The Princess and the Warrior (2000) Poster

Plot Keywords

dream patient
truck ex soldier
nurse male nudity
ekg electrocardiogram
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
ecg overpass
bridge demonstration
itching peppermint candy
telescope traffic light
heater headlight
goose bumps ice cube
mailbox mailman
kicking out someone's teeth watching a movie on tv
watching a movie worm
ladder spa
cake applause
miracle genetically inherited medical problem
glandular problem benperidol
guard security van
quarrel bad luck
attic driving
covering eyes with hands while driving telephone call
shot in the stomach insanity
necklace locket
hiding roadblock
traffic jam van
light fixture electric appliance
hair dryer falling into a bathtub toaster falling into a bathtub
hair dryer toaster
chair placed against a door jumping from a rooftop
rooftop underwater scene
swimming escape
schizophrenia split personality
suicidal tendency mirror
germany wuppertal germany
isolation stretcher
eating broken glass broken glass
death of brother destruction of property
vandalism screaming
tv news stealing
injection hypodermic needle
bathtub bath
army soldier
architectural drawing industrial complex
face mask chloroform
toilet scar
neck scar military uniform
fake epileptic fit artificial respiration
seashell cross
tunnel manhole
sewer strapped down
rain exploding gas station
brother sister relationship blind man
therapist kung fu
karate hearing voices
coincidence banging on a door
throwing mud mud
bank alarm safe deposit box
neck brace leg in a cast
bicycle tequila
drinking drink
nudity shower
tattoo nonlinear timeline
investigation double negative shot
sydney australia australia
saving a life record player
recording train
gurney hiding under a vehicle
masturbation song
singing singer
dancing dance
dancer knife
ambulance lightning
thunder storm
underwear photograph
strangulation choking
watching tv explosion
kiss hallucination
death of wife boy
girl cemetery
graveyard grave
burial dead body
coffin gasoline truck
hit by a truck death
police car policeman
police happiness
blood sadness
theft thief
doctor fear
rifle punched in the face
martial arts robbery
safe bank
blackmail fast motion scene
gun pursuit
running chase
husband wife relationship cigarette smoking
group therapy therapy
upside down view tears
crying letter
psychiatric hospital hospital
self sacrifice opposites attract
heist gone wrong gas station
flashback cable railway
brother brother relationship funeral
mental institution involuntary weeping
mental illness truck accident
car accident tracheotomy
bank robbery fate
bank vault loss
humiliation rejection
electrocution death of mother

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