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Humor is relative

Author: dogengenjo from Los Angeles, CA.
5 July 2004

Humor being relative to each individual and their life and minds experience and a few other things. If you consider a show bad, then why would you watch it if you had nothing else to do. In other words if you were bored. The real issue is why are you bored or have nothing else to do. If my approach and viewpoint to life was of this type, I don't think I would laugh at any comedy either, no matter how funny. SO JUST DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, IT WILL NOT MISS YOU! AND YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! GET A LIFE AND FIND SOMETHING TO OCCUPY YOU SO YOUR OUTLOOK ON LIFE IS ONE OF HAPPINESS AND FUN! Not dry and bored with nothing to do. Heck man get a life and a bag of chips and watch Married with Children reruns, if those don't make you laugh, you might wan't to see a doctor for depression, or just toss the tele away. Austin Powers lost in L.A. Shagadelic; find your groovy spot and stay with it, life is not always a box of chocolates, and some boxes set out in the sun too long.

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This show is awesome!!

Author: ( from Cheektowaga, NY
20 July 2000

I love this show so much. I first watched it because Dixie Carter and Betty White were in it. But I grew to love everyone in the cast and I think the show is awesome!! I don't think it should have ever been cancelled. I am pretty sure it will be brought back though because a lot of shows that had ratings lower than this were renewed. My guess is they are fixing it up to fit Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty into the cast!! They are great and those eps were great!! Ladies Man Rocks!!

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Too Good To Be a 90's Series.

Author: josh-140 from USA
5 January 2000

In a decade that gave birth to some of the worst series in Television history, It's surprising and wonderful to see a series such as this appear, even at the tail end of the decade. Alfred Molina is great as the funloving dad who finally gets a son after living with so many women. Betty White, in her best role since "The Golden Girls", brings life to Mitzi, Molina's mother, and is great as the smart-mouthed grandmother. The rest of the cast is also wonderful. Dixie Carter is also great in her part-time role. Hopefully CBS will realize what a gem they have and keep it on for years to come.

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This show rocks!!!!

Author: Danorgan from United States of America
20 September 1999

I just got finished watching the Pilot episode on CBS and I think this show rocks! It is so funny seeing Jimmy Stiles living with all these mouthy women and finally they have a baby boy, now! I hope the show lasts a long time because I want to see the baby boy get older and see how he reacts living with all these women. The only thing I don't like is the part of the gay friend who acts gay but says "I don't have what it takes to be gay." I think his part is simply unnecessary. Need I say more?... :) Well, anyway, this show was great! I hope it lasts a good long time!

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First episode: Great

Author: Film-Fanatic from Adelaide, Australia
1 July 2002

I only saw an hour ago the pilot for this show, and I thought it was great! The acting is nothing special but the laughs come out pretty fast and usually have a direct hit.

This is a show that I will watch regularly!

Pilot: 9/10


*The Naked Truth

*Just Shoot Me!


*Full House

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What a disappointment

Author: Ernst-2 from Texas, USA
25 September 1999

I was looking forward to great things from this series. Unfortunately, I found nothing even remotely funny from the first episode and at times I even felt uncomfortable. And there were so many great opportunities in the story. What a disappointment.

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This is what you call great????????

Author: Old Crow-2 from Finland
28 September 2000

America is the home of the sitcoms. Some of them are good, most of them are bad. This one, Ladies Man, is bad.

You see, it´s not funny!!! I have watched a few episodes and it´s very irritating to watch a sitcom if it doesn´t make you laugh, or at least smile. I guess in America these kind of shows are very popular. I don´t understand why.

I´d watch this show only if I had nothing else to do.

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This Show is Yuppin'!

Author: ( from Chicago, IL
27 June 2000

This show, Ladies Man's really cool and it's rad, too. Anyway, Stephen Root is so crazy about flirting on a 30 something girl like he did on that episode when he, Jimmy and Donna went to have a hot tub party together. This is like a Fresh Prince type show. It can be weird if the whole family doesn't to the right things like being "tattle-tails" or they leave their kids alone, but when Gene is with them. Some parts can be so hardy-har and I get so excited that I have a crush on Stephie (the man I was telling you). It's a great "pulling a flower" show and I wuv.

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