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What a lovely, kind film.
mjs104517 July 2005
I'm surprised by the negative comments of some of the reviewers here. I must have watched the film at a good time in my life because my elderly mother, my sister, and my adult daughter watched this film with me. We found it a gentle, kind film that was touching and we can't wait until a DVD becomes available. This film is worth watching time and again. If you have no beliefs about the 'hereafter', I suppose the aggressive attack on the film might be understandable, but my family found it comforting and we have all become huge Bruce Greenwood fans after viewing this film. Although we've seen him in a number of films in a wide variety of roles, this loving performance has placed him on the top of our list of fine actors. This man has portrayed characters with no morals, a black-hearted manipulator, and then turns in a marvelous performance as a President of the U. S., but his portrayal of Zachariah - beautiful. You go, Bruce!
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The movie was interesting and raised good issues.
Rosemea D.S. MacPherson26 October 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Bruce Greenwood (Wild Orchid, St. Elsewhere) "Zachariah" makes a few mistakes and it is decided that he is to live as a human being for thirty days. Ossie Davis (Grumpy Old Men, Touched by an Angel) " Mordecai," is his supervisor. Melissa Gilbert 's (Little House on the Prairie) " Rebecca" husband died and "Zachariah" the soul collector, or, the angel of the death if you will, helped him to make the transition between heaven and earth. There are some complications with Rebecca's farm and Zachariah helps her out. He is allowed by the heavenly authorities to became a human and say with Rebecca and help her raise her son. They fall in love. A cute story! It is a fantasy. It is in style now to make movies about angels. The plot of this movie is similar to City of Angels, except: there is a happy ending here. I have read the Bible several times and there is nothing in the Bible that suggests that there is a possibility of angels turning into men. The movie was interesting and raised good issues.
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a warm, heartfelt movie
niara10 September 2005
Sometimes a movie just is what it is. No symbolism, no pretense, no art-student/film-student pontifications. It just is. I have always been a fan of Melissa Gilbert and will admit that her movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. She tends to pick things that flatter her and more often than not, raise the caliber of the "made-for-TV" drama. I saw The Soul Collector a couple of weeks ago on Lifetime and watched it from beginning to end. I had seen Bruce Greenwood in other things but he just floored me with this performance. I don't ever remember him being that handsome. And I don't EVER remember Melissa Gilbert being this sexy in a movie before. Best line: "I would trade all of eternity for one lifetime with this woman." I'm sure it comes on WE and Lifetime all the time, catch it when you can or buy it if it's on DVD. Know beforehand what you're getting and you won't be disappointed.
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Funny, Romantic, Warm hearted
hammer_pants24 October 1999
This movie stars Bruce Greenwood from "Nowhere Man" and "Double Jeopardy" fame, and Melissa Gilbert. Bruce Greenwood is Zacharia, a "soul collector" that neglects his duties and is banished to live as a human for one month to see how it feels to be a human. Bruce Greenwood is great in his role as a soul collector, as is Ossie Davis who stars as his superior. If your looking for a romantic, warmhearted, funny movie, this is the movie for you to watch.
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A good movie filmed in the great town of Bastrop, Texas
wardlo24 October 1999
All in all this was not a bad movie. Earlier in the year I attended some of the taping of this film and realized what a lot of work it was. A great job done by Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Greenwood, and of course filmed in a wonderful location. The theme was rather familiar, but whoever caught this movie on tv didn't waste any of their time. And just a little advice, visit Bastrop, Texas someday it is right next to the great town of Austin.
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Dayna12 January 2005
This movie fits right in there with my top 10! What's up with the comments from suesis? Are you kidding?! The chemistry between Bruce Greenwood and Melissa Gilbert completely steamed up my television! In fact, I wondered if there wasn't a behind-the-scenes romance going on between them! Also, about Bruce's acting...I thought it was very good and fitting. I mean, imagine if you were an angel sent down to Earth in human form as he was with all the five senses. Remember his reaction to the coffee? His reactions and acting I thought was appropriate and great! Loved the story and ending! I know it's only fiction but WOW what a love story! Personal note: I lost a 21-year-old daughter in an auto accident in 1996. After the accident I kept crying and telling God, "If I could just see her again. Just one more time." Two years later I had a dream and she appeared to me and looked just like they did in the movie. All-glowing just like they did in this movie and the love I felt coming from her was absolutely out of this world!!! Was it a dream or a vision?!
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Awesome movie
neb_f_195919 June 2005
I just love this movie. I know it's a sappy tearjerker but I think it's a terrific movie. I've been a fan of Melissa Gilbert for years and Bruce Greenwood is SO sexy. I have never been able to catch the whole movie but what I saw was great. I also am a incurable romantic so this movie was right up my alley.

I really believe in the great light and life after death and I can only hope that my soul collector looks like Bruce Greenwood.

This movie resembles a book I once read, "An Angel for Emily" and i enjoyed that book immensely. I don't know if this movie was taken from that book but I found both very enjoyable.

I can only hope to see more of Melissa Gilbert and definitely of Bruce Greenwood.

Sincerely, Doris Killin
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Good Movie
CmdtNuno8 July 2003
I love the soul collector. Is a very good story. And I love the music when they are dancing but I dont know what the name maybe you can help me to find the music. If you know the name of the music or you have the music send to my email please.


Sorry if my english is not very correct.
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It's all Bruce
xredgarnetx19 March 2007
Bruce Greenwood stars in, and carries, SOUL COLLECTOR, a TV movie about a guy who welcomes souls to the afterlife. He gets involved with a farm widow (Melissa Gilbert), and things get a bit complicated from there. His handler and watcher (Ossie Davis) has to keep warning him not to get involved with humans, but Greenwood is a big softie. A simple and moving story, and Greenwood shines in his role. See him in BELOW for a totally different role. Gilbert, best known for LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, is always worth watching, but the movie belongs heart and soul to Greenwood. I could see a TV series coming from this. But that never happened. And that's probably why we ended up with the far inferior TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and now have the mostly decent GHOST WHISPERER.
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A soul collector, a spiritual being who assists in the transition between life and death, is sent to earth, where he learns some painful lessons about the human condition.
trishpat24 December 2006
I just saw "The Soul Collector" on cable television last night. I didn't see the beginning, but I was quickly taken in when I realized that this was a story about an "angel" coming to earth. I thought it was pretty good, although I realized that Hollywood once again believes that everyone who dies goes to heaven--and the Bible says that isn't the case. That truth being somewhat bent, I saw nothing else that was necessarily wrong in the idea that heavenly beings assist those who will go to heaven with the transition. Perhaps those who go to hell also have "escorts"--ala the movie, "Ghost." Who knows? It was a nice love story with a comforting message. I didn't mind the ending, although some might consider it sappy or convenient. Love stories should leave viewers feeling at least safe, if not uplifted, and this did it for me. I watched even though I have three sons, two teenage and one a bit older, who cajoled me repeatedly to turn on late-night sports and give up on the "mush." Every now and then, though, a "chick flick" is just what I need!
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sappy feel good movie with poor ending
GK-730 January 2001
This film one would think was a woman's film but the rating say otherwise. The chemistry between the female and male lead was the only interesting part of this film. If it was acting then that is impressive! Watch it if your not really wanting to get engaged because you won't.
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A lovely movie
BeenThere196925 August 2005
This is a wonderful movie, right there along with "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" of times past which were actually made before I was born, but I certainly came to love those movies. I don't know why people today think they have to have to have sex and violence to enjoy a movie. Also, there is a scripture that says "beware of entertaining angels unaware" (my paraphrase). There have been times in my life when I have helped someone who appeared questionable and certainly down and out, and I felt perhaps they were angels or were a test to see if I was like the Good Samaritan. I hope I passed! Take the time to enjoy this family movie with children and your elders. Everyone will enjoy it! Only the most hardhearted or jaundiced people would not enjoy it. It gets 10 stars for being a family treasure. - BeenThere
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Great Film!
GateofSunrise27 June 2004
I enjoyed the film very much. The story is a good one, and makes one think about the subject matter. The romance between Gilbert and Greenwood is plausible. Fantasy or what if, this movie makes one, if only for the duration of the film, want to be one of the protagonists in the movie. As for Angels coming down to earth in human form, this is no longer possible for them today. Before the flood they could, but not after. Read Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 to 3, and Genesis chapter 7 verses 21 to 23 in the Old Testament of the Bible. For those interested, this is why there is no more mention of Angels in any other part of the Bible coming down to earth in human form. The appearance of, and actual flesh are two entirely different things. But I digress. Watch this movie, if nothing else, on a night when there is nothing else to do or watch, you will enjoy it!
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Is the soul collector an angel, or the devil who promotes sex outside of marriage.
craigawa27 August 2005
Like many religious movies and TV shorts that the industry makes, the industry seems to be confused in regards to God and His Will. Such was the case with "The Soul Collector". I was enjoying watching the movie till it was implied that the soul collector or angel had sex relations outside of marriage. I don't know of any religion that condones sex outside of marriage, but they would probably say that it was that sin that greatly contributes to the population in hell. This movie was sacrilegious and greatly disrespectful to the Angels of God, by implying that any messengers of God would perform any act that is strictly against God's law. I am surprised that the movie was recently shown on "Lifetime (Original)" on Cox cable,if I am correct? If the movie or TV industry cannot make a religious movie without showing the messengers of God having teenage puberty sex outside of marriage, then they should not make any religious movie, because they do not know how to make a religious movie. Sincerely, Craig.
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Spare us all...
suessis30 August 2001
One of the reasons why I tuned into this show was because I like Bruce Greenwood's work, but, after watching as much of it as I could stomach, I can only hope that Bruce was paid well.

This is a complete turkey from start to finish. The script has some serious problems not the least of which is believability. The chemistry between Greenwood and Gilbert is nonexistent and their love scenes seem rather contrived. I finally stopped watching after the scene in the stable. The only performance in this that was any good was Ossie Davis as Mordecai. When Greenwood plays off of Davis he manages to actually put in a effort where as other times he seems to be going through the motions.

A friend of mine told me that this movie was based on an equally unbelievable historical romance. Why any network would want to put time and money into a movie based on a bad novel God only knows.
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the love song in Soul Collector
PreciousAngel2041 March 2006
I love the movie Soul Collector and I understand it's not on VHS or DVD, do you know if there are any plans for that and also how can I get the song "I'll Love You the Rest of My Life". I just love it and hope you can help,This movie is Awesome. A must for anyone who believes in true love. Gilbert is a superb actress and I love everything she has done. Her Co-Star is superb also and I love watching him in the roles he plays. I don't think there could have been a better match-up.I hope you can help me to find this song as I hope to use it in my son's upcoming wedding this summer. Once again this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time with the exception of a Christmas one starring Melissa Gilbert. I love her in Little House on the Praire also. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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