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New Times (L.A.)
Proves a lovely, sweet alternative for audiences fed up with the latest hell-on-wheels action thriller or the newest horror film comedy spoof.
Entertaining and heartwarming -- especially when Mirren sweeps into scenes with acid observations that fail to disguise a heart of gold.
New York Daily News
This is not challenging filmmaking by any means, more like a comfortable old slipper. But it's a perennial that's guaranteed to please.
Between Owen's quiet intensity and Mirren's showy color, they make a complementary pair for screen or garden.
Village Voice
Owen and Mirren are fun to watch, but the film, despite the many shots of gardens in full bloom, lacks visual distinction.
Plants the seeds of comedy that grow into a mild feel-good flick, but it won't reap much viewer satisfaction.
Chicago Sun-Times
Amusing enough to watch and passes the time, but it's the kind of movie you're content to wait for on your friendly indie cable channel.
The film is as synthetic as a rubber rose, but it is all but indistinguishable from the organically grown, bred-in-Britain article.
This shameless knockoff marches lock-stepped through moves that were already looking as tired as the Macarena.
Chicago Reader
Where "The Full Monty" earned its laughs with rich characterizations and a biting take on economic hardship, Greenfingers is content to trot out predictable stereotypes, adding a romantic subplot as filler.

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