Exorcist: The Beginning (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

church faith
excavation archeologist
relic christianity
kenya atrocity
priest religion
hyena cairo egypt
demon blood
alternate version year 1949
holy water holy communion
projectile vomiting crucifix
punching bag drawing blood
physical exam acting out
attic candle
subway shooting movie
dogfight horse drawn carriage
forge artifact
pick axe iraq
horror movie prequel lepidopterist
cgi animal in live action film door opens by itself
animal senses evil mind game
psycho thriller psychic
plague pagan
missionary goth
good versus evil devil worship
clergy tattoo
tarot card secret passage
paganism loss of faith
graveyard giving birth
funeral pyre falling down stairs
shovel self mutilation
rope ladder monkey
lighter leech
grave digging donkey
tunnel tent
subterranean stillborn child
shower sanitarium
sandstorm prologue
occult native tribe
military officer massacre
maggot loss of husband
lantern infertility
idol holocaust survivor
fly flashback
exhumation ex priest
dream sequence crow
clock child murder
child in peril cemetery
catholic church cafe
butterfly archeological dig
animal attack 1940s
throat slitting sword
stabbed in the throat spinal chord
seizure reference to satan
mass murder impalement
foaming at the mouth broken arm
suicide stabbed in the head
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
shot in the head severed head
nazi murder
loss of son hanging upside down
hanged man gun in mouth
gore eye gouging
exorcism eaten alive
disfigurement demonic possession
crucifixion corpse
broken leg broken finger
attempted murder prequel
exorcist based on novel
surprise ending

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