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One of the best kids show around.

Author: Stephen Luest ( from California
16 July 2001

A kids program that portrays life as seen by a prepubescent male: burps are a form of communication, it isn't necessary for your room to be spotless( in fact in can be down right dirty). It is the world as young males see it and to some extent the way they wish the world would be. Many people may not understand this show, but a show doesn't have to appeal to everyone to be good.

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Not as bad as you think

Author: Roxburyfunny1
20 February 2002

So this show isn't perfect sue it. It does have its good moments though and some stories were funny, plus it gives you a chance to jump into their world and escape yours for a while. This show has good acting and characters i've seen plastered all over television and their kids. Are your next tom hanks and Gwenyth platrow and your Mel gibson. Their your future actors and they have a talent and a skill. People can bad mouth the show but if you have an open mind then you'll see that its a pretty good show for young viewers my little cousin enjoyed watching it and she's and i'm 17 and i watching this show but its ok. I mean i still watch scooby doo. All in all its not what you think when you read the title keep an open mind and tune in.

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Wow...... What was there budget 10p

Author: indianajones014 from London England
24 August 2001

this show has to have been made for a limited budget you look at the embassy set with the floating bed they must have made that and then ran out of money the acting is terrible the sets are made with toy cars and cardboard the show should not be viewed by anyone if you are a fan you should see a doctor

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S*#T, but quite funny.

Author: Imo (IMO34) from Tasmania
31 July 2001

This is such a dodgey program, it's almost funny. The "special effects" are so great, you can even see the strings holding the "floating" objects up. I'm talking about the episode in which Plaskitt decides to go space traveling to the planet "Heavy heavy." Don't worry everything turns out okay.

The receptionists (?) hair is pretty amazing and that is about the only good thing about the whole show.

If you really want a laugh (but you have to be getting pretty desperate) tune into this terrible program. There probably are worse shows out there, but you would have to look pretty hard to find them!

Avoid this unless you are REALLY desperate for a laugh, and don't blame me for the consequences if you do - signs of a bad reaction are laughter at even the weakest jokes, an addiction to kids television programs - going so far that you would record episodes when you are out and the worst, most serious one (you should go to a doctor if you get this one!) an urge to paint yourself purple or become best friends with the alien next door (be careful, this could be dangerous for you and the alien).

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One Word:

Author: White Dolphin
1 January 2001


When this show is on, similar to what Joey from "Friends" once said: I want to rip my arm off just to have something to throw at the TV screen. My younger siblings like it--- but, even though it is a "kiddie show", it is still one of the worst out there.

It amazes me. Every year hundreds and hundreds of pilots are sent to television networks around the world and somehow they usually manage to choose the worst.

I don't even think it's educational for kids. One episode (one of the few I had to go through the torture of seeing because the computer and the TV are in the same room), anyway as I was saying- one of the episodes quietly suggested violence (but in the end the pathetic looking kid colored in purple just took down the bullies pants)- gee, what a great idea.

Do your kids (and yourself) a huge favor, if you happen to catch kids with horrible acting, one of them purple- change channels- immediately!

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What is this???!

Author: dootuss from PA
3 January 2002

That's what i said when i first watched this poor excuse of a show. The kid who played the alien was really bad, and the rest of the cast was pretty bad. The acting was bad, and the episode i saw was pretty bad (it's been a while, i don't remember it well, but i do remember it was stupid) and down right atroucious!

This show practically killed my hopes for Fox Family (now ABC Family), but it's good they canned it. Hopefully the garbge dump will be plesed with what they got in the day the episodes were ditched in the can.

This show just didn't deserve to been seen by us horrified viewers.

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