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I hope that the series will bloom and glow!!!!
Rosemea D.S. MacPherson20 January 2000
We watched the first two episodes and enjoyed it very much. The series creator Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues) has created many good series and City of Angels is very promising. Blair Underwood "Dr. Ben Turner" has a "love - hate" relationship with Vivica A. Fox (Why Do Fools Fall in Love) "Dr. Lillian Price." The plot and script so far are good! I like the series also because it is giving a change to ethnic minority group actors a change to shine. I hope that the series will bloom and glow!!!!
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City of Angels - SUPERIOR Programming
Nameisbargain1 June 2005
I'm on the soapbox: City of Angels, Blair Underwood, Vivica Fox and Hill Harper never should have been cancelled.

The first problem is that it aired on CBS which is known as an anti-African-American network. WHY it started on CBS, I don't know! I worked as a consultant with the Legal Dept of CBS and I agree, they are NOT friendly to Blacks.

The second problem is that it did not run long enough to establish good ratings.

March 13, 2005, TVOne (Directv and Comcast) starting the series. It ran for about 7 weeks. It's June 1st and near the end of May, City of Angels was replaced with another program.

What can be done? Go to and look for the tab 'contacts'. Write the Chairman of the Board and the VP of Programming and Production. They are at their corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Let them know how you feel about cancellation of a superior program.

I agree with all the good comments on this board by those who watched and liked the program. Hooray!!! for your good words.

Anytime a program portrays Black America in a position of leadership, good role models, influence, wealth -- the program gets cancelled.

Let's face it, the TV media is a powerful tool designed for White America. So as long as the networks can perpetuate Blacks singing, dancing, popping one's fingers, shaking one's tail-feather and playing cards, then they'll continue to do that to make us look bad.

We have enough 'Showtime at the Apollo' and too much 'Tom Joyner'. And the religious programming is a side show: nothing Christian about it.

Yet, we gladly accept the racist, ignorant programming because "at least they made it on to the TV". Oftentimes, THAT can be used against us. And just putting ANYTHING on the TV and accepting it because they are Black is not good enough. Poison is poison and all of this jive, and finger popping and card playing is poison to young (and OLD) minds.

Blacks can do more than sing and dance. And City of Angels presented a positive choice. It was thought-provoking.

I worked in a similar hospital in Los Angeles (Watts) and could relate to City of Angels. I understood exactly what the problems were and could relate.

My comment is that I liked the show and I'd like to buy it on DVD, CD, video: whatever media is available.

But guess what! YOU CAN'T GET IT ON ANY MEDIA!!!!!! Now how's that for swatching a terrific program. Pretty terrible that it can'be be purchased, rented, nothing! If they were white (Chicago Hope), I'll be we could buy it.

I guess trash sells. Look at BET.

Janet Thropp
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Great show depicting the talent of under used African-American actors!
Ozyre Cekda20 March 2000
I watch this show every week and I will say it will be a great injustice if this show gets cancelled! For the entire hour, I am completely captivated! I find myself laughing, gasping, damn near crying sometimes because of the depth of the story! "ER" might want to take a few pointers! I just love the way the writers have put Lillian Price and Ron Harris in this powder keg! You can just tell in the upcoming episodes that there is going to be some s**t between those two! I'm rooting for my girl Lillian! Ron Harris needs to learn some humility! YOU SEE HOW CAUGHT UP I AM IN THIS SHOW! CBS better recognize and renew this show for the fall season! If CBS can keep a sorry and miserable show like "Chicago Hope" on for another long and boring season, then they have to come correct with "City of Angels"!
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Not Given A Chance
hillari7 March 2002
This hospital drama was not given a chance to grow. That is the problem with TV programming today: years ago, shows were given time to be seen and perhaps, improve. It's amazing that any TV series stay on longer than a month these days, because advertising dollars have come to account for more than quality programming. This was not a bad show. However, it did have some strikes against it. Some of the plots appeared to be the same old standard ones that always crop up in hospital dramas (but then the show wasn't on long enough to see if it would branch out). Also, the majority of the principal characters were African-American, and it is a sad fact of American TV that audiences and TV executives are more comfortable when African-Americans are being funny than being serious. You would think that by this time there would be as many African-American TV dramas as there have been comedies, but it hasn't happened yet.
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Show axed just as it had improved significantly
akemeyer21 April 2001
Unfortunately I didn't see more than an episode or two of the first season but this past fall I became a regular viewer after my favorite actor Kyle Secor was added to the cast as a regular. City of Angels became my new favorite quickly and it improved more with each successive episode. CBS made a grave mistake when they did not allow the series to find it's audience and they burdened the series with the tag "African American Show" Seems to me that there were nearly as many hispanics and a fair representation of asians and whites as well. Why not play up the fact that it was realistic, you never see Homicide Life on the Street or Gideons Crossing claiming to be a "Black Show" Anyway it was shameful that we didn't even get a chance to see the remaining episodes that were taped but never shown, this show never had a fair chance. The actors were wonderful, the plotlines and writing excellent, an all-around great show.
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Return to City Of Angels
annamarie_6123 February 2005
Thank goodness for TV One-- there was absolutely NO reason this show was canceled to begin with. The massive viewer campaign to keep the show on the air (thus DISproving the lack of ratings)went unheeded. Hollywood's view that Blacks cannot sustain a drama is ludicrous. Who told Hollywood that being Black in America was anything but "drama" in the first place? The ensemble cast led by the ever so attractive Blair Underwood should STILL be on the air. I only hope that at some point in this first decade in the new millennium advertisers will ditch the antiquated Neilsen system and go to a more accurate calculation of television viewers-hip. AM Gilmore...
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evso20 January 2000
Not the first to attempt an hour-long drama with a mostly minority cast, this series looks like it might be the most successful of those that have attempted. The main action takes place in a Los Angeles hospital with a lack of adequate funds. Blair Underwood and Viveca Fox are the main players, and do a great job of getting into character. I've only seen two episodes, so there hasn't been enough time to flesh out the characters more. However, I think what the series is trying to do is amazing, and I commend it. I think it is a sad state of affairs that an attempt has to be made to include more minorities in other shows. "City of Angels" is and will be an example for others to follow. I hope it stays on TV for a long while. If you have a desire for something different and closer to reality, check this show out. Other shows with all-white casts are quite unrealistic. Life is not all-white, and this show exemplifies that fact. I look forward to learning more from and about the characters in "City of Angels".
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what do you all expect?
micacj19833 January 2006
I had this cultural diversity class last semester and when I read some of the previous comments, I thought of the minstrel shows that I studied. CBS executives really only want to see blacks in comedic roles-jumping around acting silly. I believe that when young blacks see this narrow minded portrayal of blacks on BET and other shows, they think that that is the way that they should act. City of Angels was a step in the right direction. CBS executives can now say that they tried...they can say that they gave the show a chance...yeah, they know that they were not really giving the show a chance...I saw an episode in TVone and I was outraged at how good the show was and that it was not on air still. I then realized that it is a black show and America has not come that far quite yet. I am seeing the show years after it was canceled and I could not keep my eyes off of the TV. Has there been a boycott organized????
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Please do not cancel
valteammom8 December 2000
I was very disappointed when I heard City of Angels is being cancelled again. I feel this is the best drama on television. My whole family watches the show and after the show is over we can't wait to see the previews for the next week. Everybody that I talk to loves the show. It's the first minority dominated drama that shows dynamic acting abilities. I read that the ratings were low. It seems to me that most of the black shows are shown at the same time most number 1 shows are shown. City of Angels was up against "Who wants to be a Millionaire" that is the highest ranked show on television. I feel that it is unfair and done just so the show would be cancelled. I really hope that the cancellation is reconsidered. It's a great show and it should remain on the air.
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jritchie-219 May 2000
I was very very disapointed when I turned to watch "City of Angles" and another show comes on. I found "City of Angles" to be a very very good show... when I watched that show I learned something new in every eppisode. On the evenings that the show aired it was like a family get together. We all would sit down in front of the television and watch this show. Every week we check to see if you have decided to put back on the air and every week we are disapointed. I would really like for "City of Angles" to be put back on the air. When you stopped airing that show alot of things looked bleek to us. We just don't understand why is it that when we get a great "Black" viewer show on any network you always want to cancel it? That is just so confusing but you would rate "Stiendfield" a great show and I don't see the humor in it! I would like to know how is that you rate your "viewer statistics" or rather "ratings"? My family used to call each other long distance and watch the show! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!
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