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Benson and Barba are caught between two families seeking justice for their loved ones in a hate crime; Benson takes desperate measures to make an arrest as public protests turn violent.

Season 14

26 Sep. 2012
Lost Reputation
After Cragen is accused of murder, the team works secretly around the clock to defend him. Meanwhile, when Amaro also becomes implicated in the scandal and his personal life falls apart, he refuses to go down quietly.
26 Sep. 2012
Above Suspicion
As the prostitution scandal continues to grow, key witnesses against the alleged madam begin to die under mysterious circumstances, and undercover agent Cassidy becomes a victim of friendly fire.
10 Oct. 2012
Twenty-Five Acts
An erotic novelist is sexually assaulted by a popular TV-show host who attempts to bring her book to life. The SVU persuades her to press charges but the investigation reveals a secret that could ruin the novelist's career and her case.
17 Oct. 2012
Acceptable Loss
SVU is forced to work with Homeland Security--represented by former Major Case detective Eames--when a sex slave ring it is investigating is discovered to have ties to terrorism.
24 Oct. 2012
Manhattan Vigil
A child abduction case brings back haunting memories of 13 year old cold case from the same neighborhood, and the two cases may turn out to be related.
31 Oct. 2012
Friending Emily
While Amanda's troubled sister comes for a surprise visit, the team searches for a 14 year old girl who was abducted at a frat party.
14 Nov. 2012
Vanity's Bonfire
A baby kidnapped from a playground leads to a twisted case of lies, betrayal, and infidelity.
21 Nov. 2012
Lessons Learned
A retired English teacher's suicide sheds light on a long-secret sex abuse scandal at a prestigious boy's prep school.
5 Dec. 2012
Dreams Deferred
SVU needs the help of an abused, over the hill prostitute to catch one of her Johns who is on a killing spree, but can they also help her get out of the life and save her family?
2 Jan. 2013
Presumed Guilty
The beating of a priest exposes a secret long hidden by the Church, but is the wrong man in prison for the crime?
9 Jan. 2013
Beautiful Frame
SVU clashes with the Suffolk County DA, who is prosecuting a recent rape victim for murder even the story doesn't seem to add up and the accused rapist appears to be connected to the crime.
30 Jan. 2013
Criminal Hatred
SVU and the DA's office struggle with finding the right strategy in a case dealing with a gay man who is picking up and then attacking closeted gay married men.
6 Feb. 2013
Monster's Legacy
Benson and attorney Bayard Ellis help a death row inmate in Ohio whose history as a sex abuse victim may have been ignored by his defense attorney.
13 Feb. 2013
Secrets Exhumed
SVU becomes suspicious when FBI agent Dana Lewis aggressively tries to get a serial rapist confess to a murder that he steadfastly denies having committed.
20 Feb. 2013
Deadly Ambition
After Amanda kills the father of her pregnant sister's child after what she believes is an attack, SVU discovers that Amanda was just a pawn in the sister's sinister plot to get rid of him and become rich.
27 Feb. 2013
Funny Valentine
Can SVU convince an up-and-coming singer to break away from her abusive hip-hop singer boyfriend before it is too late?
20 Mar. 2013
Undercover Blue
A former prostitute accuses Detective Cassidy of rape from his undercover days, and his defense opens up a can of worms for Detective Amaro.
27 Mar. 2013
Legitimate Rape
A sports reporter who became pregnant after a rape goes through torture when she takes the accused rapist to court.
3 Apr. 2013
Born Psychopath
The detectives deal with a 10-year-old boy who is displaying extreme psychopathic behavior.
24 Apr. 2013
Girl Dishonored
SVU discovers that a college may be covering up rape accusations against the members of a fraternity and shaming the victims into backing down.
1 May 2013
Traumatic Wound
SVU has to turn to an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD to figure out who was responsible for a teenage girl's assault at a rock concert.
8 May 2013
Poisoned Motive
Detective Rollins is shot by a sniper, and all of the sniper's victims have a connections to Fin and a disabled ex-partner who once took a bullet for him.
15 May 2013
Brief Interlude
A mother from Canada taking a personal trip to New York City is found battered and raped in a rowboat in Central Park.
22 May 2013
Her Negotiation
In the shocking Season Finale, a mysterious criminal sets off a dangerous chain of events.

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