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A surreal, beautiful and bizarre "sequel"

Author: DVD_Connoisseur from England
12 April 2007

"Evil Dead Trap 2" has very little in common with its predecessor apart from, perhaps, some industrial settings, impressive gore and a small element of body-morphing horror.

A somewhat confusing tale which contains a myriad of ideas, "Evil Dead Trap 2" bravely has an unconventional lead, Shoko Nakajima. Nakajima is not the usual beauty that we'd expect to see in a film of this nature. Her character, although initially sympathetic, soon takes a turn into classic horror territory. Rie Kondoh plays the beautiful reporter whose character is also not as it initially appears.

Beautifully shot, and directed by Izô Hashimoto, this Asian horror film may be confusing but it's very watchable and atmospheric.

7 out of 10.

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Unexpected achievement

Author: trique_7 from United States
9 August 2009

I went into this film expecting an exploitation-style otaku-for-her and was pleasantly surprised by way of the contrary. For as admittedly ghastly as are much of the acts of violence, the filmmakers succeeded wonderfully in somehow making it look somehow beautiful. I'm thinking specifically here of the fight scene between the two female leads with the white "curtains" providing wonderful contrast to the bloodshed. I can't think of a comparable genre in my country to compare with this. It is no mean feat to successfully inject a psycho killer / gore film with enough symbolism and outstanding camera-work and choreography to leave the viewer with the feeling that he or she just experienced some wonderfully violent art film wrought with psychological complexity and morally ambiguous characterization. The film succeeds on many levels but stands highest as an unexpected achievement in genre subversion.

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Argento would be proud

Author: now_its_dark ( from Antwerp, Belgium
19 January 2001

A sequel in name only, this second entry in the EDT-series is easily the most satisfying one. It's as gory as one might expect from an Asian horror film -I've seen this film round eight times, but still have to look away when the breaking-the-arm-over-the-radiator bit comes along- but this one has an ingenious plot and decent acting to boot.

Far less derivative than the original, EDT 2 involves a young, timid girl who goes on a killing spree, her self-loathing fueling the fire. There's also a sub-plot of an abortion gone awry, and the re-appearance of Hideki, probably the scariest child in movie history. Dream-logic, most of it, but it works.

The photography is perversely stylish, the pacing hypnotic. Some images, like a wounded victim staggering forward against a full-neon backdrop, or the twisted ballet of protagonist and antagonist battling in a mesh of white sheets, will stay with you for a very long time. The soundtrack, a Goblin-inspired celesta-theme, is breath-taking, and extremely well used troughout the film.

EDT 2 is top-notch film-making all the way, and will have you looking under the bed for nights to come. Argento would be proud. ........

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Not quite as brutally horrifying as the original, but very original.

Author: freakus from San Francisco, CA
1 July 1999

The best part of this movie is the choice of the protagonist. It's not often you see a female in the role of serial killer and Aki is not a supersexy villain type either. She's a very average, plain woman in a boring job. The fact that she's also a twisted killer is that much more of a contrast than your average Hollywood production. That this all may stem from abortion trauma gives this film an unusual spin.

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very good sequel to the 1st, different but satisfying.

Author: Vidmayhem from florida
11 October 2002

Stylish lighting, Camara angles from Hell and some genuine creepiness makes this sequel a decent surprise to the series. Worth the cash. Very good climactic battle at the end of the film. It takes an eerie quality and turns into nightmare cinema by the end.

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A Blisteringly Important Contemporary Masterpiece

Author: indianmansteamer from America
25 May 2005

Evil Dead Trap 2, the film, is many things. It is a brilliantly crafted series of ultra-violent sequences. It is an engaging story of a fat female projectionist in a sick sick world. It is a mind-blowing statement for the wide range of violent acts that it covers. It is a deceptively abstract story centering on perhaps the some of the most meaningless terrors in all of moviedom. Behind all that, Evil Dead Trap 2 is the apex Japanese new-wave cinema. There is not a major director today who has not been influenced by the genius Izô Hashimoto put forth in this blisteringly important contemporary masterpiece. The filmacts as a spring-board centering around a group of weirdos instigating several serial murders, guts/entrails, freely yanked from the victims vaginal cavities, dangle like bleeding wet noodles on a hot summer's day, and goes from there.

From there on, the viewer is thrown into a gloriously chaotic world of violent acts upon violent acts, in which the viewer slowly learns just about everything about young Aki's enthralling depravities. From her trying childhood to her inexplicable visions of the child-like Christ/Antichrist figure, Hideki; to her difficulties relating to others, the story of fat babe Aki is presented for the viewer in a way that few other movies can offer, in a word: magically. Evil Dead Trap 2, undeniably, is THE triumph of World Cinema, and as such thus exceeds by far -- one of the greatest films every created -- it's predecessor.

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Don't know what to make of it

Author: movieman_kev from United States
21 November 2003

Aki is a reclusive film projectionist who is friends with Ami, a news reporter who is currently reporting on young women who are murdered in this in name only sequel to Evil Dead Trap. This film is very dream-like. Not for the sqruimish,I truly can not say for sure if i liked it or not. The only thing I know is it's probably the most anti-abortion film I've ever seen as both the phsyically and psychologicly detrimental affects of that procedure is acknowledged. For that reason alone, this is one of the (very) few films Hollywood would NOT make an Americanized re-make of. On a bizarre note the director also wrote the classic anime "Akira"

My Grade: C

Dvd Extras: Photo gallery; Theatrical trailer; trailers for "Junk", "Devil's Experiment", & "Flowers of Flesh & Blood"; Making of "Guinea Pig"

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Makes me sad when I see negative reviews for this

Author: (joseph_o) from Massachusetts
15 January 2004

Yes, I definitely liked this one. And to think I almost didn't watch it because of a number of very negative reviews. This probably has something to do with this movie not being a typical sequel. It really does not have much to do with the plot of the original Evil Dead Trap and I'm sure that's disappointing to many. They are both fairly gory and have some thematic material in common, but that's about it.

Actually, I can think of so many reasons why people might not like this movie. The main character, Aki, is fat! She's not attractive at all. The rest of the cast is not too great to look at either. So if you agree with Dario Argento and love to watch beautiful women get mutilated in horror movies, this one ain't gonna cut it! Towards the end, this one gets pretty heavy on the surrealism and it's pretty easy to lose track of what's going on. I admit, there were a few moments where I wasn't too sure what I was supposed to be thinking about the what the hell was going on, but hey, that's surrealism and I liked it.

The surreal moments work because they are effective in being very nightmarish. The visuals are fantastic. The pacing is slow, but this was a GOOD decision on the part of the filmmakers. There's no question that it added to the frightening atmosphere of the movie.

If you liked the first, I think there's a good chance you will like this one as well as long as you don't actually expect a continuation. This movie can stand alone and I recommend it even if you haven't seen the first. Many people seem to really dislike this one, but it's worth your time and is much more well-done than you might expect. I was certainly surprised.

One last thing: the kid in this movie is one of the most frightening ever! Usually a "scary" kid in a horror movie makes me laugh and turns out pretty embarrassing, but this kid... creepy!

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whazzup? they don't know either

Author: besht03 from United States
17 April 2006

The crew who made this film of a murderous love triangle set in a wasteland of urban Japanese anomie (revolving around an overweight movie projectionist, her spiffy TV- correspondent friend, and the man they both share, more or less) needed to decide what the heck was happening here before they went ahead into production. Sure, maybe the result would have been no less weirded out and non-linear than the mishmash fema-slasher-post-abortion-psycho-angst-fest they ended up with--but they would have made conscious decisions about how the weirdness did or did not fit together as a plot. Deliberately chosen incoherence might have jelled into a more compelling and less aimless flick. Personally, I enjoyed the film's unconventional post-Bergman moodiness: but the evident lack of storyboarded logic emphasizes budget and production shorftalls, dragging down the project.

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Bloody and Weird

Author: stepstonefilms from United Kingdom
12 January 2005

I purchased this film on DVD in all it's Unrated, Uncut gory glory, expecting something special, expecting a quality horror film, something like the many other great films to come from Japan, China or Korea etc. The fact that the writer of 'Akira' was the director also caught my interest. But a 'Ring','Dark Water','Tale of Two Sisters' this ain't! First of all, the film is low-budget. Very low-budget! But that's not bad, low-budget films can be great. But the story seemed slim. The first half of the film was alright though, it kept me watching, wondering and wanting to know how the characters develop. I especially liked some of the odd performances from the varied cast members.

The scenes of gore throughout the film were a little disturbing and quite weird, this is definitely not mainstream horror. The violent scenes were surprisingly not that many though, until the end that is, but when they happen, they are bloody! Very Bloody!! The last act of the film I thought was utter madness. I kind of lost what was happening, it all just went kinda mad...and went on and on and on...and I was glad when it was over. It made no sense and was just plain NOT VERY GOOD.

Overall I would not recommend this film to anyone, not even Asian horror fans, except maybe the hardcore, but that is only my opinion. I just didn't think it was that good. Gory horror can be fun, but without a good enough story and script it can be terrible. Their was a theme to it though, but I won't go into detail as it might spoil it for you. If I had listened to others opinions I would not have watched it, but I did, because you have to know for yourself, don't you.

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