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Season 2

15 Jun. 2001
Ren's friend Ruby becomes obsessed with BBMak when they come to Sacramento to give away a chance to meet them as part of a radio-contest prize.
22 Jun. 2001
A biohazard quarantine is placed on Louis' bedroom after he forgets about a plate of sushi. Donnie soon regrets inviting him to share his room. On school-photo day Ren has a terrible reaction to medication, and her campaign for retakes goes nowhere until Louis gets involved.
29 Jun. 2001
Duck Soup
When Louis, Ren, and Donnie chase away the French chef cooking for their mother's guests to save a duck, it's up to them to save the dinner.
20 Jul. 2001
Secret World of Girls
Louis decides to spy on Ren's Sleepover.
27 Jul. 2001
Broadcast Blues
Ren is a huge fan of newscaster Cynthia Mills while Louis and Twitty like weatherman Zippy Winds. To win a contest to meet their idols, the boys try to rig it but it involves Beans. Naturally, everything goes wrong. Can it be set right?
3 Aug. 2001
Thin Ice
Prank-calling backfires on Louis and Twitty; Ren accepts an ice-skating date when she already has a commitment.
24 Aug. 2001
Head Games
Ren and Bobby keep having very awkward moments getting to know each other; Louis keeps trying to help Twitty get his mojo back as the baseball team's star pitcher.
31 Aug. 2001
Love and Basketball
Donnie is the coach of Lawrence Jr. High's basketball team and asks Louis to be his assistant but after the team win their first match and prefer to party instead of practicing, he resigns.
7 Sep. 2001
Devil Mountain
Tawny sides with Tom when Louis and Twitty's behavior towards him causes fallout. Ren's relationship with Bobby goes nowhere because of interference from her dad and Mandy.
28 Sep. 2001
Wild Child
Eileen tries to present a model family as she runs for a new office, but the crazy antics of Louis end up in the local news. He tries to help his mother out by winning the science fair, but his invention creates a disaster.
5 Oct. 2001
Easy Crier
Louis befriends new student Lenny, whose size protects him during the start of dodgeball in gym class. Ren decides the game is barbaric and tries to get it banned until a stunt by Louis changes her mind.
19 Oct. 2001
A Very Scary Story
At Halloween, something weird is going on at school: Principal Wexler and Coach Tugnut are turning all the students into mindless, respectful zombies, and only Louis can save them.
2 Nov. 2001
Sadie Hawkins Day
The Hawkins Day dance is coming up and Ren vows to make it cool. Louis is jealous of Twitty's potential dates, but then ruins his chances with Tawny by being overconfident that she will ask him.
3 Nov. 2001
Sibling Rivalry
Louis and Ren are out of control with their bickering so Donnie gets them on a TV show that will solve the problem. But Louis unexpectedly does a great kindness for Ren. Donnie wants to impress a French girl and needs Nelson to interpret which backfires.
30 Nov. 2001
Wombat Wuv
Ren tries her hand at cheerleading while Louis becomes the school mascot to impress the pretty new cheerleading coach.
21 Dec. 2001
Uncle Chuck
Steve's fun-loving younger brother Chuck visits.
4 Jan. 2002
Principal Wexler gives Ren a job with many responsibilities but the power goes to her head. The Stevens parents suggest Louis be given a position to combat his antics and he's made hall monitor. After installing surveillance cameras, Louis and Tom catch Ren breaking quite a number of rules.
11 Jan. 2002
Tight End in Traction
Donnie is going to be inducted into the Wombat Hall of Fame and Louis pranks him because he's jealous. Injured Donnie is up for a scholarship and needs to seem healthy so Louis enlists Twitty in an elaborate scheme. Ren tangles with Beans over his stunts.
25 Jan. 2002
Influenza: The Musical
Despite suffering from the flu, Ren insists on going to school, and can't figure out why everybody is breaking into song.
15 Feb. 2002
Gutter Queen
Ren organizes a charity mother-daughter bowling event but is embarrassed that her mother is bad at it. Louis hires a butler, Chives, to attend to his needs but he eventually feels guilty for his appalling behavior.

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