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Los Angeles Times
A heady yet disciplined work, a dazzling fable of love, destiny and redemption.
Portland Oregonian
Every once in a while a picture comes along that captures not just love, but romance in all its fear, yearning, fantasy, eroticism and unexpected epiphanies. German filmmaker Tom Tykwer's The Princess and the Warrior is one such film.
Deeply whimsical beneath its poker face, The Princess and the Warrior has the structure of an elaborate mind-teasing puzzle.
New Times (L.A.)
The cornerstone of this fascinating film is a peculiar but absolutely solid love story. In terms of intellectual and emotional stimulation, who could ask for more?
Lacks the gimmicky hook that made "Run Lola Run" an arthouse hit, but it doesn't lack for ideas, nor for images that will sweep you up in their boldness and have the resonance of dreams.
It's dreary and self-indulgent but has its crystalline moments.
Goes on too long, and much of it is hooey, but it’s hard not to have a good time.
Tykwer ends the film on a bizarre note that caught me off guard, a too-literal bit of salvation that is more bothersome than revelatory.
(Tykwer's) unpredictability has become predictable, and the only thing genuinely uncanny here is the unsettling — and unintentional — sense of déjà vu.
Village Voice
Throughout, Tykwer reaches for mysteries he has no idea how to evoke, relying instead on his actors' empty stares.

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