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Season 1

1 Sep. 1966
The Origin of Captain America/Wreckers Among Us/Enter Red Skull
A quick recap of how Steve Rodgers became Captain America/Captain America's main focus is on saboteurs as he keeps his identity secret by being an army private/Captain America learns that the Red Skull is behind the sabotage.
8 Sep. 1966
The Sentinel and the Spy/The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull/Lest Tyranny Triumph
Captain America is captured by his enemy, the Red Skull, who brainwashes him and hopes to use him as an assassin.
15 Sep. 1966
Midnight at Greymore Castle/This Be Treason/When You Lie Down with Dogs
While Steve Rogers is deployed on a military mission, Bucky gets kidnapped by an evil scientist.
22 Sep. 1966
The Revenge of Captain America/The Trap Is Sprung/So Dies a Villain
Feeling depressed over Bucky's death, Captain America decides to get revenge against Zemo.
29 Sep. 1966
The Return of Captain America/The Search/To Live Again
The Mighty Avengers find Captain America floating in the ocean alive after having been assumed dead for 20 years.
6 Oct. 1966
Zemo and his Masters of Evil/Zemo Strikes/The Fury of Zemo
Surprised to learn that Captain America is still alive, Zemo plots an all out attack.
13 Oct. 1966
Let the Past Be Gone/The Adaptoid/The Super Adaptoid
A Jarvis clone infiltrates Avengers headquarters and wreaks havoc.
20 Oct. 1966
Coming of the Swordsman/Vengeance Is Ours/Emissary of Destruction
A mysterious sword wielding man breaks into Avengers headquarters and demands to be allowed to join.After the heroes defeat him, he concocts a plan to kidnap Captain America.
31 Oct. 1966
Bitter Taste of Defeat/Sorcery Triumph/The Road Back
The Enchantress casts a spell of evil causing the Avengers to argue with each other while she launches an attack.
7 Nov. 1966
When the Commissar Commands/Doorway to Doom/Duel or Die
Captain America leads the Avengers into Sin-Cong to answer a distress call, only to find it's a trap set by the nation's superhuman leader, the Commissar.
14 Nov. 1966
The Sleeper Shall Awake/Where Walks the Sleeper/The Final Sleep
20 years after his death, the Red Skull's sleepers awake.Leaving a path of destruction across the European countryside.
21 Nov. 1966
The Girl from Cap's Past/The Stage Is Set/Thirty Minutes to Live
Captain America encounters a girl from his past and quickly discovers she is an agent of SHIELD who is working with Batroc.
28 Nov. 1966
The Red Skull Lives/He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube/The Red Skull Supreme
Captain America is startled to learn his old enemy the Red Skull is still alive; moreover, the Skull seeks the all-powerful Cosmic Cube.

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