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pfurlong7 January 2001
I was terribly disappointed with this last Peanuts movie. I felt that it showed more of the "storybook people" instead of the Peanuts crew, and that it actually showed adults, and showed them talking.

All in all, a poor turnout. I'll go back to the older Peanuts shows.
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It's a Cash Grab, Charlie Brown!
crappyemailrepository9 August 2006
Why? Charles Schultz couldn't have been this hard-up for cash, could he?

Peanuts conventions are thrown to the wind: Adults are shown in plenty, with lots of lines -- no "wah-wah... wah-wah-WAAH-wah" here.

Contrived storyline -- Snoopy is the Pied Piper. Has nothing to do with the Peanuts setting. Granted, this is apparently supposed to be a story Charlie Brown is relating to Sally, but still.

Complete lack of the clever irony that made Peanuts funny. All dialog is forced, and usually a cliché, especially the adults (reminding us why they were "WAH-wah"ed out in the first place).

A Barbershop quintet singing as filler.

Oh. And the dancing mice. Was this an attempt to find the Woodstock Formula? Idunno.

There was just no good reason for this video to be made
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Fun For ALL "Peanuts" Lovers! :)
IrisNo111 October 2000
A "Peanuts" version of the classic tale "The Pied Piper". The town is overrun by mice, and it's up to Snoopy to drive them out of town with is trusty accordian. Like the original Pied Piper, Snoopy would be awarded handsomely with a year supply of dog food, and the mean old mayor refuses to award Snoopy, who of course, gets his revenge! :)

Me, being a HUGE "Peanuts" fan, could NOT miss out on all the fun! Also, it's more up to date than the old classics in which I too keep close to my childhood memories. i.e.: Snoopy talks on a cell phone and this episode actually features adults who actually speak without the famous "wa wan wa" languages! *lol*

A fun class for all Snoopy and Charlie Brown fanatics, young and old! :)
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Its time to stop making PEANUTS adventures
mamamiasweetpeaches27 June 2004
I love PEANUTS and so does my five year old. That said I feel I must say that its time to stop making thhem. the newer adventures are not up to par with the older classics (to mention a few:GREAT PUMPKIN,CHRISTMAS special,RACE FOR YOUR LIFE CHARLIE BROWN and SNOOPY COME HOME). In PIED PIPER grown ups talk...and not just "mwah mwah mwah" they actually speak in English to the children...and thats a big PEANUTS no-no! I didnt feel this had the ensemble feel of a good PEANUTS special where all the charactors (Charlie Brown,Linus,Sally,Lucy,Schroeder etc.) all inter-act with eachother. this special is clearly Snoopys show and he carrys most of the storyline.
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What the heck was that?
tas093025 July 2007
I myself am a huge Peanuts fan and love watching the specials, but all I have to say about this special is absolutely not good at all, I recently have watched it for the first time, and it will most certainly be the last. This was Mr.Schulz last peanuts special before his retirement(he retired a couple weeks before he died), you think he would make a huge comeback, but thats where your dead wrong, he decided to show adults talking and them in live action throughout the whole movie, and it had the lamest plot of all time, snoopy trying to get rid of rats with an accordian, if I can I would rate it a zero because it deserves no ratings at all, I think he tried to make Peanuts as unpopular as he can before his retirement so nobody can enjoy it without him being alive.
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