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23 Mar. 2004
Franklin Loses a Book/Franklin and Betty
Franklin and Bear search for a replacement when Harriet's favorite book gets lost; Franklin is teased for forming a friendship with Beaver's cousin Betty.
25 Mar. 2004
Franklin and the Bus Patrol/Franklin and the Wolvie
Franklin breaks a school bus safety rule and receives a ticket from the new bus patrol officer - his best friend Bear;Franklin and friends take evasive action when rough-and-tumble Wolvie comes to visit
26 Mar. 2004
Franklin Stays Up/Franklin's Bargain
Franklin and his friends have a backyard camp out and decide to stay awake all night and watch the sunrise;Striking up a deal with Dad to do extra chores, Franklin gets an advance on his allowance and buys the much coveted Super Snooper Spy Kit
27 Mar. 2004
Franklin's Big Game/Franklin's Reading Club
The Churchill Bears are passing through town and Mr. Mole arranges an exhibition game with Franklin's less experienced baseball team;To promote literacy, the library is giving out tee-shirts to young readers, and Franklin wants to be the first one in the neighbourhood to wear one
29 Mar. 2004
Franklin's Float/Franklin's Party Plans
Franklin learns that bigger isn't always better when he and his friends create a parade float of mammoth proportions;Skunk is sad that she's moving and so are her friends
30 Mar. 2004
Gee Whiz Franklin/Franklin Can't Wait
Franklin and friends engage themselves in wacky tests of endurance when Gee Whiz Magazine offers its young readers a chance to be famous;Franklin's patience is put to the test when a trip to the circus is delayed by Mom and Dad's need to complete some household chores
31 Mar. 2004
Franklin's Spring First/Franklin Plays Golf
Franklin creates his own holiday to celebrate the first day of spring;Jumping at the opportunity to have some quality time with Dad, Franklin takes up golfing, the problem is, it conflicts with his soccer schedule
2 Apr. 2004
Franklin's Crystal/Franklin's Advice
Franklin and Beaver argue over how to share a quartz crystal; Franklin urges Snail to tell his parents about an injury he sustained while playing soccer.
3 Apr. 2004
Franklin's Cookie Question/Franklin's Picnic
Bear's paw gets stuck in a cookie jar; Franklin and his friends are less than enthused by the variety of foods being brought to a planned picnic.
25 Jul. 2004
Franklin Itching to Skateboard/Franklin Forgives
Franklin and Bear get a case of poison ivy when they take an unapproved forest shortcut; when Harriet accidentally tips over Franklin's goldfish's bowl into the pond, he has trouble accepting her apology.
12 Jun. 2004
Franklin's Swimming Party/Franklin's Soccer Field Folly
Franklin unintentionally exposes Skunk's secret that she doesn't know how to swim;Franklin learns that life's embarrassing moments happen to everyone
23 May 2004
Franklin the Weather Turtle/Franklin's Dance Lessons
Franklin learns that forecasting weather is a challenging business; Franklin and Bear learn an important lesson after making a deal with Rabbit and Fox to get out of taking dance lessons.
30 May 2004
Franklin in Charge/Franklin's UFO
When Mr. Turtle goes away on a trip, Franklin gets in over his head with household chores; Franklin and Rabbit talk with Mr. Mole about UFOs.
6 Jun. 2004
Franklin Migrates/Franklin the Photographer
Franklin is nervous about being the only turtle at an all goose celebration;A flighty butterfly eludes Franklin's efforts to take its picture
12 Jun. 2004
Franklin's Word/Franklin's Pond Phantom
Harriet hears Franklin say an inappropriate word and learns how much fun it is to say it herself...anytime, anywhere;Franklin and Bear create a deception about a sea serpent living in Woodland Pond
20 Jun. 2004
Franklin the Coach/Franklin Plays it Safe
Franklin runs into leadership problems when he volunteers to be a substitute soccer coach;Franklin and Bear avert disaster by cordoning off an unsafe tree fort
24 Jul. 2004
Franklin's Favorite Card/Franklin's Expedition
A strong friendship breaks down when Franklin accuses Bear of losing his favorite trading card;Franklin and Bear's well-planned hike turns out to be more than they'd planned for
19 Jun. 2004
Franklin's Bike-A-Thon/Franklin's Candy Caper
Franklin and Bear spend too much time training for a charity bike ride instead of collecting donations;Franklin saves Bear's reputation when he's suspected of being a candy bandit

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