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When is the video coming out?

Author: Crowbot-2 from A time machine.
25 April 2000

Don't let the title fool you, this movie ROCKS! I love movies about the sixties, but many of them that came out in the nineties just plain sucked, so my expectations weren't high, and ended up just watching the second half the first time it was ever on. Man.. I was made when I realized how much I missed. Great thing VH1 is now playing it death. To bad CBS is being cheap and not releasing it to video.

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Pleasantly surprising...

Author: Goldilocks McGregor from the basement
16 September 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(((((***Maybe contains a SPOILER***)))))I was bored today, so I decided to watch some TV. I caught this movie from the very begining, and I got pretty wrapped up in it. Despite the fact that it took a huge chunk of my busy day to watch, I couldn't tear myself away from it. And I could swear to myself that Tyler was the kid from VR Troopers (and I was right!). Even though this film was a bit predictable and maybe a little cheesy, it was very enjoyable. There are good performances, likeable characters, and an ideal ending. Watch it if you ever catch it on TV!

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If this movie gets released on DVD, I'll buy a DVD player.

Author: thecdking from New York City
23 January 2000

Superior old-fashioned entertainment; all story with no unnecessary filler. Very refreshing for this era. Bonnie Sommerville was outstanding; her facial eloquences expressing all the feelings from joy and happiness, to pain and sorrow, were absolutely wonderful. She made the movie story seem believable. The new music in the film, shows that great tunes with harmony, substance, melody, and excitement can still be written and performed.

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excellent series

Author: Amanda Clewis ( from Melbourne, fl
22 January 2000

I loved this mini series. It had a great blend of music and story. They should make more things like this.The actors were excellent. And all the original songs fit perfectly in with the time period. The Cameos by our generation actors excellent they fit in great. You could believe that it had really happened if it hadn't been for the warning at the front of the movie. I loved how they had the scenes focusing on the racial tension and stuff the whole nation semed to be dealing at the time.

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consider me shocked....

Author: brittany smith ( from ohio, U.S.A.
21 December 1999

o.k. so i was a little skeptical when i saw a mini-series about music and the advent of rock & roll. it was either going to focus on one specific group/genre or it was going to be too vague. it was a nice balance of fiction and reality. i was especially amused with the "cameos" of sort by mark and tom from blink 182 as jan and dean. who would have ever have thought that today's reigning punk band would portray "surfer musicians"? who would have also thought that dicky from the mighty, mighty bosstones would have hit the silver screen??? overall, i think that the characters were very well written and plot thoroughly thought through. the characters, especially tyler, linny, and the drummer (moose?) showed the human side of things without being touchy feely. very cool.

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From a teens point of view: simply awesome...

Author: Princess-19 from PA
10 November 1999

Shake, Rattle and Roll is one of the most decent movies I have seen in a long while. Giving teens like myself a good taste of the 50's/60's were like and I believe really taking people like our parents back to those days when they were growing up. Lynn and Tyler are two very well portrayed characters as are Marsha and Morris. I found the smoothness of the movie very noticeable. It really moved along well. It was refreshing to see artists such as KC & JoJo and Blink 182, from our generation playing characters of our parents' generation. This is a tremendous movie that I highly recommend to any age audience. Everyone can get something out of this movie. I personally adored it, heck I wouldn't be up at 11:30 on a school night writing about it if I didn't. :)

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