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Season 2

4 Apr. 2000
Tug of Love
Zandra gives birth and battles with her addiction, putting her future with her baby at risk, she climbs on to the roof in protest. Fenner gets his feet under the table as Wing Governor only for Helen to return and cut his reign short. Shell continues to torment Fenner's wife and has a mobile phone smuggled into the prison.
11 Apr. 2000
Sh*t Happens
Nikki's temper gets the better of her ahich results in being shipped out and the end of her relationship with Helen. Shell provides Marilyn with the proof of Fenner's infidelity but it backfires when Fenner realises Nikki is innocent.
18 Apr. 2000
Visiting Time
Julie J gets news that her children will be in England for their grandfathers funeral and Yvonne helps her to see them. New officer, Di Barker, arrives to replace Fenner. Karen becomes the new Wing Governor. Fenner plots to get his job back. Sylvia gets her comeuppance when she is confronted by the inmates.
25 Apr. 2000
Looking for Love
The Julies do some matchmaking for Crystal. Denny gets the wrong idea when her mum fails to arrive at visiting time. Fenner decides to file an official grievance against Karen.
2 May 2000
Mistaken Identity
New prisoners arrive at Larkhall. Fenner connives to arrange for Yvonne to have conjugal visits in return for cash. The inmate group therapy sessions finally begin.
9 May 2000
Losing It
Karen reprimands Sylvia for her recent bad attitude and signs her up for physical training. Zandra discovers she needs glasses. Shell acts up during group therapy causing unrest throughout the entire wing. Josh makes Crystal an offer.
16 May 2000
The Set-Up
Helen is back at Larkhall in a working capacity and begins researching Nikki's case. Zandra's health concerns worsen. Yvonne receives some compromising photographs of Fenner.
23 May 2000
Babes Behind Bars
Yvonne corrals the girls into joining her new money-making scheme: the "Babes Behind Bars" phone sex hot line. Zandra's medical test results are revealed. Shell's mum comes to visit.
30 May 2000
The Leaving
The girls have a "leaving" party for Zandra. Shell steals Barbara's diary. New arrival Shaz causes a stir.
6 Jun. 2000
Family Plan
Denny and Shaz do some after hours sneaking around. Yvonne's nemesis arrives at Larkhall. Brooding Julie takes drastic measures to try and conceive.
13 Jun. 2000
Rough Justice
Renee makes enemies of many of the G Wing inmates. Nikki's appeal process reveals new information. Helen begins the lifers group sessions. Fenner is more interested in drinking than working. Denny and Shaz cause trouble for Silvia.
20 Jun. 2000
Facing Up
Helen challenges Shaz to meet with the family of one of her victims after she continues to show a lack of remorse for her crimes. Nikki remains jealous over Helen's "date" with Dom. Fenner returns to work with a blasé attitude.
4 Jul. 2000
Oh What a Night!
Nikki and the prison nurse make a deal. Yvonne's husband fails to show for their inter-prison visit. Crystal's release day finally arrives. Silvia celebrates her 30th wedding anniversary with a party in the mess hall.

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