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Season 1

20 Jun. 1999
Episode #1.1
Lady Caroline Lennox is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Richmond and a direct descendant of King Charles II. Her parents despair at the fact that although she is now in her third season, she has yet to accept one of the many suitors who have indicated a interest in her. Lord Richmond admits that he indulges her, as he does all of his children, but he loves them all dearly and is prepared to let Caroline choose her future husband. Her parents are less pleased however when she develops an interest in Henry Fox. Although a member of the Cabinet, Fox is known for ...
27 Jun. 1999
Episode #1.2
Happily married to Lord Kildare, Lady Emily makes a point of visiting her sister Lady Caroline who had only recently given birth to Stephen, who they call Ste. Living in Ireland, Emily is happily married and her lustful relationship with her husband produces many children. As the years go by, she arranges a reconciliation between Caroline and their parents . When Lord Richmond dies however, his will puts the care of two younger children, Louisa and Sarah, in Emily's hands. As the older sister, Caroline is somewhat put out feeling that she should have been entrusted ...
4 Jul. 1999
Episode #1.3
Having arranged for Louise to marry someone locally, Lady Emily feels she has little choice but to send Lady Sarah to London for her launch into society and her first season. Her presentation at court is a success in many ways. King George II remembers her entertaining him with a song when she was only a child. It's the Prince of Wales who is truly smitten with Sarah however and she is soon pursued by him. Lady Caroline sees a royal match for her younger sister but it is not to be. Sarah marries Charles Bunbury, but it is a loveless match and she is soon bored. In ...
11 Jul. 1999
Episode #1.4
William Ogilvie arrives in Ireland to act as teacher for Emily's children. Sarah has developed a reputation while staying in Paris and both scandal and gossip ensue. Lady Caroline does her best to ensure that Emily hears nothing of it. Sarah is unhappy however and feels guilty over her behavior but it doesn't prevent her from having an affair with William Gordon with whom she has fallen deeply in love. She becomes pregnant by him and confides in Caroline whose advice is that she tell no one. Sarah's husband is willing to put her indiscretion in the past provided she ...
18 Jul. 1999
Episode #1.5
Louisa tries to make things right acting as an intermediary between Sarah and the rest of the family. Their brother, the Duke of Richmond, offers Sarah a home and his protection but only on the condition that she leaves William Gordon never to see him again. Sarah agrees and lives a very austere life. She can dine with the family only if there are no visitors and can receive no friends. For her part, Sarah takes it all seriously and seems intent to reform herself, even after meeting a handsome army captain. Emily meanwhile takes an interest in her children's tutor, Mr...
25 Jul. 1999
Episode #1.6
Emily and Mr. Ogilvie are being shunned in Ireland owing to Ogilvie's background as a commoner. Even her eldest son, no the Duke, has little time for her. They decide to remove themselves to London and her second son Edward asks his mother to take her grandson with them as he feels it would provide for safer surroundings. A transformation was underway in Ireland with the United Irishmen demanding reforms. It was inconceivable to Louisa, for example, that her tenants would rise in rebellion. Louisa begs her nephew Edward, Emily's son, to mind his politics but he ...

 Season 1 

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