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A good nostalgia film.
grimaldi513 February 2006
I really enjoyed this film and must disagree with almost everything the previous reviewer stated except one. Beautiful Girls is a 9 or 10 out of 10 in my book and this film is only a 6. But for someone who loves stories of old friends getting together, sharing good times and knowing more about themselves at the end then the beginning, this is a great film. Chris Macdonald is refreshing in a role that actually casts him as a good guy instead of the unlikeable villain he usually gets stuck with. Charlie Sheen shows he still has what it takes and this movie has as many laughs as it does serious moments. If you like movies like Beautiful Girls, The Big Chill, That Championship Season, and Grosse Pointe Blank, then you'll like Five Aces.
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moviedude120 July 2003
Charlie Sheen & company give good performance of the last of the five aces that gets married. Leave it to the gang to plan one last hurrah for the last man to get "dragged to the alter."

Sheen's character loves his fiance, but, listening to his buddies could get him in trouble as he sees all the troubles that life will put you through. From the one who cheated on his wife at least once a week to the one who fires cannon shells right outside his front door.

The middle of the movie was kind of a drag, but it's what make the movie. It tells about what makes a person who they are and why they've become the way they are. Tia Carrere was a waist in this movie, not haveing a very big part.

The emotional ups and downs of our everyday lives are what this movie is all about. There are some funny parts to this movie, but if you are looking for a comedy, this ain't it. I gave it a 7 for it's emotional value, but 3 would be the vote from the comedy standpoint.
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Both Touching And Erotic
cindytrells27 April 2006
This was lot of fun to watch. I'm touched by the stories they tell about how their previous relationships and marriages broke up.

The film is also very erotic. It gets even more erotic when the guys all put on suits and ties for a visit to a bar in the mountains. The character of Ray, played by David Sherrill, became my favorite. he's really really sexy in a suit and tie.

Maybe Charlie Sheen can hire his fellow cast members from this movie to make guest appearances on his sitcom Two And A Half Men.

Some Google - ing tells me something espexially poignant that you don't find on the DVD. It says much of the mountain scenery in the long shots is gone now. It was shot on location in Big Bear Mountain near San Bernardino, CA. Fire has gutted most of it since filming in 1996.
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I liked it.
meinel3 January 2000
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie, but it turned out very good. The idea that the last of a group of friends is finally getting married has been done before - but this time, we look and see why the other four "aces" relationships haven't worked out. Excellent casting, and superb acting. Not the best of all movies, but I wasn't disappointed after watching it.
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painfully bad
quadersa25 May 2002
I could follow five losers from my high school around for a couple of hours and be more entertained. An "off-air" screen with the colored bars is Oscar-worthy compared to this tripe. The dialogue was too dumb to even be considered cliched. A scene where Charlie Sheen and his buddy are shooting a cannon while quoting lines from Apocalypse Now could have been salvaged if the buddy's dad was Robert Duvall. And the casting of Chris Macdonald and Charlie Sheen as high school buddies is pretty unrealistic unless Macdonald flunked ten grades...Check out "Beautiful Girls" for a worthwhile dramady about reconnecting with high school buddies to escape contemplating commitment.
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No doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen in my life
Dr_Naif24 July 2000
There is nothing interesting in the whole movie for the 95 minutes of the soporific runtime. I had never seen anything so boring and depressing. Don't dare to watch it, as it's a complete waste of money and time and you will just be wishing to end for God's sake!

Charlie Sheen stars here... so what? His role is petty, but just like the roles of the rest of the crew. Their goal seems to induce the audience to sleep.

In a few words, Five aces is insipid, tasteless, stupid, meaningless, illogical, and whatever ugly adjectives you want to add. The screenplay is awful and it's lamely directed. But, what is the story about anyway? About five depressed/ing friends who talk about their by no means interesting life issues during the whole thing. Who could find this enjoyable at all?

Oh, and let's not forget the end... that's the worst by far! A fair, though, to a whole disastrous work!

Definitely, I doubt I'll ever watch anything NON-PURPOSELY worse than Five Aces.
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