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Surprisingly good entertainment......

Author: nanette from New York, USA
23 August 2004

Of course, I picked it up because Sean Bean is in it, but I really enjoyed this movie (believe it was a TV mini-series). You have to pay close attention to follow all the twists and turns, but it pays off. I appreciate movies which require a brain while watching. Too much entertainment appeals to the mindless, blow 'em up and slop in some soap opera lines. But here the story moved along steadily, kept me on the edge of my seat a few times...and held my interest the whole time. I watched it a couple times to catch more details. I especially like movies that give up more 'ahhh' bits each time you watch them. No dropped bits, characters who disappear or dangling 'what's that about?' parts. I'll be adding this one to my own library. Sean Bean eye candy and good story telling! Every character was well casted and acted. The best kinda movie - when you can find them! Nanette

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A very worthy piece of entertainment

Author: StevinTasker from Author of Freedom's Run
20 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Comparisons to the Fugitive are obvious so I won't go into that here. This gritty UK production benefits from an excellent tortured performance from Sean Bean. *Minor Spoiler*. We know he's an undercover officer early on because NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Service) have a meeting to disown him. What we don't know is did he murder his family? This basic question provides the viewer with a bumpy ride. Is he a tortured soul or a deranged maniac? What helps in the confusion is that the supporting players steadfastly believe that he did kill his family and the viewer is left unsure until the last act.

This is an unnerving bedfellow because we don't know if we want to route for Neil Byrne or not.

Some scenes work especially well such as when Neil is watching children in a school playground and is approached by a Policeman; Sean delivers his dialogue as though he's in a dream recounting a floating memory, but what memory? A loving family man who will never see his own child again or some deranged fantasy of killing an innocent?

The chase scenes and action set pieces were very well put together. I found that the street fight and the fight in the cab office were choreographed to deliver the strong sense of animal energy rather than flamboyant 'clean' martial artistry or comic book violence.

The supporting characters lend emotion and intrigue to move the plot along; I agree with the comments on the dry black humour from Nitin Chandra Ganatra as the cab office owner, very funny and in just the right measure, Juliet Hubrey displayed a powerful sexy persona with a tenuous grip on the head of the crime family, Alex Norton is excellent as usual as the no nonsense cop (a role he took with him to Taggart). On a downside the NCIS head of section isn't fleshed out very well and his character forms part of an unbelievable plot device later on.

Although the ending provides a satisfactory conclusion to the story I feel that the tension built up on the journey beforehand deserved something more spectacular.

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You've Bean Framed!

Author: David from Swansea, United Kingdom
14 July 2012

Extremely Dangerous is a Fugitive-type thriller starring Sean Bean (Patriot Games, Goldeneye). Bean plays a former secret service agent, convicted for the brutal murder of his wife and child, who escapes police custody and goes on the run in the Greater Manchester area. Byrne then goes undercover and takes down an organized crime syndicate and the corrupt authorities that set him up.

I like Bean because he can do almost everything from big-budget blockbusters to Shakespearean stage work and parochial TV. Fans will like this one, but it is difficult to recommend that casual viewers to go out of their way to see this. Extremely Dangerous is well-over a decade old now and will not blow you away with its modest budget. There are lots of scenes needed tighter editing, and the whole thing seems to a drag a bit over four episodes. The northern accents may also be a problem for non-Brits.

Saying that, there's a lot to really enjoy about Extremely Dangerous. The plot is strong and pretty plausible, the score was memorable, and the action was free of shaky-cam (since this only really came into fashion after 1999). Sean Bean's character moves through situations like a pro and does some really cool things: jumps from a intercity train as it slows on a bend; pickpockets a man in a clothes shop; steals a car from a long-stay car park; infiltrates lots of guarded buildings; beats up lots of thugs; and gets to point a gun at his ex-boss.

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Man on the Run

Author: blanche-2 from United States
12 June 2014

Sean Bean stars in "Extremely Dangerous," a TV movie from England.

I watch a TON of British series and films, and I'm also a little hard of hearing, so it's a drag when there is no closed captioning. Someone here wanted the film dubbed in "American English" -- the British slang doesn't bother me, but sometimes you just can't get what they're saying. This was a somewhat complicated plot, so it made it hard.

Bean plays Neil Byrne, who was convicted of the brutal slaying of his wife and daughter. On a train with the police, a la The Fugitive, he escapes, changes his appearance, steals, and does whatever he can to elude the corrupt police who, working with organized crime, set him up. In fact, eventually he actually drops in and visits some of them. They don't dare kill him because they still need him as a scapegoat.

This is pretty good but a little long for what it is. A real standout is Nitin Ganatra, who runs the taxi office where Neil starts working. Sean Bean, as always, is handsome and does a good job, particularly in the heavy, dramatic moments where his talent was really needed. Entertaining.

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American ears need help

Author: factshome from United States
29 June 2005

I often wished they had inserted "American English" subtitles. I think I missed quite a few important details which resulted in confusion. Despite this, there was enough intrigue and action to satisfy. I was also impressed with all of the resources Sean Bean had at his disposal for a man that escaped from a prison transport.I was very impressed with the Pakastani cab company owner. At least there was no confusion to understanding him. The flashbacks of the murdered wife and daughter and Sean Bean's responses to the memories were excellent. I never really caught the original connection between Sean's character and Annie....former lovers, wishful thinking on her part????

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Good but dragged out

Author: sbirring
20 December 1999

Good plot with good characters. However I feel it is dragged out over too many episodes with nothing really happening. Basically watch the first and the last episodes and you've got a good TV Movie. The first episode sets the scene. Is Sean Bean a murderer, a gangster or a secret agent? Did he kill his family? None of these questions are answered until the very last episode, where everything unfolds in a tense and action packed way.

Some very good characters. My favourite has to be the Pakistani taxi company owner.

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perfect mystery-suspense combination

Author: cann_lawson from Jamaica
11 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i just finished watching extremely dangerous on BBC America. i am in awe.i love it!!!! the character embodies the seat gripping drama one expects with a good suspense novel. i was cussing when i watched the bourne films...wish they had not associated robert ludlums name with them...but sean bean did in my eyes a perfect 'jason bourne' character. the use of disguise and hiding in plain sight will keep fans of who-dun-it guessing and holding their breaths with each daring escapade. 10 out of 10! the film didn't give anything away, in classic who-dun-it fashion you had a slew of suspects, but you cant seem to pin it on anyone...which was in my mind what made it worthy of being classified as a mystery.

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You must see this!

Author: Camilla H from Halden, Norway
4 January 2004

I believe that "Extremely Dangerous" was a movie out of the ordinary. All the twist and turns, all the questions you ask along the way! Is he or is he not guilty?

You just have to see this movie!

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Extremely Dangerous-okay

Author: forbidden_lover from United States
18 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was okay. I'm into crime drama and all that and this was a good crime movie but I think Sean Bean was miscast in this movie. He's a great actor in all but I don't think this is his kind of role. He should stick to bad guys, costume dramas or intense lover. But, as a fugitive on the run, it's not his thing. Though I get down on my knees and beg that he be the lead in one movie, like a romance movie. Though with the off acting through out the first installment and halfway through the second one, he pulled of two of the most intense moments of the film, when he finds out of killed his family and when he's walks into his apartment and finds his wife dead, although the wife part wasn't that good but when he realizes that his daughter could be dead as well, it makes your heart stop that does. The anger he expresses in his face and voice when he finds out who the killer is make you feel the anger burning red hot. But, he's not the only one. Juliet Aubrey got on my nerves. For some reason, she was annoying in this movie. The music was awesome though. I loved the music. And seeing Sean Bean walking around without a shirt on. That was a bonus as well.

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