Woman on Top (2000) Poster


Plot Keywords

motion sickness food
cross dresser restaurant
friend brazilian
passion love
cook chef
sex brazil
infidelity tv show
reference to rhoda morgenstern soufflé
serenade food fight
watermelon reference to ed mcmahon
reference to julia child bar fight
reference to mary tyler moore bare breasts
title directed by female female protagonist
sandals movie studio guard
sprinkler system motor scooter
stairway religious offering
ritual black american
african american cable car
eating pay phone
sense of smell animated sequence
reference to tito puente answering machine
reference to oprah winfrey reference to cher
reference to sonny bono key
author prison guard
prison rowboat
boat rose
flowers punched in the face
fight falsetto voice
hiccups vomit
wedding ring wedding
musician song
singing singer
class student
teacher tv producer
treadmill transvestite
homosexual gay
remote control watching tv
blood cutting one's finger
knife underwear
dressing room divorce
restauranteur cafe
airplane taxi driver
taxi suitcase
dog guitar
beach burning a photograph
photograph seashell
albuquerque new mexico shared bath
bathtub bath
golden gate bridge tv camera
tv control room tv crew
tv studio friendship
underwater scene swimming
storm fortune teller
curse loneliness
thunder lightning
umbrella rain
drink drinking
bar mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship voodoo
telephone call prayer
candle unfaithfulness
adultery extramarital affair
religion latin american
dancing dancer
voice over narration bossa nova
ex husband ex wife relationship marriage
husband wife relationship nudity
gourmet female nudity
umbanda chili pepper
dream sequence flashback
woman on top drag queen
tv cooking show sacrifice
magic cooking
san francisco california

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