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Dalziel and Pascoe investigate the drugs world.
Paul Evans4 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Zack Graham, a young man, collapses at a Night club and gets taken into Hospital in a coma and soon dies. Initial thoughts are that he died of a drug overdose, but his toxicology reveals large levels of nutmeg, and it becomes evident that he was murdered. The club is owned by brother and sister, Nicholas and Sohpie, two youngsters into drugs, both interest Andy. Their club manager 'Snake' is soon found dead too, Andy has to battle the case, toothache, and his ex wife Mary Waddell, having arrested her son Boris for selling drugs in the club.

Bernard Cribbins is just fantastic as Henry, the look on Dalziel's face when he first sees him at the door is hilarious. Real life brother and sister duo The Potts are both good fun, creepy in their respective roles.

The episode did a good job in capturing the drugs/music culture of the late 1990's, that's exactly what it was like in the clubs back in the day. It's a clever story, one that fitted in well during the time period, wouldn't really work nowadays, but it's good for a bit of nostalgia. Time to go is to Dalziel and Pascoe what Cherabim and Seraphim was to Morse.

A good episode, but this show got better as it went on for sure.

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