir Boys: It's the day of Squidward's big lead solo audition with the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus, and Squidward is brimming with excitement. He's positive he's a shoo-in for the part. Now all he needs to do is get to the audition on ...
28 Nov. 2008
Krusty Krushers/The Card
Krusty Krushers: Mr. Krabs hatches up yet another get-rich-quick scheme: professional wrestling! But Mr. Krabs isn't the one who's going to wrestle. He's going to be the manager and money-handler-for the newest tag-team wrestlers in Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob and Patrick! The Card: The new Mermaidman and Barnacleboy trading cards are on sale, and SpongeBob is determined to get the super special rare talking card, no matter how many packs of cards he needs to buy to find it. He buys packs upon packs of cards, but no luck. But when Patrick buys just one pack, he ...
28 Nov. 2008
Dear Vikings/Ditchin'
Dear Vikings: There's a new Viking-themed promotion at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob is determined to find out everything there is to know about Vikings. And what better way to find out about Vikings than to talk to them himself? So SpongeBob writes a letter to the Vikings, and is surprised when they decide to pay a visit to the Krusty Krab to answer his questions in person. Ditchin: Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are having a book signing, but SpongeBob can't go because he has boating school. After some convincing, Patrick finally gets SpongeBob to take a bathroom break ...
17 Feb. 2009
Grandpappy the Pirate/Cephalopod Lodge
Grandpappy the Pirate: Mr. Krabs' granddad is coming to town! But instead of being excited, Mr. Krabs is nervous because his swarthy pirate granddad thinks that Mr. Krabs is a pirate, too. Will Mr. Krabs be able to fool his granddad into thinking that he, SpongeBob, and Squidward are pirates aboard a pirate ship, and not fast-food employees at the Krusty Krab? Cephalopod Lodge: When SpongeBob finds out that Squidward is a member of a secret society, SpongeBob decides he wants to join, too! The only problem is that the society is just for fish with tentacles. ...
17 Jul. 2009
Squid's Visit/To Squarepants or Not to Squarepants
Spongebob's pants have shrunk in the dryer, so he buys some new, round pants, but no one recognises him.
16 Feb. 2009
Shuffleboarding/Professor Squidward
A-SpongeBob and Patrick get carried away when they fill in for Mermaidman and Barnacleboy. B-Squidward poses as the teacher at a prestigious music school.
18 Mar. 2009
Pet or Pests/Komputer Overload
Pets or Pests: SpongeBob adopts a stray worm, and to his surprise, the worm gives birth to some worm babies overnight! But since Gary won't play nice, SpongeBob needs to find loving homes for his new slimy, weird-looking friends. Kumputer Overload: Plankton is sick of Karen's criticisms, so he decides he can just replace her with some new computer inventions! But when he takes them out on a Krabby Patty formula-stealing mission, he learns that Karen truly is one of a kind.
5 Jun. 2009
Gullible Pants/Overbooked
Gullible Pants: SpongeBob is left in charge of the Krusty Krab while Mr. Krabs steps out for 15 minutes, and he is determined to make it the best-managed 15 minutes ever! So when Squidward tells him that there are a lot of rules that he doesn't know about-like never interrupting Squidward's naps-SpongeBob is eager to learn and follow everything he says. Overbooked: SpongeBob's got a full day, and he's determined to do everything he's scheduled to do: help fix Mr. Krabs' telescope, go to Patrick's birthday party, and help with Sandy's science presentation. Too bad ...
17 Mar. 2009
No Hat for Pat/Toy Store of Doom
No Hat for Pat: Patrick is sick of all of his friends not being able to play with him because they have to put on their Krusty Krab hats and go to work. So when Mr. Krabs offers him a job as a sign-holder, Patrick is thrilled because it means he gets to wear a hat and work with all his friends! But Pat soon learns that wearing a hat isn't as simple as it looks. Toy Store of Doom: A new toy store has opened up in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob and Patrick couldn't be happier! In fact, they are having so much fun at the toy store that they accidentally get locked in when ...
16 Mar. 2009
Sand Castles in the Sand/Shell Shocked
Sand Castles in the Sand: SpongeBob and Patrick decide to celebrate their friendship by enjoying a day at the beach together. But what starts out as a fun day for the two best buddies quickly turns into all-out war when SpongeBob and Patrick use their sandcastles to battle each other. Shell Shocked: Gary desperately needs a new shell, but all the shells on the market are either too expensive or too fragile. And when SpongeBob tries to find other alternatives to real shells, nothing else seems to work. Will SpongeBob ever be able to find the perfect new shell for Gary?
3 Jun. 2009
Chum Bucket Supreme/Single Cell Anniversary
Chum Bucket Supreme: None of Plankton's intellectually advanced advertising slogans for the Chum Bucket seem to be working. Plankton decides to switch gears by hiring someone who can create the dumbest slogans ever-Patrick! Single Cell Anniversary: It's Karen and Plankton's wedding anniversary, and Karen has gotten Plankton the best anniversary gift ever-the Krabby Patty formula! But she refuses to give it to him until Plankton gives her the best gift ever, too. If only he knew what that was!
6 Nov. 2009
Truth or Square
The cast look back on major events in their lives; Patchy hosts a star-studded anniversary special.
18 Jul. 2009
Pineapple Fever/Chum Caverns
Plankton discovers an underground cave which he decides to convert into part of the Chum Bucket. The Chum Buket becomes popular because of the great scenery and threatens to put the Krusty Krabs out of business.
5 Jul. 2010
The Clash of Triton
King Neptune hosts a party, inviting all of the sea creatures. SpongeBob is jealous of the royal chef.

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